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Map of Location

Places to Eat
1340 S Michigan Ave, Chicago, IL 60605
(312) 842-1100
We plan on going to Giordanos Pizza, which is
a famous Chicago pizza and pasta restaurant. It
can also cater to vegetarian students. Students
are to bring $12 dollars for lunch. This will
include tax and I will provide the tip. The
purpose is for us to be near the Symphony
Center so we can easily travel back. Here is a
list of alternative places we can eat near S
Michigan Ave:

Original Soul Vegetarian (For Vegan

& Vegetarian) 203 E 75th St


Subway (115 E 51st St)


McDonalds (29 E 87th St)


Pepe Mexican Restaurant (131 E 79th


Get on I-94 W from W John Beers Rd.

Follow I-94 and I-90 W to W Congress Pkwy
Continue on W Congress Pkwy and turn left on S
Dearborn St, then right onto W Monroe St.
Turn right at Race Start onto S Michigan Ave.
Destination will be on the right

220 S Michigan Ave

Chicago, Illinois, 60604

Contact Mr. Brown

Phone: 321-444-3432

Field Trip
Class: 8th Grade Band
Place: Symphony Center
Teacher: Mr. Andrew Brown
Date: March 20, 2015
Departure Time: 7:00 am
Concert Time: 10:15 am -12:00 pm
Arrival Time: approx. 4:00 pm

Trip Cost

About This Trip

Concert Information

Because this is not a school field trip, each

student will need to bring 10 dollars to cover
transportation. Any additional fees for
transportation will be covered under the music
department budget.

What instruments would you choose to create the

sound of a massive elephant lumbering across the
Sahara, an elegant swan or a school of fish
swimming with the current? Discover how members
of the Chicago Symphony Orchestra can conjure a
zoo full of characters in this concert featuring SaintSans popular Carnival of the Animals. Program
Review for Chicago Symphony Convert

Name of Piece: Carnival of the Animals

The concert will cost 10 dollars per student.

This includes tax.
Students are responsible for bringing at least
$12.00 for lunch.
Therefore, the total cost of this trip is $32.00.

Permission Slips
It is important that students submit their
permission slips and the money for the
transportation and concert ($20.00), by
Thursday March 19, 2015. If students do not
bring their permission slips by Thursday, they
will NOT be going on the field trip. Parents will
have to check off on the permission form
whether they are lodging in Chicago the night
before or meeting us at school on Friday.

All Chaperones are responsible for buying their
own lunch. The bus fee and concert ticket will
be covered by the music department. Groups
that each chaperone will be responsible for, will
be determined Friday morning (1 hour before

Students are currently learning about musical

timbre. Timbre describes the quality of a note,
which is also referred to as tone color. What
better way for students to learn about different
timbres than hearing the sound each instrument
can produce in the orchestra. Students will
observe and describe the instruments sounds
that remind them of a specific animal. This
activity will help them learn how to listen better
in the band and to know what other
instruments are playing with them. This will
help them learn to adjust and play together.

Composer: Camille Saint-Sans

Conductor: Vladimir Kulenovic
Orchestra: Members of the Chicago
Symphony Orchestra

Lodging Information
For those who are planning on staying
overnight in Chicago the night before the
trip, here are some hotels that are reasonably
priced and where you can reserve a room:



Chicago Essex Inn (0.5 miles from

the Symphony Center)
Cost $99.00 for a double
occupancy room from
Days Inn (3.9 miles from the
Symphony Center)
Cost $77.00 for a double
occupancy room from
Inn of Chicago (1.0 mile from the
Symphony Center)
Cost $104 for a double
occupancy room from

* All of these hotels was search on (compares different hotels)