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Ahmad Shah

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Ahmed Shah or Ahmad Shah is the name of:
Several rulers of that name:
Ahmad Shah Durrani (r. 17221772), founder of the Durrani dynasty and also known as Ahmad
Shah Abdali
Ahmad Shah Bahadur (r. 17481775), a Mughal emperor of northern India
Sultan Ahmad Shah of Pahang (r. 1974), 5th Sultan of Pahang and one of the heads-of-state of
Ahmad Shah Qajar (r. 18981930), last ruler of Iran's Qajar dynasty
Ahmad Shah (Sultan of Malacca)
Ahmed Shah I, (1411-1442) was a sultan of Gujarat during the rule of Muzaffarid dynasty.
Other individuals of that name:
Ahmad Shah (Constitutional Loya Jirga, committee five) a delegate to Afghanistan's Constitutional
Loya Jirga
Hajji Ahmad Shah (Constitutional Loya Jirga, committee eight) a delegate to Afghanistan's
Constitutional Loya Jirga
Ahmad Shah (Taliban) (nom de guerre Mohammad Ismail, died 2008), Taliban leader in
northeastern Afghanistan; the focus of Operation Red Wings
Ahmad Shah Khan, claimant to the abolished throne of Afghanistan
Ahmad Shah Massoud (19532001), leader of the Afghan Northern Alliance
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