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Application of Digital Signal

Processing in Video Compression

What is Data Compression?

In computer science, data compression
involves encoding information using fewer bits
than the original representation.
Compression can be either be lossy or lossless

Lossless data compression

Lossless data compression algorithms usually
exploit statistical redundancy to represent
data more concisely without losing
information. Lossless compression is possible
because most real-world data has statistical

Lossy data compression

Lossy data compression is contrasted with
lossless data compression. In these schemes,
some loss of information is acceptable.
Depending upon the application, detail can be
dropped from the data to save storage space.

Video compression
Video compression uses modern coding
techniques to reduce redundancy in video data.
Most video compression algorithms and codecs
combine spatial image compression and temporal
motion compensation. Video compression is a
practical implementation of source coding in
information theory. In practice most video codecs
also use audio compression techniques in parallel
to compress the separate, but combined data

Video Compression Issues

1.Bandwidth requirements of resulting stream
Bits per pixel (bpp)
2.Image quality
3.Compression/decompression speed
Tolerance of errors and loss
5.Application requirements
Live video
Stored video

Video Basics
Video deals with
absorbed and
projected light
Cameras absorb
light and monitors
project light
The primary colors
in this domain are:
red, green, and

Video is a multi-dimensional signal

Video Representation
1-dimensional signal
Representation of a 2-D image

Representation of motion (3-D


Video Compression Basics

Simple compression
Interpolation-based techniques
Predictive techniques
Statistical techniques

Digital Video Compression Techniques

Do we really need every bit of a video stream?
Not if redundancy exists
Not if we cant perceive the effect of eliminating
the bit
Eliminating redundancy
Spatial redundancy
Temporal redundancy
Eliminating imperceptible detail
Domain transformation