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Global catalog means it keeps the full information of his server and partial

information of other servers like ( firstname,lastname).

Global Catalog Configuration

Start -> Run -> dssite.msc

if the checkbox of Global catalog is checked then the particular domain controller is
global catalog server.
Universal caching means once you login it keeps a logon information in cache and
next time while logging in it wont contact global catalog server.

select the Default First site name .and in the right hand side right clickon NTDS site
settings and goto properties.

If you want to configure universal group membership cashing just you need to check the
check box.

universal group membership will reduce burden of global catalog server. this is a new
feature in 2003.
Creating Universal Principle Names
Start ->run -> domain.msc
Right click on Active directory domain and trusts and goto properties.
you can add a alias name to domain name.
suppose if your domain is big (acs.dallas.local.bangalaore)
to make short ( we can create a universal principle name)
while creating new users instead of give you can give
I hope you understood.

some of AD Command line tools which is usefull in administration

 Adprep /domainprep
 Adprep /forestprep
 Set dsrm password
 Gpresult
 Gpedit.msc
 Dssite.msc
 Dsa.msc
 Domain.msc
 Netdom query
 Gpmc.msc
 Ntdsutil
 Regsrv32 schmmgmt.dll
 Netdiag /test:dns
 Dcdiag
 Set safemode_option=dsrm
 Replmon
 Repadmin.exe
 Dcpromo /adv, dcpromo /forceremoval , dcpromo
 Dnsmgmt.msc