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Picturisation of elderly in

Mudit Maheshwari
Type of product categories
which elderly people represent
Medicines ailments due to old age
Paints/ House decoratives Advice due to their
superior knowledge
Insurance/ Banking products portrayal as
tension free without any liability
Chocolates (gems) no dilution in comic sense
Raymond Potrayal of right values as a mark
of respect to our elderly parents/ teachers.

Himani Fast refief - Adv
Dard bhagaye chutki
Cure for old age joint pain
Targeted for specific
consumer segment (elderly
Federal bank Adv
Saathi acha ho toh kismet khul
jati hai

Potrayal of long term bonding of
elderly people

Binani Cement Adv
Maa baap kahin jaate
nahi, wo yahi rehte
hain sadiyon ke liye
Amitabh bachchan
Potrayal of parental
love and the patrichal
property which is
transferred to younger
generation by the
Aaj Tak award winning adv
Haath tha fisal gya
Portrayal of elderly
advocating for the right
values in present
generation. Adv
Favourite past time
of indian elderly
Focussing of the fact
that now traditional
indian elderly people
are taking help of
matrimonial websites
for a better match
for their sons/

Dr. Fixit LW+ Adv
Arrey maine
cement mein wo
milwaya tha.
Potrayal of memory
loss in elderly
people in a comical
way and explaining
the durability of the
product. Adv
Insurance buying
a knowledge
based activity
Depends on
elderly people

Raymonds - Adv
The complete
man is the one
who symbolises
the trust, quality
and right values
as per the elderly