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Entrepreneurship 12

Tower of Power
You are part of an elite architecture firm (3-5 people per group) and
have just learned about an exciting new building project. Power
Industries, a company known internationally, wants to build a tower
that is unique, impressive and durable. However, they do not want to
spend a lot of money on the project.
To win the contract you must build a prototype of the tower that you
are proposing.
Your tower must be:
-made with materials provided by the Tower of Power Construction
Supply Store
-Must be able to support a 1kg object for 30 seconds.
-Must be free standing (cannot be taped to the floor, ceiling, ect)
Power industries also want to know that the contract winner will be
able to operate the business effectively (they do not want to go over
budget). As a result, along with the prototype, Power Industries wants
to see the business operations information.
The tower that meets all of the requirements and has the largest profit
margin will likely win the bid. Income will be determined by tower height
($10 per cm)
All proposals must be submitted in writing to the Power Industries
Board of Directors.
Part A Key Personnel, and building design
When thinking about your business operations you need to describe the
people who will be responsible for achieving your business goals. To
clearly define the key personnel in your business there are a number of
questions you should answer.
1. What positions need to be created to ensure that all of the
companys goals are met
2. Who are the key people in your company?
3. What positions do they fill?
4. What are their backgrounds/education/skills?
5. Do you need to acquire personnel for certain tasks from outside
the company (eg. Accounting, IT)?

Part A cont.. Building Design

Sketch a tower design that you will be attempting to make.

Part B
Prototype Construction
List of supplies required for construction of the tower. This should include all
Supplies, what quantities are needed?
Equipment, what equipment is required to build the tower?
Inventory, you must track the quantity of supplies being used.
Supplies that are purchased but not used must be listed in inventory.
After Construction
Sales (profit and Loss) Analysis
Profit= income-expense Income will be determined by Height of tower ($10 per cm)
Expenses = total cost of supplies, equipment, and inventory
Total wages for each person multiplied by the number of hours of work.
Part C
Written proposals, which will include all of the above information, must be
professional, and appropriate for the project.

Tower of Power
Company Store
Any material that you require that is not listed,
maybe ordered though the Store at a negotiated

Cardboard box
Tape (1 roll max)
Scissors (rental, 1
Long Stir Stick
Popsicle Stick
Hot Glue Gun
(rental, 1 max)
Hot Glue Stick

$10 each
$5 each