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Brianna Joyce

Mrs. Thomas
English 1101-041
16 October 2014
Disney World---a place for all ages. In October 1971 the doors first
opened in Orlando, Florida. Disney World is one place acceptable for all ages
to be kids at heart again. Throughout this essay, I will explore four different
genres on Disney World. A short piece of a bumper sticker, a visual piece of
Disney Worlds logo, a popular piece from a well known website showing
expansions of the amusement park and amenities opening to present, and
finally a peer reviewed article giving insider knowledge. After reading this
essay, hopefully one will be convinced to go experience the world of magic
and fun or revisit to see the changes that have been done.
Short Piece: Disney World Bumper Sticker

The overall bumper sticker is solid white in background with the main colors of
red and blue adding details. In bright red letters, Walt Disney World is
portrayed more aligned to the right of the sticker. The D of Disney is made
very big and inside is the very memorable symbol for Disney Channel. Many
kids or even adults may know this symbol from watching shows from their
childhood. Below those words, and in blue THE VACATION KINGDOM OF
THE WORLD. Bolded and in all caps to draw the viewers attention and get

the point across. To the left of the bumper sticker, enclosed in a solid blue
circle, you see the well-known character of Mickey Mouse with a cheerful
smile on his face. The purpose of this bumper sticker is to advertise Disney
World or to show love and approval for ones who have visited. This bumper
sticker would be aimed at any one that is able to see it or read it; even just
recognize the Disney character Mickey Mouse. Viewing the bumper sticker
would play an emotional role as pathos as it would cause excitement or
jealously to visit The Vacation Kingdom of The World so called.
Visual Piece: Disney World Logo

With a solid white background and bold blue words displayed in a fanciful,
almost script Walt Disney World is written. Above those words a small
iconic, cartoon of a castle coming from the clouds. Below the words in a
lighter shade of blue, Where dreams come true are displayed. Everything on
the logo is centered to the middle and grabs at the viewers attention. I just
described the Disney Worlds famous logo. The castle present gives you a
hint of what is in store at Disney World, while the words where dreams come
true leaves the reader to create the magic in your mind. This small detail also
evokes pathos of curiosity in the reader when they wonder what exactly the
small phrase really means. This logo is aimed towards the reader that is
interested in Disney World, and making their dreams come true so said. The

author or designer of this logo, which is unknown due to changes over time,
would have experience constraints when revealing information about Disney
World, but not too much to keep the viewer guessing of what happens at The
vacation kingdom of the world. Lastly, the logo for Disney Worlds purpose is
to advertise and to create a trademark for the company.
Popular Website Article-Walt Disney World Resort: Then and Now
Giving a brief synopsis of differences in Disney World from opening in
October 1, 1971 to present, writer Casey Morris uses creditable evidence and
facts (ethos) of the growth that has been made. The article is pitched at
anyone interested in the Disney World Resort. On the top of the page, a
series of photos to look through of then and now images of the resort.
To start off Morris uses the quote Where Dreams Come True directly in her
first sentence, which comes right off of the Disney Logo, to help her set her
tone towards the popular vacation spot. This article is presented in a typical
format of three paragraphs. The word choice is very simple and
straightforward, easy words you may associate with Disney World or younger
ages visiting. The overall purpose of this article serves to show how times
have changed.
Shortly after the park opened in 1972, the resort employed a total of
1,500 cast member. Today, there are more than 66,000 Cast Members
that work in attraction, retail, guest services, and more.
Or to simply show why the resort should be visited or revisited.
Walt Disney World Resort is constantly evolving. Over the last 40
years, the parks have welcomed many new rides, upgrades, and
expansions. In order to take advantage of everything the resort has to

offer, families can plan yearly vacation to the parks and expect a
different experience each time.
Peer Reviewed Article-Behind the Scenes of Disney World: Meeting the
Need for Insider Knowledge by Mathew J. Bartkowiak
Author of the article, Mathew J. Bartkowiak was a professor in the English
department at the University of Wisconsin-Marshfield/Wood County and is an
author of several books including Packaging Baseball and Social Change.
This academic article starts off by describing, in detail a typical day at Disney
World. Since this article is so lengthy, I have chosen to focus on the first eight
paragraphs. The thesis in whole is to examine Disney World at a deeper level,
with access to behind-the-scenes tours giving more knowledge to a typical fan
or a fanatic of Disney World Resort.
Bartkowiak starts this piece by giving a brief description of what a glorious
morning at Disney looks like and by referencing Disney World to the American
Dream, showing his approval. (No matter the divisions, those walking into the
park at the 8 a.m. hour are a privileged few walking around the leisure
equivalent of the American Dream.) He goes on to give few examples of
things to do, Some are there to have breakfast with princesses; some are
there to take the first behind-the-scenes tour of the day. Towards the end
of the first paragraph Bartkowiak switches more to the tour guide position. He
starts explaining these exclusive tours that are offered to the public so that a
small slice of massive empire will be served up only for them.
The word choices are not all entirely simplistic, but it does not take a special
vocabulary to understand Bartkowiaks thoughts and overall approaches to
Disney World amenities. By the tone that is set, Bartkowaik is very welcoming

of Disney World and the tourist information that is provided. But he does note
that the tours are just another source of profit to the Resort, while giving
certain constrained information to the public eye of the tours. The insight of
this information about the knowledgeable tours is aimed at any person
interested in knowing more.
Throughout the eight paragraphs I am focusing on, Bartkowaik strives to give
additional information on what the purpose of a typical behind-the-scenes
tour is. The last paragraph concludes with ..Give an insider look into how to
maximize fun, efficiency, and investments in creating Disney memories. It
may help you wait less in line or suggest when to book a lunch with the
princesses, but it will not look into the capital-driven industry of fantasy that
the park represents. The rest of the article goes on to give descriptions and
details of the different tours offered and what a tourist may expect on each.
Bartkowaik creates imagery, which plays a big factor on the typical readers
pathos. Also bits of statistics and numbers of tourist give credibility (ethos.) He
varies sentence lengths with broken up sections by different paragraphs to
help the whole article flow smoothly.
Overall, a very well written article that provides much useful information and
insight on Disney tours that encourages the readers to be a guest.
From closely examining all four-genre pieces, I can see the different
characteristics of each. Each article, short piece, etc. can be interpreted
differently, but the readers first impression comes from the authors choices
of words and tone set. Although I am convinced to return to Disney World
again after exploring all four positive pieces, hopefully you are convinced too!