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Six Pack Abs

Secrets To The Best Abs Ever!

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Table of Contents
Chapter 1 - What Are The Perfect Abs? .....................................................................
Chapter 2 - You Are What You Eat ............................................................................
Chapter 3 - Crunches For Abs ....................................................................................
Chapter 4 - Leg Lfts For Abs ....................................................................................
Chapter ! - Le"tatng Lft For Abs ............................................................................
Chapter # - Car$o"ascu%ar E&ercses For Abs ..........................................................
Chapter ' - Weght (achnes For ..............................................................................
Chapter ) - P%ates For Abs ........................................................................................
Chapter * - Change +our routne ................................................................................
Chapter 1, - -sng Enhance.ent /upp%e.ents .........................................................
Chapter 11- 0eepng Your Fr. Abs ..........................................................................
Chapter 12 - The Ps+cho%ogca% Factor ......................................................................
Chapter 1 - What Are The Perfect Abs?
You ha"e probab%+ been hear$ about 1s& pac2 abs34 an$ 2no5 t s a goo$ thng to ha"e3
but .a+ be unsure of 5hat e&act%+ a s& pac2 s. 6f +ou thn2 that gettng a s& pac2
n"o%"es 7ust beer3 thn2 agan. An$ beer s the %ast thng that +ou nee$ 5hen +ou are
tr+ng to get the perfect s& pac2 abs.
A perfect s& pac2 s 5hen +our ab$ .usc%es are so $efne$ that the+ are c%ear%+
$entfe$. An+one 5ho %oo2s at +our sto.ach 5%% see that the .usc%es are 5e%% $efne$
an$ 5%% be ab%e to pc2 the. out. There are s& of the.3 three on each s$e of +our
ab$o.en an$ each one shou%$ %oo2 pronounce$. The perfect abs are sought after .ore so
b+ .en than 5o.en 5ho see2 to get 5e%% $efne$ .usc%e tone.
Ths s not to sa+ that 5o.en shou%$ not tr+ to ache"e the perfect abs. To the contrar+3
5o.en ten$ to 5orr+ .ore about ha"ng a f%at sto.ach than .en. Wo.en can st%% ha"e
a soft %oo2 to ther bo$+ an$ not a bu%2+3 .uscu%ar %oo2 5hen the+ ache"e the perfect
abs usng the .etho$s $escrbe$ n ths boo2. Wo.en shou%$ not be afra$ that the+ 5%%
bu%2 up f the+ practce these techn8ues. 6nstea$3 5o.en 5ho %oo2 for the perfect abs
an$ fo%%o5 e&ercse an$ $et to ache"e ths 5%% %oo2 s%..er3 5%% fn$ that ther c%othes
ft better an$ 5%% ha"e .ore conf$ence 5hen 5earng c%othes or gong to the beach. /&
pac2 abs are for both .en an$ 5o.en.
6n or$er to get the perfect abs3 +ou ha"e to e&ercse an$ eat the rght foo$s. There are a
fe5 short cuts that +ou can ta2e to enhance +our .usc%es an$ the+ 5%% be $scusse$ n
ths boo2. These short cuts3 ho5e"er3 are not a .agc p%% that can get +ou the s& pac2
abs o"ernght. There s no .agc p%% that +ou can ta2e that can he%p +ou gan the abs of
+our $rea.s n a 5ee2. You ha"e to be co..tte$ to5ar$s 5or2ng har$ to ache"e ths
goa%. The rea%t+ s that gettng the perfect abs s a%% about har$ 5or2 an$ $e$caton. 6f
+ou are 5%%ng to 5or2 har$ to ha"e the bo$+ of +our $rea.s3 then +ou 5%% be ab%e to
ache"e t.
/o3 no5 that +ou 2no5 5hat the perfect abs are a%% about3 +ou probab%+ 5ant to 2no5
5h+ an+one 5ants the perfect abs. The+ are $esre$ .ost%+ for cos.etc purposes. Those
5ho 5ant to %oo2 ther best 5thout a shrt or at the beach 5ant the perfect abs.
/o.e ce%ebrtes pr$e"es on ache"ng the perfect s& pac2. These nc%u$e stars
of the .oton pcture n$ustr+ as 5e%% as those n the sports 5or%$. The+ pr$e"es
on gettng the perfect abs because the+ 2no5 the har$ 5or2 t ta2es to $efne these
Wh%e 5o.en often 5ant to ha"e %ess $efnton an$3 b+ nature3 ha"e .ore fat than .en3
.ost 5o.en st%% $esre a f%at sto.ach an$ ab$ area. The e&ercses for the perfect
abs out%ne$ n ths boo23 as 5e%% as the $et that +ou nee$ to eat to ache"e the perfect
abs 5%% be for both .en an$ 5o.en. Wh%e 5o.en .a+ not 5ant the sa.e e&tre.e
$efnton 3 these techn8ues 5%% $o the. goo$ as the+ 5%% ache"e a f%at sto.ach.
9ot on%+ are the perfect abs so.ethng to be prou$ of cos.etca%%+. 9e5 .e$ca% stu$es
n$cate that those 5ho carr+ e&cess 5eght aroun$ ther .$$%e ha"e .ore of a rs2 for
heart $sease an$ stro2e. Ths goes for both .en an$ 5o.en. 6t s therefore $esrab%e for
both se&es to ha"e f%at ab$o.ens an$ tr+ to ache"e the perfect abs an$ carr+ %ess 5eght
aroun$ ther .$$%e sectons.
6f +ou thn2 that +ou can get the perfect abs through st ups an$ a crash $et3 thn2 agan.
:ettng the perfect abs ta2es tranng - rea% tranng that 5%% enta% +ou scu%ptng +our
.usc%es to the 5a+ that +ou 5ant the.. 6f +ou are the t+pe of person 5ho sets out to $o
so.ethng an$ then e"entua%%+ $oes t3 +ou 5%% ha"e a .uch easer t.e ache"ng the
perfect abs. 6f +ou are the t+pe 5ho g"es up at the frst sgn of a$"erst+3 then +ou 5%%
ha"e a $ffcu%t t.e. Loo2 for har$ 5or2 n or$er to ache"e the perfect abs.
9o5 that +ou are a5are of 5hat the perfect abs are3 5hat the+ can $o for +ou an$ the fact
that t 5%% ta2e har$ 5or2 to get to the pont 5here +ou can ha"e the perfect s& pac2 abs3
then +ou can get starte$ on +our 5a+ to5ar$s ache"ng the perfect abs.
Chapter 2 - You Are What You Eat
The frst thng that +ou nee$ to $o 5hen +ou are tr+ng to ache"e the perfect abs or an+
t+pe of .usc%e $efnton s to 5atch +our $et. You nee$ to bu%2 up on proten an$ cut
out the carboh+$rates f +ou 5ant to attan the perfect abs. Ths $oes not .ean that +ou
ha"e to %ose a %ot of 5eght3 but t $oes .ean that +ou ha"e to %ose be%%+ fat3 5hch 5%%
get serous%+ n the 5a+ of +our perfect abs. 6f +ou are o"er5eght3 +ou shou%$ 5ant to
ta2e the tps foun$ n ths boo2 to get r$ of the 5eght an$ 5or2 to5ar$s scu%ptng +our
bo$+. You 5%% not on%+ %oo2 better3 but 5%% be $ong +our hea%th a fa"or at the sa.e
t.e. The .an thng s that +ou 5ant to $et for .usc%e.
/o ho5 $o +ou $et for .usc%e? You certan%+ $o not 5ant to star"e +ourse%f as ths 5%%
not $o an+thng to he%p .usc%e $efnton. You nee$ to eat sensb%+ 5hen +ou are see2ng
the perfect abs or an+ other t+pe of bo$+ bu%$ng. An$ .a2e no .sta2e about t - +ou
are bo$+ bu%$ng 5hen +ou are %oo2ng for a s& pac2. Ths s part of scu%ptng +our
bo$+ .usc%es so that the+ %oo2 attract"e an$ are 5e%% $efne$.
Foo$s that are hgh n proten are goo$ for bu%2ng up .usc%e an$ a%so %osng fat. These
foo$s ten$ to trc2 the bo$+ nto thn2ng that t s gettng .ore fue% that t s actua%%+
rece"ng. You shou%$ e.bar2 on a hgh proten $et f +ou 5ant to bu%$ up +our
ab$ .usc%es. You 5%% notce that bo$+ bu%$ers an$ ath%etes $rn2 ra5 eggs.
Wh%e ths .a+ be $sgustng to +ou3 there s a %ot of proten n those ra5 eggs that g"es
the ath%ete or bo$+ bu%$er strength. The bo$+ bu%$er 5%% nee$ ths n or$er to bu%2 up.
You nee$ to strong f +ou are gong to $efne +our ab$ .usc%es so that +ou
ha"e a fr. s& pac2.
Foo$s that are hgh n protens consst of the fo%%o5ng;
A%% of these are "er+ hgh n proten an$ 5%% he%p +ou not on%+ get energ+3 but 5%% a%so
he%p +ou bu%2 up. You can a%so eat foo$s that are fortfe$ 5th proten. Ths nc%u$es
foo$s that $o not nor.a%%+ contan proten but ha"e proten a$$e$.
<ne of the best foo$s to teat 5hen +ou are tr+ng to bu%2 up an$ create s& pac2 abs s
fsh. Especa%%+ fsh that s hgh n <.ega 3 o%s such as the fatt+ fsh. These are not
on%+ an e&ce%%ent source of proten3 but are a%so goo$ for the heart an$ $gest"e tract.
There s e"en e"$ence that fatt+ fsh can he%p +ou 2eep +our bran hea%ther.
6f +ou eat .eats3 s2p the sauces an$ the brea$s. =ust eat the proten 5hen +ou are on a
hgh proten $et. Ths 5%% g"e the bo$+ energ+ an$ get the .etabo%s. to start burnng
fat. <n%+ t 5on>t be gettng fat fro. carboh+$rates an$ foo$s that are processe$ 8uc2%+
an$ turn to fat. /o the bo$+ 5%% start burnng the protens. You 5%% %ose 5eght n +our
be%%+ ths 5a+ that 5%% he%p +ou to $efne +our ab$ .usc%es.
Eggs are a%so a goo$ for. of proten3 a%though +ou ha"e to 5atch ho5 +ou coo2 the..
?ar$ bo%e$ eggs are %o5 n ca%ore an$ hgh n proten an$ are a goo$ 5a+ to get starte$
5hen +ou are tr+ng to attan the %oo2 of the perfect s& pac2.
Peop%e 5ho are not .eat eaters can eat an$ nuts as a for. of proten. 6t s a
goo$ $ea to ta2e proten n the .ornng to get +our .etabo%s. gong.
Foods to stay away from
6n a$$ton to the foo$s that +ou shou%$ eat 5hen +ou are tr+ng to get s& pac2 abs3 there
are a%so those that +ou nee$ to sta+ a5a+ fro.. These nc%u$e s.p%e carboh+$rates as
5e%% as co.p%e& carboh+$rates. @ar+ s a%so a pro$uct that s hgh n fat an$ shou%$ be
%.te$. Ta2e fber b+ capsu%es nstea$ of through brea$s or "egetab%es3 as the+ ten$ to
be hgh n sugars. You 5%% 5ant to e%.nate a%% of the sugars fro. +our $et 5hen +ou
are gong for s& pac2 abs.
Ae.e.ber that t s .portant to eat a%% of the foo$s on the foo$ p+ra.$. 6t s ne"er a
goo$ $ea to e%.nate one t+pe of foo$ o"er another for a %ong pero$ of t.e. When
+ou are %oo2ng to bu%$ the perfect abs3 +ou shou%$ concentrate on a hgh proten $et3
but st%% eat "egetab%es as 5e%% as 5ho%e grans an$ $ar+. But s5eets ha"e no p%ace n
+our $et as the+ $o not offer an+ nutrtona% "a%ue 5hatsoe"er. /.p%e carboh+$rates are
absorbe$ 8uc2%+ an$ $o not stc2 aroun$ %ong enough to g"e +our bo$+ an+ sort of
nutrton. E%.nate s.p%e carboh+$rates an$ starches fro. +our $et f +ou 5ant to
ha"e %ean3 roc2 har$ perfect abs.
What to drink
6n a$$ton to 5atchng 5hat +ou eat3 +ou a%so nee$ to 5atch 5hat +ou $rn2 5hen +ou
are see2ng the perfect abs. Water s +our best fren$ 5hen +ou are tr+ng to attan the
perfect abs. /ta+ a5a+ fro. energ+ $rn2s that are %oa$e$ 5th caffene3 fro. so-ca%%e$
hea%th $rn2s that are %oa$e$ 5th sugar an$ fro. a%coho%. (an+ $rn2s that peop%e
consu.e contan sugar. Ths especa%%+ nc%u$es a%coho%. A%coho%c $rn2s shou%$ be
a"o$e$ 5hen +ou are $etng to ha"e the perfect abs. A%% a%coho%c be"erages ha"e sugar
n the. an$ offer nothng b+ 5a+ of nutrton. A"o$ a%coho% 5hen +ou are %oo2ng to
scu%pt +our bo$+ an$ ab$ regon.
6f +ou ta2e coffee or tea3 e%.nate the sugar an$ crea. fro. the $rn2. 6f +ou cannot
to%erate t n ths .anner3 then s2p the $rn2 a%together an$ ha"e 5ater nstea$. You 5%%
fn$ that 5hether +ou are %oo2ng for the perfect abs3 or 7ust %oo2ng to %ose 5eght3
5ater can be a great beneft. 6t 5%% not on%+ h+$rate +ou3 but t 5%% a%so g"e +ou a boost
of energ+ that +ou nee$ 5hen +ou are tr+ng to scu%pt +our bo$+.
How to eat
6t s .portant that +ou eat .ore protens n +our $et n or$er to ache"e the perfect abs3
but 5hen +ou eat s a%so "er+ .portant as 5e%% as ho5 +ou eat. You 5%% 5ant to
consu.e .ost of +our ca%ores n the .ornng 5hen +ou are eatng to get the perfect abs.
Ths s a goo$ $ea for an+one 5ho 5ants to sta+ hea%th+ as +ou 5%% en$ up burnng off
ca%ores that +ou consu.e $urng the $a+ f +ou are act"e. You $o not 5ant to eat
an+thng %ate at nght as ths s har$ to $gest an$ 5%% en$ up sta+ng n +our s+ste.
Che5 +our foo$ "er+ 5e%% before s5a%%o5ng. Ths s not 7ust so.ethng that +ou hear$
fro. +our .other3 but s so.ethng that he%ps +ou .antan a proper 5eght an$ a%so
he%ps +our $gest"e s+ste.. B+ proper%+ che5ng +our foo$3 +ou 5%% fn$ that +ou eat
%ess an$ ha"e fe5er $gest"e prob%e.s.
@rn2 a g%ass of 5ater before each .ea%. Ths 5%% curb +our appette so that +ou eat %ess.
@rn2ng 5ater s goo$ for +ou3 as out%ne$ abo"e. When +ou $rn2 a g%ass before each
.ea%3 +ou fn$ that +ou eat %ess.
B+ begnnng to eat an$ $rn2 rght3 +ou are on +our 5a+ to5ar$s bu%$ng ab$
.usc%es that others 5%% a$.re. (ost of a%%3 +ou are on +our 5a+ to5ar$s not on%+
%oo2ng hea%th+3 but beng hea%th+ as 5e%%C
Chapter 3 - Crunches For Abs
9atura%%+3 +ou 5%% ha"e to e&ercse f +ou 5ant to tone +our ab$ .usc%es. 6f +ou
$o not nee$ to %ose 5eght3 +ou can use the tonng e&ercses as out%ne$ here n ths boo2
to he%p +ou get the scu%pte$ ab$ .usc%es that +ou nee$. 6f +ou are o"er5eght an$
5ant to %ose 5eght to get the scu%pte$ .usc%es3 +ou st%% nee$ to $o tonng e&ercses an$
5%% a%so 5ant to 5or2 on so.e car$o"ascu%ar e&ercses that 5%% be $escrbe$ %ater on n
ths boo2.
Crunches are the $ea% 5a+ to tone +our abs an$ are one of the .an+ tonng e&ercses that
+ou shou%$ use on a $a%+ bass to get the .usc%es n +our ab$o.en taut. Crunches are
the frst e&ercse +ou 5ant to ncorporate nto +our $a%+ routne so that +ou can ha"e
se&+ abs.
6f +ou are a 5ho 5ants to ha"e f%at abs but $oes not 5ant to ha"e the $efne$
.usc%es that +ou see on .en3 re%a&. Wo.en can get se&+3 5ashboar$ abs 5thout
%oo2ng %2e a .an. Your ab$ area 5%% be f%at3 but softer. An$ a%though the
.usc%es 5%% be $efne$3 the+ 5%% not be bu%gng %2e a .an. Wo.en an$ .en both get
$fferent resu%ts fro. e&ercse routnes. -sng the tps an$ e&ercses here 5%% get +ou the
perfect abs3 5hether +ou are a .an or a
To $o crunches3 %a+ f%at on +our bac2 an$ brng +ou 2nees up so that +our feet are f%at on
the f%oor. You 5%% then 5ant to put +our han$s behn$ +our hea$ an$ pu%% up to5ar$s
+our 2nees3 concentratng fu%%+ on the ab$ .usc%es. You shou%$ so%ate the
.usc%es as +ou are pu%%ng up so that +ou fee% the stran. You 5%% 5ant to $o repettons
of ) crunches. The frst $a+3 +ou .ght be on%+ ab%e to $o t5o or three repettons. <r
+ou .ght on%+ be ab%e to $o one. 6f t has been a 5h%e snce +ou ha"e 5or2e$ out3 t
5%% be .ore $ffcu%t for +ou to use these .usc%es. But +ou 5%% 5ant str"e to $o as
.an+ reps as +ou can 5thout hurtng +ourse%f. 6f +ou fee% as though +ou are n pan3
+ou shou%$ stop.
The purpose of the crunches s to bu%$ ab$ .usc%e. The 5a+ that +ou bu%$
.usc%e s to tear t a %tt%e3 %et t hea% an$ then tear t agan. Ths s 5here the pan
n 5hen +ou are $ong crunches. You are actua%%+ bu%$ng up the ab$ .usc%es so
that +ou can ha"e +our s& pac2.
When +ou frst start $ong crunches3 +ou 5%% notce that t s 8ute a stran an$ that t s
$ffcu%t. As +ou $o ths e&ercse e"er+ $a+3 +ou 5%% notce that t s easer to $o an$ 5%%
start fee%ng the $fference. You 5%% not notce the stran an+ %onger 5hen +ou are
e&ercsng n ths 5a+.
The .ore +ou practce +our crunches3 the better tone$ +our abs 5%% beco.e. Crunches
5%% f%atten an$ tone +our ab$ .usc%es3 but ths s not the on%+ e&ercse that +ou
nee$ to $o n or$er to get the perfect abs. You a%so nee$ to 5or2 on s$e to s$e crunches.
How to do side to side crunches
/$e to s$e crunches 5%% he%p to $e"e%op the s$es of +our ab$ .usc%es. =ust as
+ou .o"e up straght3 +ou 5%% a%so 5ant to .o"e to the s$e. /tart 5th one s$e an$
pu%% +ourse%f up to %ean to5ar$s that s$e. @o ) reps3 7ust as +ou 5ou%$ 5th the center
crunches. After +ou are fnshe$3 5or2 on the other s$e.
6t s .portant3 5hen $ong tonng e&ercses3 to a%%o5 +our .usc%es to re%a& after each
t.e +ou $o +our reps of crunches. You 5ant to ta2e a fe5 $eep breaths an$ re%a& the
.usc%es after +ou are fnshe$ the tonng. When +ou are the crunches3
ho5e"er3 +ou 5ant to tense up the .usc%es3 effect"e%+ so%atng the. so that the+ 5%%
get tone$.
Another 5a+ to perfor. crunches for perfect abs s to %ean on one s$e an$ then %ft
+ourse%f up3 concentratng on the ab$ .usc%es. Ths 5%% 5or2 the .usc%es on the
s$es. Ae.e.ber that +ou 5ant to 5or2 the entre ab$ area to ache"e the %oo2 of
a scu%pte$ s& pac2. You nee$ to $o both front crunches as 5e%% as s$e crunches that are
perfor.e$ on +our bac2 as 5e%% as +our s$e to ache"e ths %oo2.
Crunches .a+ see. $ffcu%t at frst3 but 5%% soon beco.e easer. You .a+ 5ant to
ncrease +our repettons as +ou contnue to 5or2 on +our abs so that the+ 5%% contnue
to be effect"e. The best aspect about usng ths t+pe of tonng e&ercse s that +ou 5%%
start to see the resu%ts of +our efforts not %ong after +ou ha"e 5or2e$ on the abs. You can
usua%%+ see a $fference n +our .usc%e tone after a 5ee2 of these e&ercses.
Tr+ to $o these e&ercses e"er+ $a+. 6f +ou s2p a $a+3 for so.e reason3 7ust pc2 up
5here +ou %eft off the ne&t $a+. @o not get $scourage$ f +ou get out of the habt. 6t s
.ore .portant to get bac2 nto the habt as soon as possb%e.
Chapter 4 - Leg Lfts For Abs
Crunches 5%% 5or2 5e%% to tone +our ab$ .usc%es3 but ths s not the on%+ e&ercse
that +ou nee$ 5hen +ou are %oo2ng for the perfect s& pac2. 6n a$$ton to the crunches3
+ou 5%% a%so 5ant to use %eg %fts to tone the ab$ .usc%es. Leg %fts can be $one at
the sa.e t.e +ou $o +our crunches.
La+ f%at on +our bac2 on the f%oor an$ put +our han$s to +our s$e 5th +our pa%.s $o5n
on the f%oor. Lft both %egs up as hgh as +ou can3 e"en f t s %ess than an nch off of the
groun$. Wh%e +ou are $ong ths3 +ou nee$ to once agan so%ate the .usc%es n +our
ab$o.en an$ tghten the. up.
6t s a%5a+s goo$ to 5or2 n repettons of ) 5hen +ou are tonng e&ercses.
The %eg %fts 5%% 5or2 5e%% to tghten the .usc%es n +our ab$o.en an$ $efne the..
L2e the crunches3 +ou 5%% notce the resu%ts fro. ths t+pe of e&ercse 5thn a 5ee2.
After +ou ha"e $one the t5o %eg %ft3 +ou can a%so $o one %eg %ft at a t.e. Ths s often
easer to $o an$ 5%% tghten the s$e ab$ .usc%es. @o one %eg at a t.e an$ then
the other3 repeatng the repettons each t.e. As +ou contnue to $o %eg %fts for abs3 +ou
5%% notce that the %eg %fts get easer to $o a%% of the t.e. You 5%% be ab%e to %ft +our
%egs hgher an$ hgher as +ou contnue to practce ths e&ercse.
As +ou contnue 5or2ng 5th %eg %fts3 +ou 5%% not on%+ notce a change n +our
ab$ .usc%es3 but a%so +our %eg .usc%es as 5e%%. As +ou get better at ths t+pe of
e&ercse3 +ou can use %eg 5eghts on +our an2%es so that t 5%% be .ore $ffcu%t for +ou
to %ft +our %egs. 6f +ou contnue to use ths tonng e&ercse on a $a%+ bass3 +ou 5%%
notce that t .uch easer to rase +our %egs each t.e. You can purchase %eg
5eghts at a sportng goo$s store.
Leg %fts an$ crunches are t5o of the tonng e&ercses that +ou can use that 5%% 5or2
to5ar$s tghtenng up +our abs. These 5%% 5or2 5e%% n +our effort to get the perfect
abs3 but .ust be use$ e"er+ $a+. 6t s .portant to concentrate on the .usc%es that +ou
are tonng 5h%e +ou are the e&ercses n or$er for the. to 5or2. B+ so%atng
the .usc%es an$ g"ng the. tota% concentraton3 5h%e 5or2ng on ths act"t+3 +ou 5%%
fn$ that the e&ercses not on%+ get easer3 but the+ start to pro$uce resu%ts rght a5a+.
You 5%% be ab%e to fee% the resu%ts fro. the %eg %fts for abs as +our ab$ .usc%es
Chapter ! - Le"tatng Lft For Abs
Another tonng e&ercse that +ou can use to f%atten +our abs as 5e%% as $efne the .usc%es
s the %e"tatng %ft. Agan3 +ou 5%% be %a+ng f%at on +our bac2 on the f%oor 5th +our
han$s at +our s$es3 pa%.s $o5n. You 5ant to %ft both +our %egs an$ +our hea$ up a fe5
nches3 5h%e concentratng on +our ab$ .usc%es.
Ths s s.%ar to the %eg %fts an$ the frst t.e that +ou ths e&ercse3 +ou 5%%
.ost %2e%+ not be ab%e to get .uch off of the groun$. Ths can see. .possb%e at frst3
but as +ou contnue 5or2ng at t3 +ou 5%% be ab%e to %ft up +our hea$ an$ +our %egs at
the sa.e t.e. Wh%e ths s s.%ar to the %eg %ft e&ercse3 t e&ercses another part of the
ab$ .usc%es an$ 5%% further 5or2 to5ar$s scu%ptng the ab$
When +ou are e&ercsng on the f%oor3 tonng +our .usc%es so that +ou can ha"e the
perfect abs3 +ou shou%$ ha"e an e&ercse .at. Ths s not on%+ .ore santar+ to use3 but
s a%so .ore co.fortab%e for +our hea$ an$ nec2. You shou%$ tr+ to $o these tonng
e&ercses n repettons of ) each an$ 5or2 on as .an+ as +ou can at a t.e. @o not get
$scourage$. A%though these e&ercses .a+ see. to be har$ at frst3 n t.e the+ 5%% get
to be .uch easer. An$ +ou 5%% get satsfacton b+ seeng tone$ an$ hea%th+ %oo2ng absC
6f +ou are o"er5eght an$ nee$ to %ose 5eght before +ou can e"en see +our ab$
.usc%es3 +ou shou%$ st%% 5or2 on these tonng e&ercses. The+ 5%% he%p tone +our
.usc%es an$ .a2e t easer for +ou to %ose 5eght. Tonng e&ercses 5or2 5e%% n
co.bnaton 5th %o5er bo$+ car$o"ascu%ar e&ercses to g"e +ou the perfect abs.
Chapter # - Car$o"ascular E%ercses For Abs
6n a$$ton to tonng e&ercses that so%ate the .usc%es an$ g"e +ou the tone that +ou
5ant n +our ab$ +ou a%so nee$ to use car$o"ascu%ar e&ercses that 5%% 5or2 on
the %o5er ha%f of +our bo$+3 nc%u$ng +our abs.
There are .an+ car$o"ascu%ar e&ercses that +ou can use for the %o5er ha%f of +our bo$+.
6f +ou are o"er5eght an$ 5ant to $e"e%op the perfect abs3 the frst thng that +ou nee$ to
$o s to start to %ose so.e of that e&cess 5eght. We ha"e a%rea$+ ta%2e$ about proper
$et an$ nutrton3 no5 5e .ust ta%2 about car$o"ascu%ar e&ercse.
Car$o e&ercses are those that get +our heart pu.png an$ 5%% he%p +ou %ose 5eght fast.
Car$o e&ercses shou%$ be perfor.e$ n the .ornng or as ear%+ as possb%e n the $a+ so
that +ou can get +our .etabo%s. gong an$ a%so burn .ore ca%ores $urng the $a+. You
shou%$ ne"er perfor. car$o"ascu%ar e&ercses rght before be$ as +ou 5%% fn$ t
$ffcu%t to go to s%eep. You shou%$ a%so ne"er perfor. car$o"ascu%ar e&ercses after +ou
ha"e eaten or t can g"e +ou a cra.p. 6f +ou cannot set +our a%ar. ear%+ so that +ou can
get up to 5or2 on car$o e&ercses3 +ou shou%$ $o the. 5hen +ou get ho.e fro. 5or2
an$ before +ou eat. Ths 5%% he%p +ou burn off ca%ores an$ 5%% a%so tone +our %o5er
Ths s not to sa+ that the car$o e&ercses that +ou $o cannot 5or2 for +our upper bo$+3
too. /o.e car$o .achnes 5%% 5or2 both the %o5er an$ upper part of the bo$+3 5h%e
others 5%% tone the %o5er ha%f of the bo$+. You 5ant to .a2e sure that 5hate"er t+pe of
.achne +ou use3 +ou 5%% be tonng the %o5er ha%f of +our bo$+.
You can purchase +our o5n car$o .achne or +ou can 7on a g+. an$ g"e +ourse%f the
5or2out that +ou nee$ to tone up +our abs. <r +ou can 7on a g+. an$ ha"e access to
se"era% .achnes. You 5%% fn$ that the g+. s co.prse$ of .an+ e&ercse .achnes
that can he%p +ou get the abs that +ou 5ant as 5e%% as he%p +ou %ose 5eght.
E"en f +ou are not o"er5eght3 +ou shou%$ st%% e&ercse usng car$o"ascu%ar .achnes
for +our abs. Ths 5%% g"e +ou an ntense 5or2out that 5%% he%p scu%pt +our abs faster
an$ easer. There are so.e g+.s aroun$ that charge a %o5 .onth%+ fee for .e.bershp.
9ot on%+ 5%% +ou get access to the car$o .achnes that 5%% he%p +ou burn ca%ores as
5e%% as tone up +our %o5er bo$+ ha%f3 but +ou can a%so get access to 5eght .achnes that
5e 5%% ta%2 about n the ne&t chapter.
/o.e of the car$o e&ercse .achnes that +ou can use that 5%% tone up +our %o5er ha%f
an$ g"e +ou the abs that +ou 5ant are the fo%%o5ng;
/tar steppng .achne
E%%ptca% .achne
Ao5ng (achne
E&ercse B2e
A%% f"e of these car$o"ascu%ar .achnes 5%% 5or2 to not on%+ get +ou s%..er3 but a%so
to tone up +our ab$ .usc%es. You can use so.e or a%% of the. to get the abs that
+ou 5ant. (ost peop%e fn$ a .achne that the+ %2e an$ sett%e nto a routne. You can
$o that to he%p +ou get +our tu..+ f%atter than e"er an$ start to get that s& pac2 that +ou
ha"e a%5a+s 5ante$.
Stair Stepping Machine
The star steppng .achne 5as the e&ercse .achne of choce n the 1*),s an$ 5or2s
"er+ 5e%% as a car$o"ascu%ar .achne as 5e%% as a %o5er bo$+ toner. You can get +our
ab$ .usc%es tone$ eas%+ 5hen +ou are usng the star stepper.
When +ou frst start 5or2ng on the star stepper3 +ou 5%% fn$ that t s $ffcu%t to sta+
on ths .achne for %ong. There are se"era% t+pes of .achnes. /o.e of the. actua%%+
ha"e a ro%%ng set of stars that +ou ha"e to c%.b 5h%e others s.u%ate the c%.bng
.oton. (ost star steppng .achnes to$a+ 5%% te%% +ou ho5 .an+ stars +ou ha"e$ as 5e%% as ho5 .an+ ca%ores +ou ha"e %ost.
The frst t.e on the star steppng .achne +ou 5%% fn$ t har$ to sta+ on for .ore than
f"e .nutes3 especa%%+ f t has been a 5h%e snce +ou e&ercse$. 6f +ou fee%
%ghthea$e$ or $DD+ 5hen +ou are usng the star steppng .achne3 or fee% short of
breath3 +ou nee$ to stop the e&ercse rght a5a+. /tar steppng s a hgh .pact
car$o"ascu%ar e&ercse. You shou%$ a%5a+s $scuss an+ ne5 e&ercse routne 5th +our
ph+scan before startng.
After +ou ha"e use$ the star stepper .ore often3 +ou 5%% notce that +ou can sta+ on the
star stepper for a %onger pero$ of t.e. You $o not nee$ .ore than 2, .nutes on the
star stepper each $a+ to get the resu%ts that +ou nee$. You can a$7ust the tenson of the
star stepper to .a2e t .ore $ffcu%t to use the .achne an$ ncrease the tenson.
As +ou get better an$ better on the star stepper3 +ou can a%so attach %eg 5eghts to +our
an2%es so that +ou can ncrease the tenson 5hen +ou are c%.bng the stars. You can
contnue 5th ths e&ercse routne as +ou 5or2 to scu%pt +our abs.
As +ou are usng the star stepper3 +ou nee$ to concentrate on +our ab$ .usc%es.
Your abs shou%$ be frst an$ fore.ost 5hen +ou are usng ths .achne to get the perfect
abs. Pu%% +our abs n as +ou are usng the star stepper an$ 2eep the. taut 5h%e +ou are
usng the star stepper for the .a&.u. beneft.
6n a$$ton to e&ercsng +our abs3 +ou 5%% a%so notce that +ou can get %egs3
buttoc2s an$ thghs 5hen +ou use the star stepper n ths 5a+. 6f +ou %2e the star
stepper3 +ou .a+ $ec$e to purchase one of these .achnes for ho.e. You 5%% fn$ that
the .ore +ou use the star stepper3 the better tone$ +ou 5%% be an$ the .ore ca%ores +ou
5%% burn. 6t 5%% a%so get easer to sta+ on the star stepper for the fu%% 2, .nutes as +ou
Elliptical Machine
The e%%ptca% .achne 5%% not on%+ get +our abs n shape3 but 5%% a%so e&ercse the
%o5er ha%f of +our bo$+ as 5e%% as +our upper ha%f. The e%%ptca% .achne perfor.s the
.otons of cross countr+ s2ng. Ths s a .achne that s %o5 .pact an$ s eas+ to use.
6t 5%% a%%o5 +ou to .o"e both +our %egs an$ +our ar.s at the sa.e t.e. 6t s one of the
.ost effect"e 5a+s to %ose 5eght usng a car$o"ascu%ar e&ercse .achne an$ can $o
5on$ers 5hen t to tonng +our abs.
The e%%ptca% .achne 5%% be easer to use than the star stepper as t s not as hgh
.pact3 but t $o the 7ob. You 5%% start to notce the resu%ts rght a5a+3 but 5%% not fee%
as out of breath or as .uch .pact 5hen +ou are usng ths .achne as oppose$ to the
star stepper.
(an+ peop%e %2e usng the e%%ptca% .achne because the+ can $o so 5thout the .pact
to ther 2nees an$ bac2 that other .achnes g"e. The e%%ptca% .achne a%so a%%o5s +ou
to .o"e +our ar.s bac2 an$ forth3 pro.otng .ore ca%ore burnng energ+.
Agan3 5hen +ou are usng the e%%ptca% .achne3 suc2 n +our gut an$ tghten +our
ab$ .usc%es. You 5%% fee% the .achne start to 5or2 on a%% of the .usc%es n +our
bo$+. When +ou concentrate on a certan set of .usc%es an$ tghten the. as +ou are
5or2ng out3 +ou can then e&pect to get better resu%ts n that area.
6f +ou %2e usng the e%%ptca% .achne to tghten an$ tone +our abs3 not to .enton to
%ose 5eght3 +ou .a+ en7o+ o5nng ths .achne. Ths s a fun .achne to use an$ 5%%
5or2 5e%% to tone a%% of +our bo$+ an$ 5or2 to5ar$s g"ng +ou the roc2 har$ abs that
+ou 5ant.
Rowing Machine
The ro5ng .achne s one 5a+ that +ou can a%so get +our abs tghtene$ up. 6t 5%% a%so
5or2 on +our %egs3 buttoc2s an$ ar.s. Ths s a hgh .pact .achne an$ 5%% re8ure
+ou to ..c the .otons of ro5ng a boat. 6t s an e&ce%%ent 5a+ to %ose 5eght an$ 5%%
he%p +ou burn ca%ores. 6t s best use$ for so.eone 5ho s reasonab%+ goo$ hea%th an$
not se"ere%+ o"er5eght.
/o.e of the ne5 ro5ng .achnes that +ou can use 5%% te%% +ou ho5 .uch +ou ha"e
ro5e$ an$ e"en a%%o5 +ou to race aganst other ro5ers. You can a%so %earn ho5 .an+
ca%ores +ou ha"e %ost an$ +our heart rate 5th ths t+pe of car$o"ascu%ar e&ercse
.achne. The ro5ng .achne can be har$ on the 2nees3 5hch s 5h+ t s best for
so.eone 5ho s not obese an$ ha"ng troub%e 5th ther 2nees.
/uc2 n +our gut as +ou are ro5ng an$ +ou 5%% fee% the tenson pu%%ng on +our
ab$ .usc%es. As +ou contnue to ro53 +ou 5%% note that t gets easer an$ easer
each t.e that +ou use the .achne. Wh%e +ou .a+ fn$ t $ffcu%t to contnue ro5ng
for a %ong t.e 5hen +ou frst start out3 after +ou get the hang of ths .achne3 +ou 5%%
fn$ that t s eas+ to use an$ e"en entertanng. You .a+ $ec$e to get one for +our
ho.e to 2eep +our abs as 5e%% as +our other .usc%es n shape.
The trea$.%% s one of the .ost popu%ar of a%% car$o"ascu%ar e&ercse .achnes. 6t s
use$ for 5a%2ng as 5e%% as 7oggng an$ runnng. An+one can use a trea$.%%. <ne of the
best aspects about usng the trea$.%% s that t can be use$ b+ an+one to tone up as 5e%%
as %ose 5eght.
You shou%$ start out b+ 5a%2ng on the trea$.%% an$ suc2ng n +our ab$ .usc%es
as +ou are 5a%2ng on the trea$.%%. Whene"er +ou are e&ercsng on the trea$.%%3 +ou
shou%$ concentrate on the .usc%es that +ou 5ant to e&ercse an$ tone an$ then focus on
the. 5hen +ou are 5or2ng on the trea$.%%.
The trea$.%% 5%% te%% +ou ho5 far +ou ha"e 5a%2e$ as 5e%% as ho5 .an+ ca%ores +ou
ha"e burne$ 5hen +ou are 5a%2ng. Ths 5%% a%so te%% +ou +our heart rate. The trea$.%%
can be use$ for runnng3 a%though t s 7ust as effect"e at tonng up +our ab$
.usc%es 5hen use$ for 5a%2ng.
The trea$.%%s that +ou get to$a+ are .uch .ore a$"ance$ than those that 5ere .a$e
.an+ +ears ago. You .a+ fn$ that +ou %2e the trea$.%% so .uch that +ou $ec$e to bu+
one for +our ho.e.
Exercise Bike
The e&ercse b2e s one 5a+ that +ou can tghten +our ab$ .usc%es an$ a%so %ose
5eght 5h%e tonng the %o5er ha%f of +our bo$+. You can get an e&ercse b2e that
a%%o5s +ou to st straght up an$ $o5n3 or one n 5hch +ou rec%ne an$ ha"e +our %egs n
the ar. Both of these e&ercse b2es are usefu% for tonng up +our ab$ .usc%es.
The ne5 e&ercse b2es that are on the .ar2et to$a+3 as 5e%% as n the g+.3 are ab%e to te%%
+ou ho5 far +ou ha"e r$$en as 5e%% as ho5 .an+ ca%ores +ou ha"e burne$.
The ne5 e&ercse b2es 5%% a%%o5 +ou to race aganst other r$ers that are $epcte$ on the
LC@ screen. Ths can g"e +ou an a$$e$ ncent"e f +ou nee$ so.e .ot"aton to 2eep
pushng on 5hen +ou are e&ercsng. Ths can .a2e usng ths pece of car$o"ascu%ar
e&ercse e8up.ent eas+ an$ fun.
Whene"er +ou are usng car$o"ascu%ar e&ercse .achnes3 +ou shou%$ .a2e sure that
+ou are n goo$ hea%th before atte.ptng the routne. You shou%$ ta%2 t o"er 5th +our
$octor an$ see f +ou are hea%th+ enough for an e&ercse routne.
6f +ou fee% an+ pan3 $DDness or %ghthea$e$ness3 +ou shou%$ stop e&ercsng. Ths s
so.ethng that can be a $anger sgna%. /tart out +our car$o"ascu%ar e&ercsng s%o5%+
so that +ou can gra$ua%%+ 5or2 +our 5a+ up to the pont that +ou can 5or2 5th these
.achnes to 2eep +our bo$+ tr. an$ hea%th+ an$ a%so tone up +our ab$ .usc%es.
Chapter & - Weght 'achnes For !s
You 5%% notce3 5hen +ou go to +our g+.3 that there are 5eght .achnes that are .a$e
to e&ercse the ab$ .usc%es. These 5%% 5or2 n a$$ton to the other e&ercses
an$ routnes that 5ere $scusse$ n ths boo2 pre"ous%+ to he%p +ou 2eep +our ab$
.usc%es n shape as 5e%% as tone an$ $efne the .usc%es.
When +ou are usng the 5eght .achnes for +our abs3 +ou shou%$ use the. e"er+ other
$a+. You $o not 5ant to bu%2 up +our ab$ .usc%es3 but .ere%+ 5ant to tghten
the. so that the+ %oo2 tone$ an$ $efne$.
There are se"era% 5eght .achnes at the g+. that +ou can use to strengthen +our abs an$
tone the. up so that +ou can ha"e the perfect s& pac2. T5o .achnes that 5or2 5e%%
5%% cause +ou to t5st an$ tghten +our abs an$ a%so to ..c the st up routne. Because
+ou can a$7ust the 5eghts an$ tenson on these .achnes3 +ou can e&pect goo$ resu%ts f
+ou use the. e"er+ other $a+ to tone up +our .usc%es.
Before +ou use an+ t+pe of 5eght .achne at the g+.3 +ou shou%$ be nstructe$ on ho5
to use the .achne. (ost g+.s 5%% ha"e peop%e 5ho 5%% he%p +ou fgure out ho5 to use
a .achne. The+ 5%% nstruct +ou on the rght 5a+ to use the e&ercse .achne so that
+ou $o so the rght 5a+. -sng a 5eght .achne ncorrect%+ can en$ up causng +ou to
hurt +ourse%f.
Ta%2 to a g+. counse%or before +ou start usng the .achne. As2 the. ho5 +ou can use
the .achne that 5%% tghten up +our ab$ .usc%es. The counse%or .a+ e"en ha"e
other .achnes that can be use$ for the sa.e purpose.
When +ou start usng the 5eght .achnes3 +ou 5%% 5ant to use the %o5est tenson %e"e%
or 5eght 5hen +ou start out. @o repettons of the .oton as nstructe$ an$ tr+ to $o 3
reps of ). Ths 5%% .ost %2e%+ be eas+ for +ou to $o 5hen +ou are frst startng out3
especa%%+ f +ou are usng the %o5est 5eght or tenson on the .achne.
You .a+ not thn2 that the 5eght .achne s $ong an+ goo$3 but chances are that +ou
5%% fee% tenson n +our ab$ .usc%es the $a+ after +ou e&ercse. You 5%% 5at a
$a+ an$ then perfor. the sa.e e&ercses agan. You $o not 5ant to stran +our .usc%es
5hen +ou are usng the 5eght .achnes for +our abs or ths can en$ up $ong .ore har.
than goo$. You 7ust 5ant to create a %tt%e tenson.
After a 5ee2 of usng the 5eght .achnes for abs 5th success3 +ou can then .o"e up a
%e"e% 5hen t to 5eghts. Ths .a+ beco.e a %tt%e bt .ore $ffcu%t3 but +ou 5%%
5ant to use the sa.e repettons. Be sure to use both the t5stng .oton 5eght
.achnes to e&ercse the s$e ab$ .usc%es as 5e%% as the front ab$ .usc%es
5hen +ou are usng the st up .achne.
Each 5ee2 5hen +ou up +our 5eght tenson on the ab$ 5eght .achnes3 +ou
5%% notce a change n the ab$ .usc%es. You 5%% start to notce a change n the
tone rght a5a+ as +ou contnue on ths path. 6f +ou be%ong to a g+.3 +ou 5%% 5ant to
ta2e a$"antage of a%% of the 5eghts that the+ ha"e a"a%ab%e3 nc%u$ng those that are use$
to tghten an$ tone abs.
-n%ess +ou ha"e a ho.e g+.3 t s un%2e%+ that +ou 5%% ha"e these .achnes n +our
ho.e. But the+ can be "er+ benefca% 5hen t to gettng the s& pac2 abs that +ou
ha"e a%5a+s $rea.e$ about. =ust be sure to use the. the rght 5a+ so that +ou $o not
en$ up causng har. to +our .usc%es an$ bu%$ the. up.
B+ as2ng ho5 to use the .achnes an$ usng the. n the rght 5a+3 +ou can then begn
to 5or2 on the ab$ .achnes to further scu%pt +our ab$ .usc%es.
Chapter ( - Plates For Abs
P%ates s a t+pe of tonng e&ercse that has been use$ b+ $ancers for near%+ '! +ears.
<ne 5a+ that +ou get n"o%"e$ n P%ates s to 7on a c%ass. Ths s another 5a+ that +our
%oca% g+. can he%p +ou. P%ates are e&ce%%ent 5hen t to tonng up .usc%e3
especa%%+ the abs. 6f +our g+. offers a P%ates c%ass3 +ou can sgn up for ths c%ass that
can he%p +ou 5or2 on tonng up +our abs.
P%ates 5or2s 5e%% 5hen t to teachng +ou ho5 to so%ate certan .usc%es an$
5or2 on the. to get the. tone$. (ore than %2e%+3 +our P%ates c%ass 5%% not on%+ 5or2
on the abs3 but other .usc%es as 5e%%. <nce +ou get the hang of the P%ates an$ ho5 to
use the.3 +ou can use ths t+pe of e&ercse routne to 5or2 on +our abs 5hen +ou are at
6f +ou $o not ha"e a P%ates c%ass at +our %oca% g+.3 +ou .a+ be ab%e to sgn up for one at
+our %oca% par2s $epart.ent. There are .an+ peop%e 5ho are g%a$ to teach P%ates so that
others can %earn ths t+pe of tonng e&ercse. P%ates 5%% %et +ou concentrate on +our
.usc%es that +ou 5ant tone$ an$ e&ercse the. to the .a&.u. of +our ab%t+.
Throughout ths boo23 5e ha"e been ta%2ng about so%atng .usc%es an$ concentratng
on the. 5hen e&ercsng3 ether 5th a car$o"ascu%ar .achne3 tonng e&ercse or 5th a
5eght .achne. You .ght be 5on$erng ho5 +ou can %earn to $o ths. P%ates can
teach +ou ho5 to focus n on +our .usc%es an$ .a2e the .ost of +our 5or2out.
P%ates s a .uch .ore concentrate$ t+pe of e&ercse than an+ other tonng e&ercse
routne. <ne reason 5h+ .an+ peop%e %2e to use P%ates as a 5a+ to scu%pt ther
ab$ .usc%es s because the+ can get the sa.e resu%ts fro. a 1! .nute 5or2out
5hen usng P%ates as the+ can get fro. a 4! .nute tra$tona% 5or2out. P%ates are
.a$e to concentrate on .usc%es an$ tone the. so that the+ are strong as 5e%% as scu%pte$.
6f +ou are at a %oss as to ho5 +ou can %earn P%ates e&ercses3 $o not ha"e a g+. 5here
+ou can be taught or a c%ass offere$ b+ the par2s $epart.ent3 +ou can a%so %earn about
ho5 to perfor. P%ates fro. 5atchng a @E@. Aent a @E@ at +our %oca% "$eo store so
that +ou can %earn ho5 to perfor. these e&ercses that can he%p +ou get the f%at an$ "er+
tone$ abs that +ou can sho5 off at the beach.
<nce +ou %earn P%ates3 chances are that +ou 5%% use the. n other e&ercse routnes.
P%ates are %o5 .pact an$ +ou 5%% .ost %2e%+ not on%+ apprecate the 5a+ that +our abs
%oo23 but a%so the rest of +our bo$+ f +ou use P%ates on a regu%ar bass.
6f +ou 5ant to ha"e the best %oo2ng abs3 tr+ P%ates. (an+ .o$e%s an$ others 5ho
e&hbt perfect abs s5ear b+ ths e&ercse routne that 5%% start to 5or2 rght a5a+. You
5%% notce a bg change n +our bo$+ 5hen +ou begn practcng P%ates an$ 5%% not
on%+ e&hbt perfect abs3 but a%so perfect tone$ .usc%es n other parts of +our bo$+. 6f
+ou 5ant to ache"e the perfect abs3 +ou o5e t to +ourse%f to tr+ P%ates - one of the best
for.s of e&ercse for tonng .usc%es - especa%%+ abs.
Chapter ) - Change *our routne
As +ou are 5or2ng on +our ab$ .usc%es3 +ou 5%% notce that +ou reach a
sta%e.ate 5here t see.s as f the abs are not gettng an+ .ore $efne$. Ths often
happens 5th $eters as 5e%%. E"er+one 5ho 5or2s on %osng 5eght or tr+ng to $efne
ther .usc%es 5%% reach a pont 5here the+ cannot get an+ further 5th ther efforts3
$espte the fact that the+ are $ong e"er+thng that the+ can $o to ache"e the resu%ts that
the+ 5ant. /o 5hat $o +ou $o 5hen +ou are at a p%ateau an$ cannot %ose an+ .ore
5eght or gan an+ .pro"e.ent n +our .usc%es?
The best 5a+ that +ou can a"o$ ths prob%e. s to change the 5a+ that +ou are $ong
thngs. / +our bo$+ gets use$ to a certan routne to the pont 5here +ou
cannot get t to perfor. an .ore. When ths occurs3 the on%+ thng +ou can $o s to
change +our 5or2out routne.
6f +ou ha"e been usng P%ates nstea$ of .achne 5eghts3 begn usng the.. /tart
changng the tonng e&ercses as 5e%% an$ begn usng another car$o"ascu%ar .achne.
Ths 7o%t .a+ be 7ust 5hat +our bo$+ nee$s n or$er to get bac2 nto shape. You nee$ to
.a2e so.e changes.
6f +ou fn$ that +ou ha"e reache$ a p%ateau 5hen t to +our 8uest for the perfect
abs3 +ou shou%$ use a $fferent .etho$ of e&ercse to brea2 up the routne. Ths 5%%
cause +ou $fferent resu%ts. The sa.e concept ho%$s true for $etng. 6f +ou are on a $et
an$ reach a p%ateau3 +ou shou%$ change the routne that +ou are usng to get $fferent
resu%ts. Ths 5or2s 5th e&ercse as t $oes 5th $etng. @o not contnue on a p%an that
s not 5or2ng. Loo2 for a p%an that s s%ght%+ $fferent to further +our 8uest for the best
%oo2ng abs.
You shou%$ a%so 5atch +our $et at ths t.e. You .a+ 5ant to start eatng s.a%%er .ea%s
.ore often n an effort to get .ore energ+ nto +our bo$+. Ths s one change that +ou
can .a2e that 5%% he%p +ou attan the goa%s +ou ha"e for +ourse%f.
6f +ou reach a sta%e.ate 5hen +ou are tr+ng to attan the perfect abs3 tr+ so.ethng ne5.
Tr+ a $fferent e&ercse3 change +our 5or2out routne or change +our $et so
that +ou can once agan start gettng the resu%ts that +ou 5ant.
Chapter 1+ - ,sng Enhance-ent .upple-ents
Enhance.ent supp%e.ents are use$ b+ bo$+ bu%$ers3 nc%u$ng those 5ho 5ant to ha"e
perfect%+ 5e%% for.e$ abs3 as a 5a+ to bu%2 up .usc%e gro5th. The 5a+ that natura%
enhance.ent supp%e.ents 5or2 s to ncrease b%oo$ f%o5 to the .usc%es an$ a%%o5 +ou to
get .ore fro. +our 5or2out. You can often get a .ore ntense 5or2out 5hen +ou use
enhance.ent supp%e.ents than f +ou 7ust 5or2out 5thout these supp%e.ents.
9atura% enhance.ent supp%e.ents are .a$e 5th herba% ngre$ents that ha"e been use$
for hun$re$s of +ears as a 5a+ to ncrease energ+ %e"e%s n the bo$+. An+one 5ho s
%oo2ng for a 5a+ to ncrease b%oo$ f%o5 to .usc%es can use these natura% enhance.ent
supp%e.ents. You shou%$ not confuse natura% enhance.ent supp%e.ents 5th stero$s3 a
pro$uct that s create$ fro. s+nthetc hor.ones an$ shou%$ on%+ be ta2en un$er the
super"son of a $octor. Enhance.ent supp%e.ents are .a$e fro. natura% pro$ucts
5hereas stero$s that .an+ bo$+ bu%$ers a%so ta2e3 are .a$e fro. create$
(an+ peop%e 5ho 5or2out an$ 5ant to bu%$ .usc%e bu%2 en7o+ usng enhance.ent
supp%e.ents as part of ther 5or2out routne. The+ can .a2e t easer to 5or2 out har$er
for a %onger pero$ of t.e an$ g"e +ou better resu%ts fro. +our 5or2out routne.
<ther peop%e $s%2e the $ea of usng enhance.ent supp%e.ents because the+ $o not
g"e the. the nstant bu%2 or .usc%e gro5th that the+ e&pect. (an+ peop%e 5ho fee% ths
5a+ $o so because the+ ha"e confuse$ natura% enhance.ent supp%e.ents for 5or2ng out
5th stero$s.
/tero$s are usua%%+ %%ega%%+ obtane$ an$ shou%$ be a"o$e$ b+ an+one 5ho 5ants to
sta+ hea%th+. The s$e effects of ta2ng stero$s nc%u$e ncrease$ aggresson3 organ
$a.age an$ e"en .enta% nstab%t+. (en 5%% notce ther testc%es shrn2ng fro.
ta2ng stero$s an$ 5o.en 5%% begn to gro5 har on ther face an$ chest. /tero$s are
an unnatura% enhance.ent that .an+ n the bo$+ bu%$ng crcut use to get those %arge3
unnatura% %oo2ng .usc%es.
/& pac2 abs are not unnatura% %oo2ng. The+ are a 5e%% $efne$ .usc%e group n +our
ab$ regon. You $o not ha"e to resort to an+ artfca% .eans to ache"e the perfect
s& pac2 5hen t to +our abs. You can get these abs usng the e&ercses an$ $et
for.u%as $e.onstrate$ n ths boo2 5thout ha"ng to resort to an+ supp%e.ents.
6f +ou 5ant to fee% as though +ou are he%png +our 5or2out a%ong3 +ou can ta2e natura%
supp%e.ents that contan herba% ngre$ents3 no an$ are $esgne$ to a%%o5 for
ncrease$ b%oo$ f%o5 to the .usc%e areas. Ths 5%% not $o +ou an+ har. an$ .a+ a%so
g"e +ou a ps+cho%ogca% boost as 5e%%. You can purchase natura% enhance.ent
supp%e.ents at hea%th foo$ store as 5e%% as so.e on%ne out%ets. Ae.e.ber not to get
an+thng other than a co.p%ete%+ natura% supp%e.ent an$ sta+ a5a+ fro. stero$s.
There s no .agc p%% that +ou can ta2e to get the perfect abs. The+ ta2e har$ 5or2 an$
$e$caton. 6f +ou are 5%%ng to put the t.e nto e&ercsng an$ 5or2ng out for the
perfect abs3 an$ eat a proper $et that 5%% a%so beneft +ou n ths 8uest3 +ou can ha"e the
perfect abs. But f +ou are %oo2ng for a 5a+ to get ths %oo2 5thout an+ t+pe of effort
on +our part3 thn2 agan. 9o enhance.ent or .agc p%% s gong to $o t for +ou. ?ar$
5or2 an$ $scp%ne 5%% a%%o5 +ou to ha"e the perfect abs of +our $rea.s.
Chapter 11- /eepng Your Fr- Abs
6t stan$s to reason that once +ou ha"e ache"e$ the perfect abs that +ou 5%% 5ant to 2eep
the.. <nce +ou get to the pont 5here +ou are happ+ 5th the 5a+ that +our ab$
.usc%es %oo23 +ou 5ant the. to sta+ that 5a+. You shou%$ contnue to eat the rght 5a+3
%ea$ a hea%th+ %fest+%e an$ 5or2out regu%ar%+. Ths s a goo$ %fest+%e choce for an+one
- regar$%ess of 5hether or not the+ ha"e the perfect abs.
(an+ peop%e 5ho ache"e ths t+pe of feat fee% that the+ cannot e"er stra+ fro. ther
routne 5thout ther perfect abs co%%apsng an$ turnng to fat. Wh%e +ou 5%% 5ant to
sta+ on +our routne as .uch as possb%e an$ eat hea%th+ foo$s3 f +ou stra+ fro. +our
$et or fa% to sho5 up for the g+.3 $o not panc. Ths $oes not .ean that +ou 5%% %ose
the perfect abs that +ou 5or2e$ so har$ to attan.
0eepng the perfect abs s .ore of a .n$ set than an+thng e%se. You 5%% 5ant to
contnue to $et an$ e&ercse an$ be .n$fu% of the 5a+ that +ou %oo2. Chances are3 that
f +ou ache"e$ the perfect abs of +our $rea.s3 +ou ha"e a%rea$+ $e.onstrate$ a
re.ar2ab%e a.ount of $eter.naton an$ ab%t+ to ache"e a goa%. You .ght e"en fee% a
%tt%e bt %et $o5n3 no5 that the goa% has been co.p%ete$. <r +ou .ght thn2 that +ou $o
not ha"e to $o an+thng to .antan ths ne5 bo$+.
You shou%$ ne"er fee% %et $o5n because +ou ha"e co.p%ete$ a goa%. Wh%e the nta%
8uest to ache"e the goa% can be "er+ nsprng for .an+ peop%e3 an$ get the. a%% re""e$
up to co.p%ete the goa%3 +ou can st%% ha"e other goa%s that +ou can set +our .n$ to that
can g"e +ou ths fee%ng. You shou%$ st%% sta+ 5thn +our e&ercse routne as +ou are
5or2ng out so that +ou can contnue to 2eep the fr. abs.
6f +ou fee% that +ou can %et +our bo$+ go an$ aban$on +our e&ercse routne because +ou
ha"e gotten to 5here +ou 5ant to get3 thn2 agan. You 5%% ha"e a .ore $ffcu%t t.e
gettng bac2 nto shape f +ou %et +our perfect abs go to 5aste. <r sha%% 5e sa+ 5ast?
Ths s because .usc%e 5%% turn to fat f not use$. 6t s .portant that +ou contnue
e&ercsng an$ .antanng +our perfect abs that +ou ha"e 5or2e$ so har$ to ache"e.
6t s not a goo$ $ea to fght har$ to get the perfect abs for the so that +ou can
%oo2 goo$ n a bathng sut an$ then %et +ourse%f go $urng the co%$ .onths so that +ou
can eat 5hate"er +ou 5ant an$ not e&ercse. Ths s not on%+ not goo$ for +our bo$+3 but
t 5%% .a2e thngs e"en .ore $ffcu%t for +ou 5hen ne&t su..er3 +ou once agan 5ant
to attan the perfect abs. You nee$ to .antan the perfect abs through the su..er3
through the fa%% an$ through the ho%$a+ season 5hen +ou are eatng an$ $rn2ng thngs
that +ou shou%$ a"o$. Wh%e t s fne to n$u%ge no5 an$ agan3 +ou $o not 5ant to
brea2 +our routne to the pont 5here +ou ha"e to start a%% o"er agan fro. scratch n
ache"ng the perfect abs 5hen +ou 5ant to get n shape for s5.sut season.
<nce +ou ha"e ache"e$ the perfect abs3 +ou 5%% fee% goo$ about +ourse%f an$ 5%% a%so
5ant to sta+ that 5a+. <ne 5a+ that +ou can $o ths s to ta2e a pcture of +ourse%f 5th
+our perfect abs an$ ho5 +ou fee%. You can then post that pcture on the refrgerator so
that +ou are constant%+ re.n$e$ of ho5 har$ +ou 5or2e$ to ache"e 5hat +ou ha"e
ache"e$3 ho5 goo$ +ou fee% that +ou ha"e the abs that +ou ha"e a%5a+s 5ante$3 an$
5hat +ou nee$ to $o3 an$ not to $o3 to .antan the perfect abs.
Chapter 12 - The Ps*chologcal Factor
Ache"ng the perfect abs can $o .ore for +our bran than an+ other part of +our bo$+.
/ure3 +our bo$+ 5%% %oo2 goo$ an$ +ou 5%% be hea%th+ %oo2ng as 5e%%. You 5%% fee%
goo$ about +our hea%th an$ happ+ about the 5a+ that +ou %oo2 n c%othes. But the 5a+
that +ou fee% .enta%%+ 5%% be e"en better than the 5a+ that +ou fee% ph+sca%%+. Ths s
because +ou 5%% ha"e a rene5e$ sense of se%f conf$ence. 9ot on%+ because +ou are
happ+ 5th the 5a+ that +ou %oo23 but because +ou ha"e set a goa% for +ourse%f an$
ache"e$ that goa%.
Fe5 thngs enhance the conf$ence %e"e% .ore than settng a goa% an$ co.p%etng a goa%.
Ths 5%% .a2e +ou fee% %2e a 5orth5h%e person an$ g"e +ou a hgher sense of se%f
estee.. 6f +ou 5ant to fee% goo$ about +ourse%f3 one 5a+ to $o so s to set a goa% an$
fo%%o5 through 5th that goa%. The ps+cho%ogca% .pact of attanng the perfect abs 5%%
be enor.ous.
There s a%so a ps+cho%ogca% co.ponent to ache"ng the perfect abs that +ou nee$ to
e&p%ore 5hen +ou are tr+ng to ache"e ths goa%. ?o5 ba$ $o +ou 5ant t? You nee$ to
as2 +ourse%f ho5 ba$ +ou 5ant to ha"e the perfect abs an$ 5hat +ou are 5%%ng to go
through to get the..
6n or$er to ache"e ths goa%3 +ou nee$ to 5ant t "er+ ba$%+. (an+ peop%e 5%% co.p%an
that the+ cannot %ose 5eght or cannot 8ut s.o2ng. The+ are usua%%+ $efeatng"es 5hen the+ sa+ ths. <f course the+ can %ose 5eght an$ 8ut s.o2ng as ths
s $one b+ peop%e a%% of the t.e. 6f t 5as .possb%e to %ose 5eght3 8ut s.o2ng or
attan the perfect abs3 then no one 5ou%$ $o t. But peop%e $o ths a%% the t.e. /o t s
not .possb%e un%ess +ou sa+ that ths s so.
Wh%e the ps+cho%ogca% .pact of ache"ng the perfect abs s "er+ po5erfu%3 the
ps+cho%ogca% factor that enab%es +ou to ache"e the perfect abs s "er+ .portant n ths
goa%. 6f +ou are geare$ up to5ar$s ache"ng the goa%3 be%e"e that t s possb%e an$
beha"e accor$ng%+3 +ou 5%% be ab%e to ha"e the perfect abs.
0no5ng that +ou can $o t an$ be%e"ng n +ourse%f s 7ust as .portant as eatng rght
an$ e&ercsng 5hen +ou are tr+ng to ache"e ths goa%. The frst thng that +ou 5%%
5ant to $o s to recognDe the goa% for +ourse%f. 6f +ou are o"er5eght3 fn$ the rght
5eght that +ou 5ant to be an$ start to %ose3 base$ on the tps an$ secrets foun$ n ths
boo2. Thn2 of +our perfect 5eght an$ .a2e that +our %ong ter. goa%. You 5%% ha"e to
reach the 5eght goa% before +ou can to $efne the ab$ .usc%es so that +ou
ha"e s& pac2 abs. ?o5e"er3 +ou can st%% contnue 5th the sa.e e&ercses an$ $et
$eas $escrbe$ n ths boo2.
After +ou ha"e co.e up 5th the u%t.ate goa%3 +ou nee$ to set %tt%e goa%s to get there.
Each t.e +ou ache"e a %tt%e goa%3 +ou 5%% fee% e.po5ere$ an$ +our se%f estee. 5%%
rse. Ths 5%% .a2e t easer to ache"e the bg3 u%t.ate goa%.
6nstea$ of te%%ng +ourse%f that +ou 5ant to %ose 2, poun$s3 te%% +ourse%f that ths s +our
u%t.ate goa%3 but +our goa% for the ne&t 5ee2 s to %ose 2 poun$s. Begn +our reg.en of
$et an$ e&ercse an$ +ou 5%% eas%+ %ose the 2 poun$s. You 5%% fee% goo$ about
+ourse%f as +ou ha"e ache"e$ a s.a%% goa% that s on the 5a+ to5ar$s a %arger goa%.
The sa.e 5a+ of thn2ng .ust be use$ 5hen +ou are tr+ng to ache"e the perfect s&
pac2 abs. When +ou ha"e reache$ +our goa% 5eght an$ are rea$+ to $efne +our abs so
that +ou ha"e the perfect s& pac23 start to brea2 the goa% $o5n nto s.a%%er goa%s. 6t s
often too o" for so.eone to on%+ focus on the %arge goa% 5hen the+ are tr+ng
to attan a bg .pro"e.ent n ther %fe. An$ a perfect%+ scu%pte$ bo$+ s a bg
6nstea$ of %oo2ng at the entre pcture3 brea2 t $o5n. /et +our s.a%%er goa%s so that +ou
can ache"e the %arge one b+ sa+ng that +our goa% for ths 5ee2 s to .a2e t to the g+.
e"er+ $a+ an$ ache"e a certan nu.ber of reps or .antan a certan a.ount of t.e on a
.achne. <ne of the best aspects about the car$o"ascu%ar e&ercse .achnes s that the+
can g"e +ou resu%ts rght a5a+ as to ho5 .uch t.e +ou ha"e spent on the.3 the ca%ores
+ou ha"e burne$ an$ the 5or2out +ou ache"e$. 6f +ou tr+ to attan a %tt%e bt .ore each
t.e3 +ou 5%% be not on%+ 5or2ng to5ar$s +our goa%s3 but +ou 5%% a%so fee% goo$ about
You 5%% fn$ that b+ e&ercsng regu%ar%+ an$ eatng hea%th+ foo$s +ou 5%% start to
$e"e%op a post"e .n$set as t s. E&ercse s %2e a 5on$er $rug an$ can re7u"enate
+ou. You 5%% notce that +ou ha"e .ore energ+ an$ fee% better about +ourse%f 5hen +ou
are e&ercsng +our 5a+ to5ar$s the perfect s& pac2 abs. Your entre bo$+ 5%% fee% an$
%oo2 hea%ther.
6t .a+ ta2e a coup%e of .onths before +ou can ache"e the s& pac2 abs that +ou 5ant3
$epen$ng on +our current 5eght an$ hea%th. 6t .a+ e"en ta2e %onger. But f +ou set
s.a%% goa%s for +ourse%f an$ 5or2 to5ar$s ache"ng those goa%s3 +ou 5%% contnue to
fee% .ot"ate$ about ha"ng the perfect s& pac2.
<ccasona%%+3 +ou .ght n$u%ge n so.ethng that s not goo$ for +ou or s2p e&ercse.
6f ths happens3 $o not %et t $eter +ou fro. +our goa%. <ne of the reasons 5h+ .an+
peop%e fa% to ache"e ther goa%s s because the+ g"e up the frst t.e the+ encounter
a$"erst+. The+ go off the 5agon b+ eatng so.ethng that the+ shou%$ not eat3 or not
e&ercsng for a $a+ or t5o an$ fgure that the+ shou%$ 7ust g"e up. Peop%e 5ho $et an$
tr+ to 8ut s.o2ng a%so .a2e ths .sta2e. <ne of the bggest secrets to ha"ng the
perfect abs s that +ou cannot g"e up. 6f +ou fa%% off the 5agon3 7ust 7u.p bac2 on t
agan. @o not beat +ourse%f up o"er a fa%ure because that s se%f $efeatng.
?ang a pcture of the perfect s& pac2 abs 5here +ou can see t e"er+ $a+ so that +ou can
contnue to 5or2 to5ar$s +our goa%. (ot"ate +ourse%f b+ s.a%% re5ar$s for a 7ob 5e%%
$one b+ g"ng +ourse%f s.a%% gfts or treatng +ourse%f to so.ethng that +ou %2e each
t.e +ou reach a goa%. ?a"e a .ot"aton n .n$ for 5hen +ou actua%%+ ache"e the
%arge goa%3 too3 a%though ha"ng the perfect abs an$ ache"ng the goa% of rea%Dng ths s
re5ar$ enough for +our en$ea"ors.
<nce +ou ha"e ta2en the steps out%ne$ n ths boo2 to ache"e the perfect abs3 +ou can
use the sa.e t+pe of goa% orente$ .ot"aton to ache"e other areas of greatness n +our
%fe. As +ou see ho5 +ou 5or2e$ to5ar$s ths goa%3 +ou 5%% a%so see that t s possb%e to
ache"e other goa%s as 5e%%. :oa%s that3 at one t.e3 +ou .ght ha"e $ee.e$ to be
An+thng s possb%e f +ou ha"e $rea.s3 a.bton an$ goa%s. 6f +ou are 5%%ng to $o
5hat t ta2es to .o"e to5ar$s that bg goa% b+ acceptng the cha%%enges of s.a%%er goa%s
an$ o" the.3 then +ou ha"e 5hat t ta2es to $o 7ust about an+thng that +ou set
+our .n$ to n %fe. 6nc%u$ng gettng the perfect%+ scu%pture$ bo$+ an$ gorgeous s&
pac2 absC