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The Meaning of


Needs are essential for human survival

Wants are human desires that go

beyond basic needs and are not essential
for survival.

Entrepreneurship -Is the creation and

Building of a venture to fill a market niche.

Characteristics of Entrepreneurial Ventures

For Profit to make money

Not-For-Profit raising money they need to
deliver a special service or satisfy a specific

Entrepreneurship is NOT dependent on the

size of the business

Service Production / Goods

A Good- a product

A Service could be anything from work a

mechanic would do, to advice from a lawyer

Physical / Virtual
Bricks and mortar physical locations that
customers could visit.

Virtual is conducted electronically through ecommerce with the us of the internet

Local / Provincial / National /

The gross national product (GNP) is the total of
all goods and services produced in Canada in
one year.

Technology and Change

Demographics- data about groups of people
including age, ethnic origin, religion, family
size, income, and more

Supply and Demand

Demand what the customer needs or wants

When supply is greater than demand, the price will go

down. When demand is greater than supply the price
goes up.

Impact on the community

Multiplier effect when the creation of new jobs leads
to the further creation of more new jobs because of

Intrapreneurship entrepreneurship occurring within an

corporation or organization