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NURS 2020 Midterm Self-Evaluation

Meaghan Gutenberg

Student #: 0526609

NURS 2020

Peggy Watton

Trent University


1. Demonstrated professional responsibility and accountability to collaboratively

plan, implement and/or evaluate a health promotion project relevant to the
community population served, using elements of the course website such as the
learning system and regular, punctual communication with preceptor and
a. I believe that I have met this objective because I successfully collaborated
with the Canadian Family Health Collective Kawartha Victoria chapter
in planning a workshop for students to help them meet their unique
needs regarding stress management/reduction and self-care. I also
successfully utilized the Qualtrics program offered to Trent students that
allowed me to develop and disperse a survey so that I could collect and
analyze data on stress management among TFSON students. Additionally,
I never missed a deadline for assignments so as to maintain professional
responsibility and accountability. Finally, all semester long, I would meet
with my preceptors every week. They acted as amazing guides and
consultants throughout the successful execution of my project plan and
helped me to make sure that I met my learning objectives.
2. Applied their knowledge to support population assessment, collaborative and
evidence informed health promotion project development, implementation and
process and outcome evaluation.
a. I believe that I met this objective because I successfully was able to
assess my population via a windshield survey, and a needs assessment
(survey). I further was able to develop and execute an appropriate
project plan, making adjustments as necessary to my goals and
objectives. I organized and promoted a workshop for nursing students to
attend as part of my project plan and have evaluated the effectiveness of
implementing this workshop as a part of my project. In the end I was able
to meet my objectives and my short-term goal, and have plans in place to
inter-term and long-term goals to be reached.
3. Demonstrated ethical respectful and professional practice when working with
community organizations and the population with whom they work.
a. I believe that I successfully met this objective because throughout the
development and execution of my project plan, I displayed and
conducted professional behaviours through my dress code and both
verbal and non-verbal interactions with other professionals. I always
ensured that I always have business- casual attire to wear at appropriate
times, and I always ensured to communicate in a professional manner. I
ensured that identifying information would not be requested in the
survey that I sent out to the student body in an effort to protect privacy
and confidentiality, and also filled out an undergraduate research form
upon request. Finally, I also ensured to let the Canadian Family Health
Collective know about all of the positive feedback that was submitted by
students who attended their workshop, and thanked them for their
complimentary offering of this workshop.
4. Demonstrated knowledge of relational practice in project development,
respectful of group process, leadership/followership, and collaborative practice
to meet the needs and build capacity of the population in the given context.


a. I believe that I successfully met this objective because I recognized the

impact of hearing the voices of the TFSON student population and had
implemented a preliminary survey that provided myself with data that
helped me to better understand the specific needs of my population. I
also took into consideration the traditionally more stressful periods for
students into the development of my project plan by planning and
executing a workshop geared towards the needs of these students before
the final exam period. I ensured to also disperse a survey to students who
attended the workshop in order to properly evaluate the effectiveness of
the workshop and receive feedback that could give me some further
insight as to if they found the content applicable to their unique
experiences of stress.
5. Demonstrated self-regulation through the development of a project plan and
milestones, learning plan, and ability to independently seek means to meet goals,
reflect, and respond professionally to feedback to meet learning and project
goals that align with the SONs program goals and the Community Health
Nursing Standards of Practice in Canada.
a. I believe that I successfully met this objective because I was able to
develop a project plan and set objectives and goals to meet throughout
the project plans execution. I also ensured to get up and begin work
between 8 and 9am each clinical day so that I could ensure that I would
achieve 8 hours of time dedicated to clinical work prior to dinnertime
each Thursday and Friday. Throughout the semester I also utilized
feedback I received from my preceptors and clinical instructor. This
allowed the full execution of my project plan to be successful, and I was
able to make amendments to my plan as needed and in a timely fashion.