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Writing Workshop Rules

Because writing is a solitary activity, no talking unless you are participating in a peer conference or
teacher conference.
Stay on task. This means write, write, write!
Do not throw away any of your writing, even if you dont plan on using it.
Do not work on any other assignments during workshop time.
If you are in the computer lab, be on your best behavior. Absolutely no talking, game-playing, etc. This is
a privilege that can and will be taken away.
Conduct peer conferences only in designated areas.
Complete self-revision/edit at your desk.
If you get stuck, ask for help!
Writing Workshop Procedures
You should complete all of the following steps of the writing process:
1. Never throw away any piece of the writing process.
2. Complete your Planning before you begin writing your First Draft.
3. Your First Draft should be either written with pencil or black/blue pen.
4. Self-revision/edit should be done on your own. You will need to get the appropriate Self Edit/Peer Edit
paper from the writing crate. Make sure everything is completed the Self Edit/Peer Edit paper. Use a red
pen to make proofreading marks on your writing.
5. Peer Edit must be done in the designated areas only. It is your responsibility to make sure your peer
completes everything he or she is supposed to complete and that you understand their
comments/advice. Peer editor should use a pen that is not black, blue, or red.
6. Second Draft must be typed and have the changes suggested from the revisions/edits that have been
7. All typed documents should follow these formatting specifications:
Double space (this is the amount of white space between lines)
Do not add space between paragraphs
12 point font
Times New Roman or Arial font
One inch margins on the top, bottom, and both sides
8. When your Second Draft is complete, Turn In your draft in Google Classroom this should be submitted
under Teacher Conference. You must have your other writing materials ready when you are called for
your teacher conference.
9. Your Final Draft should be ready to be published. Once you have finished, Turn In your final draft in
Google Classroom this should be submitted under Final Draft. You will then compile all parts of the
writing process for the piece in the order you completed them (make sure your name is on each piece of
paper) with the scoring rubric on top. You do not need to print the Teacher Conference draft or the Final
Draft unless I ask you to. Paper-clip all the pages together and place in the Writing Crate.
10. Never throw away any part of the writing process.