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Warm Up

1. Why were interchangeable parts important?

A. Allowed for the mass production, reduced price of American
B. Brought fame to the international inventor Eli Whitney
C. Were first used in production of the cotton gin
D. Revolutionized the cotton gin
-----------------------------------------------------------2. How was Lewis & Clark expedition an element in Manifest
A. Louisiana Purchase established a boundary for southern migration
B. Westward expansion stalled until the Homestead Act in 1862
C. The United States now viewed westward expansion as beneficial
D. Jefferson sought to restrict settlement within the Louisiana
------------------------------------------------------3. In what ways did the Industrial Revolution impact both the
northern and southern United States? How did it impact western

Jacksonian Democracy

Andrew Jackson
Military leader (War of 1812)
Expansionist (Go West!)
Jacksonian Democracy
Belief in common man
Universal suffrage:
No property requirements
(all white men could vote)
Spoils System
Put friends, supporters in high govt positions
Increased presidential power


obstacle to be
Natives off
lands wanted for white settlement
Trail of Tears:
Marched Natives 800 miles to Oklahoma
Thousands died of disease, starvation, cold

Whig Party
New political party
Broke off from TJs
DemocraticRepublican Party
Opposed King
Named after Whigs in
England who had
opposed King George
Supported state rights
Two-party system now

Nullification Crisis

Carolina opposed
tariffs on British goods
Threatened to secede
Senator John C. Calhoun
argued for Nullification:
States can ignore federal
laws they dislike
Jackson given power to
send in federal troops
Sectionalism getting worse

Bank Battle

Jackson: strict
No regulation
of, help for
Closed second national bank,
moves funds to state banks
Inflation: Up
Foreign investment: Down
Many state banks closed
Nationwide depression

With a Partner:
1. Describe Jacksonian Democracy
2. Which group of people benefitted the most from
the election of Andrew Jackson and which group
benefitted the least? Justify your answer.
3. Rank the following events from most important to
least important: Jacksonian Democracy, Indian
Removal Act, Expansion of Voting Rights.
(1=most important 3=least important)

Zinn, Chapter 7
1. What is land speculation? How did it impact
Native Americans?
2. Why is Andrew Jackson known as the Indian
fighter? Give 2 specific examples.
3. How did the government remove Indians from
Georgia, Alabama, Mississippi, etc.?
4. Explain the metaphor used by Speckled Snake
on page 111.
5. How did the Seminoles and the Cherokee differ
in the ways they resisted westward expansion?
Was one more successful than the other? Explain.

Exit Slip
1. Jacksonian Democracy is primarily characterized as a belief in
A. economic independence
C. the common man
B. isolationist policies
D. big business

2. Under Jacksonian Democracy, voting rights were extended to which of the

following groups?
A. Poor white men and women
C. All adult white men
B. Native American men
D. Land-owning white men
3. The rise of Nationalism in America under Andrew Jackson is a result of all
the following EXCEPT
A. The spread of Manifest Destiny
B. Common cultural bonds among citizens
C. Jacksons support of Native American rights
D. The urge to remake North America in the image of the Founding Fathers
4. Which does NOT describe Jacksonian Democracy?
A. Expansion of voting rights
C. Increased Presidential power
B. The wealthy directing policies
D. The Spoils System