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As an IB school we encourage students to understand and appreciate their own cultures and personal
histories, as well as those of others, and to be open to differing values, perspectives and traditions.

In this way, we recognize the importance of mother-tongue maintenance and development. Maintaining
and developing language and literacy skills in the mother tongue ensures continuous cognitive
development, and in parallel with the competence in the language of instruction, leads to additive
bilingualism-that is, the continuing development of our students' home languages while at the same
time learning the school language of English

Moreover, it is also crucial for maintaining cultural identity and emotional stability by enabling students
to remain in touch with, and maintain esteem for the language, literature and culture of their home

Finally, it makes it possible for students to readjust to life in their home community and education
system should they return to their home country. In short, bilingual children perform better in school
when the school effectively promotes the mother tongue.

This programme is designed for those students who already converse in their native language. It cannot
unfortunately cater for those who hold the nationality but as yet do not speak the language.
This programme will be run by the parents. Due to the interest already identified, we will start our
mother tongue programme offering French, German and Italian. There will be up to 10 children in a
group. The Mother Tongue Programme ties in with the ASA programme once a week.
The activities done during the programme do not have to be classroom based. They could be related to
art, music, sports etc.
If any parent wishes to volunteer for this programme please do contact Ms. Farah Jafry, the Mother
Tongue Programme Coordinator at by Thursday, 13th November, 2014.
We hope in the future we will be able to offer more languages.
Thank you for your continued support and cooperation.