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Michelle Carpenter

Music Education Philosophy

As a music educator, I believe that I must be a teacher first and a musician second. It is my
responsibility to use music as a way to teach valuable life skills that my students can apply to other areas
of their lives. I plan to give my students at least a foundational understanding of music so that they can
transfer what they have learned into their own career paths. In doing so, my goal is to create life-long
learners in the music classroom. Whether or not my students decide to pursue a career in music, my
wish is that they continue to involve themselves in the music making process and to maintain their
appreciation of music for the rest of their lives.
When I was a student, I was inspired by one of my band directors to become a music educator.
In turn, I strive to be an inspiration and role model to my own students. By being a teacher to my
students for more than a year, I have the ability to impact my students lives in positive ways. Music also
holds amazing opportunities for students to tap into their creative sides and to express themselves in
ways that they may never have done before. I plan to structure my classroom experience so that my
students feel welcomed and important in my program. I plan to provide my students with a sense of
belonging in my classroom and the music world, in case they dont receive this in any other classroom.
I strongly believe that music should be available to all students grades K-12 and taught in
schools because music is one of the few subjects that equally balances both academic and emotional
learning. Not only does music teach rules, theories, methods and life skills, but it also allows for students
to tap into their creative side and to express their feelings. Students are able to make educated
decisions not only academically, but aesthetically. Music is also one of the few subjects that involves all
three domains of learning (cognitive, affective, and psychomotor). Without music, students would lack
the ability to learn about themselves as well as other cultures. Without music, people lose what it
means to be human.
As a teacher, I believe that learning should be a collaborative process. I believe that my students
can learn from me just as much as I can learn from them. I also strongly believe that students can learn
from each other through collaboration and exploration. Music provides many opportunities for students
to work together to achieve a goal. I plan to support my students as they achieve these goals by guiding
them along the way. I plan to run effective and fun rehearsals so that my students remain engaged and
entertained while they learn. Lastly, I plan to push my students to perform and learn at their highest
level so that they are achieving the best they can.