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Synopsis of Macbeth

By Chris Ansell

Macbeth and Banquo had just won a war on the way back they saw 3 witches chanting around a
caldron they greeted Macbeth as thane of Cawdor then they greeted him as thane of Glamis then
king of Scotland. After that Macbeth was rewarded as thane of Glamis the first prophecy was true
Macbeth sent news to his wife about the witches and the prophecy .His wife was keen to make the
third prophecy become true so that night Macbeth murdered king Duncan . The next Moring King
Duncans sons fled Scotland in fear of the same fate. So Macbeth took the throne that night he had a
dinner party then he killed his friend Banquo he thought Macbeth had killed the king. Macbeth
worried about who would take the throne from him so sent for the witches. They said you cannot be
killed by a man born woman and also until Dunsinane Hill comes to the castle then he heard about
Macduff. Macbeth had Macduff family killed with Macduff knowing this he raised an army then he
cut down all the trees from Dunsinane hill to disguise them. Then Macbeth heard his wife had died.
Then Macbeth went into war, he then came face to face with Macduff who told him he was born of
a caesarean so he Macduff killed Macbeth.