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VA Comp Assessment 2

Art Criticism

Albreht Durer

What can you learn from the title of the
That it is a rhino.

What subjects in the artwork can you recognize?
The rhino and the setting he is in.

Looking at the elements of design, describe
what qualities you see.
I see a lot of textures and shape in the painting
the most.

What media and techniques did the artist use?
He used a unique way of creating his artwork
with a woodcut print.

Emphasis: Is there a dominant element or focal
point that you see first?
The focus point in the painting is the rhino and
the dominate element in the painting is texture.

Balance: Is there a special balance, or weight,
among the elements? What mood does it
No it feels as if the painting is equal on both
ends of the paper. It also makes me curious of
how a real rhino would compare to it.

Proportion: Do the proportions look normal,
ideal, or unusual? Why?
Yes the rhinos proportions all seem to be in tack.

Pattern: Are elements repeated to create a
pattern? Where? Why?
Yes I see a lot of repeated line and shape in the
rhinos torso.

Rhythm or Movement: What visual rhythms or
paths of movement do your eyes follow?
Where? Why?
I dont as if the painting is moving.

Unity and Variety: What elements bring
together, or unify many parts of the design.
Why? What elements add variety? Why?
There is a lot of textures and shape within the
rhino making it up

Is there symbolism in the artwork? What do you
think it means?
The rhino represents a learning tool of people
before are time that could not afford to travel
the world and that did not have photographs or

What feeling do you think the artist wanted to
give the viewer when looking at the work?
I think he wanted us to be intrigued and curious
of this animal.

Does the work remind you of other things you
have experienced?
No, not at all.

How does the work relate to other ideas or
events in the world and/or in your other
It relates to science class because in science
during six grade we studied animals and animals

What parts of the work make you feel it is a
success or failure?
I felt as if the detail inside the rhino made me
feel as if this work was complete and a success.

What criteria can you list to help others judge
this work?
This artist used a unique style of using a
woodcut print with ink.

How unique is the work? Why do you feel this
work is or is not unique?
I feel that this work is unique because of all the
small details and the unusual way of producing
this artwork.

What are some improvements you feel the artist
could have made to the work?
I felt as if adding color to this artwork could have
benefited and intrigued me more.

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