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MDQ Academy
Brentwood, New York
N o v.3 - 7

a b a i g @ m d q a c a d e m y.o r g
m d q 2 n d g r a d e r s . w e e b l y.c o m


Sister Amnas Classroom Newsletter

This week was a review of the past five
weeks. We had a review spelling test for
the words in the last five weeks. This will
happen every 5 weeks. The students will
be required to know list A and both words.
I will pull 20 random words from all the
lists to give the review test. This is why I
have the words on a ring. It is so that the
words are always there and your child can
periodically review them.
We did many more activities with types of
sentences. They made a colorful flip book
to write and illustrate each type of
sentence. They also got into groups and
went through different sentences that had
no ending, and as a group they had to add
in the correct punctuation.
We also reviewed main idea and details by
reading some comprehension passages
and answering questions. Then, they had
to look back at a story in our Reading
Street series, and figure out the main idea
and write three details they learned that
prove the main idea.
Students wrote a couple of journal entries
based on science topics we are learning.
They also finished up any past final copies
of writing assignments that they had to
Every 5 weeks, students also have a large
cumulative test that is based on the skills
they have learned so far. This is not
something that can be studied for at
home, but it is similar to the weekly
comprehension quizzes, only more.


We continued to focus on the branches of the

local government. They worked in their
interactive Social Studies notebook with filling
in definitions for vocabulary terms. They
learned about a government service and how
tax money provides the money to pay for these
government services such as libraries, police,
firefighters, etc.

Chapter 3 is about various addition strategies.
Many students are used to counting on their
fingers, but if they learn different ways to add,
this can diminish. This week we worked on
doubles facts and doubles plus one. They
created an IPod, project to memorize the
doubles facts. They learned how to count on and
created a fun frog jumping on to add project.
They also learned about breaking apart a
number and making it a ten to add. Such as 9+8
can become 10+7 and that is quicker to add


We continued to practice our knowledge of

animals groups and their characteristics.
They had a picture sort of all different types
of animals and they had to glue them under
the correct animal group. We started
learning about life cycles and saw a video
on a frog and sea turtles life cycle. They
sequenced the steps of a frogs life cycle
with a project, and then they wrote the
steps in order as well.



Next Weeks Highlights

Language Arts: Starting Unit 2
Math: Lessons 3.5 to 3.8
Science: review and test on chapter 2
Social Studies- state governments

Reminders to Students/Parents

1) Science Test Chapter 2 next


2) If you havent sent back the signed

progress report, please do so by

Upcoming Events/Requests/Comments
1) Wish List- colored CARDSTOCK the
type I print math games and spelling words
on. Thank you..
2) The 2nd marking period has started.
3) No school on Tuesday, Nov. 11
4) Animal report project is due Wed. Nov.
12. Remember, you only have to fill out
those pages in the packet that was given,
with EFFORT. On the last page where it
says write interesting facts, please find 3.
You do not need to do anything else at
home. All other parts of this project will
be done in school.

5) Parent Teacher Conference times are

given on a first come, first serve basis.
After you send me your requested time, I
will send home a confirmation letter. This
time may be different than the one you
asked for because that spot may have
been filled already. In that case, I try to
give the next closest. Please come on the
confirmed time.