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Pakistan Mobile Communications Ltd, Mobilink GSM
Type Private Limited Company
Genre Subsidiary
Founded 1994
Founder Motorola USA
Islamabad, Pakistan
42 Kulsum Plaza, Blue Area
5000 cities, towns, and villages across
Area served
Key people Zouhair A Khaliq, President and CEO
Industry Telecommunication
Products postpaid Indigo , prepaid JAZZ, Mobilink PCO
Revenue ▼ 250.2 million USD (3rd quarter, 2006).[1]
Owner Naguib Sawiris
Parent Orascom Telecom Egypt
Slogan reshaping lives


First of all we are thankful to Almighty Allah for giving us the

strength and courage to complete this project.

Secondly we would like to thank our course instructor, Sir

Faheem Athar Haqqani for schooling us and for providing
encouragement and much needed moral support. We are also
thankful to him for assigning us such an interesting project
with a lot of learning involved in it. The development of this
project has enabled us to understand the contents of this
course in a better way. The project has given us a practical
experience, which will prove to be very beneficial in our forth-
coming practical life.

Then, we would like to acknowledge the help and moral

support of the staff members of Office of Mobilink University
road Sargodha, in providing us with all the appropriate material
that could be gathered for the completion of our project.
Although this is the first step in the promising field of
understanding the marketing mechanism, but we are confident
that it will give us a jump-start in a positive direction.
Hopefully, our efforts will be duly regarded and appreciated.

Iman Ali, the Queen of all models in Pakistan, is more than a brand today. The multi talented
daughter of the veteran actor Abid Ali, she represents an era of the evolution of the fashion
industry of Pakistan


In Pakistan cellular phones were introduced in late 1980’s. It was the time when the
technological boom was heading the developing countries like Pakistan, India, China etc.
Initially it was hard to sell this new technology to the people of Pakistan, who consider it
as a luxury more than a necessity. But afterwards through the organized efforts, these
companies are able to market their products and services with a great success. And now
millions of people are availing the services of four cellular companies throughout the
Paktel was among the pioneers in the mobile phone industry in Pakistan.


Mobilink GSM started operations in the year 1994, from then on it has shown enormous
growth. At the time when it entered the market it was a small player in the cellular market
of Pakistan, it is now the market leader both in terms of growth as well as having the
largest subscriber base in Pakistan. the main head office is in Islamabad and it had other
offices are in Karachi and Lahore.
What makes Mobilink GSM the preferred choice of its customers is that MOBILINK
provide state-of-the-art value Added Services that no other cellular operator offers. A few
of these include Short Message Service (SMS), Mobilink GSM-The News Info services,
Mobilink GSM G-Mail, Mobilink GSM G-Mail, Mobilink GSM Fax & Data Services,
International Roaming, Secure Communication and Innovative tariff structures.




“To be a superior communications service company in Pakistan which

provides the best value to its customers, employees, business partners
and shareholders.”

This statement also reflects the image of high quality products that Mobilink offers. .
Quality is the cornerstone of the success of the Mobilink Company. People all over the
world show their trust in the company by choosing Mobilink products. This trust comes
from a quality image that has been built up over a time period. Therefore, the quality of
the products ultimately enhances the quality of the consumer’s life. Finally, it is quite
evident that the organization has actually implemented its vision statement in the business
practices that it carries out. Also, the vision statement has been an important guideline
for any SBU that the company has started and this is portrayed by the success that each
SBU of Mobilink enjoys.


MOBILINK provide its customer with post sales services i.e. they promise their
customers to help them in every way if there is any problem with the connection. They
even provide a guarantee that the SIM can be blocked in case if it is stolen. This all is
done to make the customer satisfied. For customer service they have a special
department, which is located in or near the main office were people can go with their
problems and get the best of solutions.

The environment of any organization plays a very vital role in bringing out the inner
qualities and talents of people. Both Ufone & Mobilink have almost same environment
analysis. On entering the Mobilink office, what strikes a person most is their atmosphere
and decor. The atmosphere of the Mobilink head office is a very pleasant one, with a
large impressive lobby welcoming the distinguish customers. The decor includes glass
and steel walls. This communicates that Mobilink has effectively dealt with its most
toughest and delicate issues with care.

To make the atmosphere more pleasant, in both the organization a touch of greenery has
been added, to communicate that Ufone & Mobilink are an eco-friendly organizations.
The security check on entering the majestic hall gives the customer a sense of security. It
requires the person visiting the office to sign an entry form and wear a badge.

All these things made the office informally communicate that it welcomed customers and
guests, but the most important element that makes this backdrop complete is the
employees, all formally dressed, communicating that the organization strictly adheres to
dress code.



Customer care Business Unit
Manager (BUM)
HR & Admin
Finance BUM Central NOTE:Similar
GM Lines for the
Information Systems
other two
BUM South
Quality Assurance

Mobilink also looks from the organizational hierarchy point of view. There are 7 different
departments each headed by a General Manager. They report directly to the CEO. Then
there are three BUMs (Business Unit Managers) who report directly to the CEO but they
are also directed and responsible to report to all the GMs of the 7 other departments.
BUMs are divided geographically into three divisions

BUM North (Islamabad, Peshawar, Jehlum)

BUM Central (Lahore till South of Punjab)
BUM South (Entire Sindh)

As shown in the organizational structures there are 7 departments, which are prevailing in

Human Resource & Admin

Customer Care
Information System
Quality Assurance

Mobilink too has a very comprehensive and distinctive procedure of requirement,
selection, hiring and placement of the employee. The have an active incentive program.
They tend to test people skills by assigning to them challenging tasks that fulfills their
achievements needs.

Mobilink position itself as the premium company providing the best value for money. It
has been able to get away with its premium pricing because is has built the perception of
being a better company. However, with PTML's launch, its sole edge of being
technologically superior will be washed ashore, because the dynamics of the industry are
changing, and the newer lot of customers are more price sensitive and expect more bang
for the buck!” It will be positioned as a product providing a more affordable solution to
the customers and later picking up on the premium price, thus having different strategies
for different segments of the market.
Currently, Mobilink's Value added services (VAS) are the main attraction of the high end
users. The high end users are more concerned about the services, rather than the price.
The second most important reason for the companies’ current popularity is its Value
Added Services, first being the GSM technology.

MOBILINK is basically dealing in two products and both of them are although same
because they aim at providing connection to people but at the same time they do have
different features. Now we shall consider these features in brief:

No daily charges
Low outgoing rates
180 days validity of Jazz Scratch Cards.

These features are provided while keeping in mind the customers, which use JAZZ cards.


Low upfront cost

Hour of free calls
Best connectivity speed
True International Roaming


Mobilink has provided WAP services for its customers that enable them to gather
information from the net. Thus connecting the people to the Internet.

In simple words Mobile Internet! WAP (Wireless Application Protocol) is the standard
way for a mobile phone to access and receive content from the Internet. You can browse
thousands of WAP enabled pages, get information like news, weather etc. entertain
yourself with jokes, and games, communicate using email, actually the way internet is, its
impossible to give a whole list of things you can do with WAP.

Mobilink SMS provides you the option to stay in touch with other customers in an
economical way, and you don’t even have to talk. They have also started MMS
(multimedia messaging service). Now they have provided a new service of messaging to
the ufone number.


MOBILINK GSM has always been the market leader when it comes to introducing state-
of-the-art communication services and solutions for its customers. Mobilinks Value
Added Services makes their existing package more attractive, all for our convenience.
We can now benefit from the services, which will give us all the freedom we need,
making mobile communications more exciting, convenient and enjoyable. This section
will walk us through services, which are not only useful but also cost-effective for both
business as well as personal use. These include the very basic yet indispensable services
like V- Mail to the more innovative and sophisticated ones like G-Mail, Internet Chat,
Logo Composer etc.
Mobilink is confident that their innovative and exciting new services will bring about a
revolution in the way we look at mobile communications.

This is an added benefit that your friends, family and colleagues can now send you e-
mails of up to 160 alphanumeric characters on your mobile from anywhere in the
world using their own e-mail accounts. You get your own G-Mail address
"0300(your MOBILINK GSM number)" which becomes your
mobile e-mail "G-mail" account. This service is available for Star subscribers (Post
Paid) only.

It is imperative for the achievement of goals and objectives, that all the workers must
have a clear sense of direction towards their objective.
This is achieved through an effective internal communication between top executives and

Mobilink has maintained open communication channels both downward and upward in
the company’s hierarchy. This is quite effective in creating a good working environment
for the employees.

At Mobilink we found that the working environment was very informal. People were
encouraged to participate and they could easily communicate with their co-workers.
Few of the things that we noticed about their communication flow were:
a) Mostly downward communication occurs. However employee suggestions are
also welcomed. They can talk to their superiors easily.
b) Employees and workers are encouraged to participate in decision making to some
extent. They are asked their opinions in any new package that the company is
c) But mostly at higher level, GM of all the departments interacts with each other for
major decisions. And the lower level is informed about the decision.
d) No trend of memos, unless there is a major event or an unexpected holiday
announcement. There is not much written communication.
e) They mostly contact through a phone call or email. In a way we see that there is
an open communication channel with in the company.

Employees are well communicated about the importance for the customers. In any
branch of Mobilink they work as a team. Workers are well satisfied with their jobs. They
consider their office comfortable and there is a friendly atmosphere.

No file work, everything is done on and through computers. So there were fewer burdens
on the employees for keeping the records of important documents.

The basic aim of external communication is to run the business smoothly by keeping the
same satisfaction level for the costumers, supplier, Dealers etc.

The first step for any business’s success is look forward that what are the needs of your
costumers keeping up with their demands.
Mobilink encourages their customers to offer different suggestion to improve its services.
They respond positively to the desires of the customers.

As compare to U-fone, in Mobilink we didn’t found their customer care department as
good in terms of customer satisfaction. In U-fone whenever a customer calls in to one of
their call centers he feels more than welcome by either their friendly staff. In our own
survey we came to the conclusion that U-fone’s customer care department can be ranked
good then the Mobilink customer care department.

This subdivision is mainly meant for promotional activities. It includes building an
identity for the corporation and brand, managing advertising campaigns, sponsorships
(example: the Junoon concert), media relations (newspaper coverage, press releases,
press conference before launching etc), point of sale material preparation (brochures,
tariffs, flyers etc), website management.


Mobilink television commercials have received a lot of appreciation from both their
valued customers and advertising industry professionals in Pakistan. Mobilink has always
tried to deliver truthful and interesting advertising to its viewers. Through there
advertisement they are trying to convey the message that Mobilink is meant for their
customers benefit and convenience.


Mobilink is also continuously informing the masses about their latest developments and
projects through press releases.


Mobilink has designed attractive brochures for their customers. These brochures contain
all the necessary information about their package deals and tariffs. Hence making it easier
for the people to know about the general prices and services offered.

According to our survey to the customers we asked them:
Which company’s product and services do they use?

The above frequency distribution indicate that out of the hundred people, 41% uses the
services of Mobilink, Paktel, 1 % uses Insta 0.5 % and 22% were the customers of Ufone.
This shows that the Mobilink is the most popular company amongst the cellular phone

What is a SWOT Analysis?

A SWOT (Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, and Threats) is a tool used to provide a

general or detailed snapshot of a company's health. SWOT analysis is a tool for auditing
an organization and its environment. It is the first stage of planning and helps marketers
to focus on key issues. SWOT stands for Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and
Threats. By identifying the organization's strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and
threats, managers can formulate strategies in such a way so that the strengths and
opportunities can be utilized and internal weaknesses and environmental threats can be
minimized. To fulfill its mission, Mobilink should capitalize on its key strengths,
overcome or alleviate its major weaknesses, avoid significant threats, and take advantage
of the most promising opportunities.

Why use a SWOT Analysis?

In any business, it is imperative that the business be its own worst critic. A SWOT
analysis forces an objective analysis of a company's position and the marketplace.
Simultaneously, an effective SWOT analysis will help determine in which areas a
company is succeeding, allowing it to allocate resources in such a way as to maintain any
dominant positions it may have.

The SWOT analysis of Mobilink is conducted as under: -


Following are the vital strengths of Mobilink:

Mobilink is an acknowledged market leader of all the companies of its kind.

Being a first GSM company
The network service of Mobilink is distributed over a wide area.
Mobilink provides good service to its customers.
The customers of Mobilink are very much satisfied therefore, therefore it is the
biggest strength
Mobilink has a distinctive competence.
It has adequate financial resources.
The company has good competitive skills.
Mobilink has effective product innovation abilities.
Increased brand equity
Premium brand image
The company has hired well-qualified and able employees in all its departments.
The services of Mobilink are wide spread such that you can see many small outlets in
every market area.


Following weaknesses are identified in Mobilink:

Mobilink provides costly services to customers as compared to other mobile

Sometimes the network is busy and over loaded which results in poor
The product line is too narrow.

Mobilink has the following opportunities:

Most of the population of Pakistan is mobile users. Mobilink has the opportunity to
expand its services to a larger number of people.

Mobilink can expand its target markets and enter new market segments.
This company has faster market growth.
Mobilink has the opportunity to add further products to its existing product line. E.g.
Mobilink Star is a new package introduced recently.


The threat that Mobilink may faces is the strength of existing competitors.
Although Mobilink has competitors in the market but as Mobilink is a market leader so it
has no fear from competition but still there are some factors which can affect the sales of

Mobilink has two major competitors, U-fone and Instaphone. Under certain
circumstances these companies may act as a major threat for the organization.
Change in Government policies can act as a threat for Mobilink.
Rising sales of substitute products like U-fone may also act as a threat.
If PTCL privatize then it may have implications
Wireless local loops can be a threat.

There is not much significant difference between the users of prepaid and postpaid
packages. However, the number of prepaid packages users is growing rapidly.


a) Unique Smart Card (SIM) Technology

b) Single Access Code 0300
c) Secure Communication
d) Incoming and off-peak Rates
e) Great Value Additions
f) True International Roaming

Thus it can be clearly said from all the advantages and the features that Mobilink is the
best company and is the market leader. No matter how strong the competition is no one at
present can over take the market share of Mobilink. Because Mobilink is a gaint and
every one would dream to be at their position. Any one thus looking for the best quality
product will definitely go for Mobilink. But now days due to high demand of Mobilink
connection there is load on their server & hence their network remains busy all the time
so some people give more preference to others instead of Mobilink.

Jazz packages and price
Jazz budget is now more powerful than ever with an amazing package, and a completely fresh
look of Mobilink family members in Pakistan. Furthermore, a unique and innovative feature for
Ja! Offering remarkable rates and package features, it is the best way to stay in touch with
millions zz Budget this time is Happy Hour, with exciting rates to all Mobilink numbers for 1
hour in the day of your choice (3 time bands are available to choose from).

Jazz Budget Tariffs

Details Rates
Outgoing calls to any Mobilink Rs. 0.40 / 30 seconds
number during selected Happy Hour
Window *
Outgoing to 3 Friends & Family Rs. 0.75 / 30 seconds
Mobilink numbers
Outgoing calls to any Mobilink Rs. 0.90 / 30 seconds
Outgoing calls to all mobile networks Rs. 1.25 / 30 seconds
in Pakistan
Outgoing calls to all Landline
Rs. 1.25 / 30 seconds
numbers in Pakistan
SMS (Jazz to Mobilink) Rs. 1.0 / SMS
SMS (Jazz to other networks) Rs. 1.5 / SMS

Bolo SMS Outgoing (Mobilink) Rs. 2 + tax per 2 IVR minutes

Bolo SMS Outgoing (Any other Rs. 3 + tax per 2 IVR minutes

Bolo SMS Receiving directly Free

Bolo SMS Receiving later Rs. 1 + tax per 2 IVR minutes (this is available for
Mobilink subscribers only)
MMS Outgoing per 50 KB (Rs.) 6
MMS Receiving (Rs.) Free

GPRS Rate per MB (Rs.) 18

 Call 123 to select Your Happy Hour Window from the following three options:
 8 am to 9 am
 11 pm to 12 am (midnight)
 12 am (midnight) to 1 am
 One Happy Hour Window selection will remain active for twelve months. Once selected,
Happy Hour Window cannot be changed within next 30 days

 Call 121 to add / modify your F&F numbers.
 Charges for F&F number addition / modification are Rs. 15 + tax per number *
 First Package Conversion is offered free of charge. For Subsequent Conversions Rs. 50
will be charged.
 Government taxes apply

* Limited time offer

Happy Hour Feature IVR Call Flow

To Select New Happy Hour Time Window or Change existing Time Window

Step 1 Call 123 from your Jazz Budget connection

Step 2 Press 7 to enter Happy Hour feature category
Step 3 Press 1 to select the Happy Hour menu
From the Happy Hour menu, press 2 to set a new time window / change
Step 4
existing time window
Select the Happy Hour time window using one out of following three codes:

 Enter 08# to select the 8 AM to 9 AM window

Step 5  Enter 23# to select the 11 PM to 12 AM window
 Enter 24# to select the 12 AM to 1 AM window

New Happy Hour time window will be set, provided customer has sufficient balance (Rs 17.25)
and in case of window change, he has spent more than 30 days on previous window
For Information about Current Set Happy Hour

Step 1 Call 123 from your Jazz Budget connection

Step 2 Press 7 to enter Happy Hour feature category
Step 3 Press 1 to select the Happy Hour menu
From the Happy Hour menu, press 1 to get the information about the current
Step 4
set Happy Hour

The IVR menu will provide following information:

 Existing Happy Hour time window

 Percentage discount applicable
 Validity of existing Happy Hour Window
 Days after which existing window change is allowed

Jazz ladies first

For the first time ever, a package designed especially for ladies – Jazz Ladies First
is your command on the very best. From sizzling recipes to tips on looking your best
are all an SMS away. Remarkably low calls rates & to top it all, feel free to shop well
within your budget with Jazz Ladies First discount card.

Women around the globe love to talk for hours on end, and Jazz understands this
need to the fullest, thus introducing its brand new revolutionary offer, where you
can talk for as low as Rs. 5 / hour! This enticing new offer is surely every woman's
dream come true, bringing forth a product that will now satiate their desire to talk
more and more for hours.

For us.. your comfort always comes first!

Jazz Ladies First package details

Talk for hours at Rs. 5 / hour using special discounted hourly rate (1,2)
 Beauty tips, mouth watering recipes, healthy diets and so much more all via
SMS (Click here for details)
 Special discounted call rates
 Lower outgoing call rates 2nd minute onwards

Tariff Details
Details Rates
Outgoing calls - Any Mobilink number Rs. 5.00 / hour
(11pm - 7am)
Outgoing calls - Any Mobilink number ( 3pm- Rs. 1.50 / min
6pm )
Outgoing calls - Any Mobilink number (1st Rs. 2.50 / min
Outgoing calls - Any Mobilink number (2nd Rs. 1.50 / min
minute onwards)
Outgoing calls - To Landline numbers Rs. 2.99 / min
(inclusive of interconnect charges)
Outgoing calls - Other mobile networks Rs. 2.99 / min
(inclusive of interconnect charges)
SMS based Value Added Services Rs. 30 / month
SMS (Push based Value Added Services) Rs. 2.00 / SMS
SMS - Any mobilink number Rs. 1.00 / SMS
SMS - Any other network Rs. 1.50 / SMS

Bolo SMS Outgoing (Mobilink) Rs. 2 + tax per 2 IVR minutes

Bolo SMS Outgoing (Any other network) Rs. 3 + tax per 2 IVR minutes

Bolo SMS Receiving directly Free

Bolo SMS Receiving later Rs. 1 + tax per 2 IVR minutes (this
is available for Mobilink subscribers
MMS Outgoing per 50 KB (Rs.) 6
MMS Receiving (Rs.) Free

GPRS Rate per MB (Rs.) 18

 Govt taxes apply

 First Package Conversion is offered free of charge. For Subsequent
Conversions Rs. 50 will be charged.

Limited time offer
Call charges are applicable on calls made after 11pm
How to get Jazz Ladies First Package
 Special launch packs are available at customer services and franchise centers
in limited quantity. Jazz ladies First discount card is included in these new
 Existing Jazz users can convert by dialing 123. Customers who convert to
Jazz Ladies First can get their Jazz Ladies First discount card by dialing 111

Freedom Plans

Details Freedom Freedom Freedom Freedom Freedo
Plan 1 Plan 2 Plan 3 Plan 3+ m Plan
Rs/min 0.99 0.75 0.63 0.50 0.40
Rs/min 0.99 0.75 0.63 0.50 N/A
Air Time
Rs/min 2.00 1.50 1.25 1.00 0.60
Monthly 0 100 400 800 1200
Line Rent Rs 0 100 400 900 1500
SMS Rs/msg 1.00 1.00 1.00 0.75 0.50
Free SMS Monthly 10 15 20 25 30

SMS Rs. 2 + tax per 2 IVR minutes

Outgoing Rs. 3 + tax per 2 IVR minutes
(Any other

SMS Free

SMS Rs. 1 + tax per 2 IVR minutes (this is available for Mobilink
Receiving subscribers only)
Important Information
 Weekend tariffs apply to all calls made on Sundays 0000hrs - 2359 hrs
 Friends & Family (F&F) feature is available to the customers on
Freedom-1, Freedom-2, Freedom-3 & Freedom-3+ only
 Any three Mobilink numbers (Jazz and indigo) can be added into F&F
list by calling the help line at 111
 Rs. 1.25/minute will be charged in addition to airtime charges for calls
to other mobile networks
 Rs. 0.52/minute will be charged in addition to airtime charges for calls
to fixed lines
 Across Pakistan, all calls, across all networks are charged as local calls
 15% CED charges apply on all outgoing calls /airtime
 Free minutes apply to indigo airtime only however other charges apply.

 Free SMS apply to On-net SMS only
 The Government Activation Tax on the sale of new connections is Rs.

Packages of existing indigo Freedom customers have been upgraded

with above mentioned new features with effect from August 28, 2006.

GPRS Packages

Enjoy great new packages with added value & lower GPRS rates, From
Pakistan's favourite cellular family.

Enjoy greater value as indigo now offers you two new GPRS packages to
choose from. Activate your GPRS today to access emails on the go, browse
the internet, send & receive MMS and choose from a whole array of GPRS
based services like BlackBerry, Mobisafe and much more.


(existing) (new) (new)
Rate per MB (Rs.) Free 10 18
Monthly fee (Rs.) 500 125 -
Free Download/Month (MB) Unlimited 5 -
MMS Outgoing per 50 KB (Rs.) Free 6 6
MMS Receiving (Rs.) Free Free Free

Take advantage of our amazing low international direct dialing rates to enjoy
the ease and convenience of calling loved ones throughout the world. With
Jazz, geographic boundaries no longer determine who you can remain in touch
with. Check out the rates below and you’ll also be convinced that with Jazz...
talk is cheap.

International call Rates
Rates in Rs per minute (Including airtime charges)
Zones Jazz Budget Jazz Easy Jazz Octane Jazz Ladies First
Zone-1 2.35 2.35 3.00 3.00
Zone-2 8.00 8.00 8.00 8.00
Zone-3 10.99 10.99 10.99 10.99
Zone-4 17.00 17.00 17.00 17.00
Zone-5 20.00 20.00 20.00 20.00
Zone-6 194.35 194.35 194.35 194.35
Zone-7 357.34 357.34 357.34 357.34
Zone-8 77.30 77.30 77.30 77.30

Australia (L) Austria (L) Canada (L+M)
China (L+M) Czech Republic (L) Denmark (L)
France (L) Germany (L) Greece (L)
Hong Kong (L+M) Hungary (L) Ireland (L)
Italy (L) Netherlands (L) New Zealand (L)
Portugal (L) Singapore (L+M) Spain (L)
Sweden (L) Switzerland (L) United Kingdom (L)

Bangladesh (L+M) India (M) Iran (L)
Japan (L) Kuwait (L+M) Malaysia (L+M)
Norway (L) South Africa (L) Thailand (L+M)

Australia (M) Bahrain (L+M) France (M)
India (L) Iran (M) Japan (M)
Philippilens (M) Saudi Arabia (L+M) Turkey (M)


Afghanistan (M) Denmark (M) Egypt (M)
Germany (M) Ireland (M) Italy (M)
Netherlands (M) Nigeria (M) Norway (M)
Oman (L+M) Qatar (M) Spain (M)
United Kingdom (M)

Afghanistan (L) Albania (L) Algeria (L+M)
American Samoa Andorra (L+M) Angola (L)
Antigua and Barbuda Argentina (L+M) Armenia (L+M+PS)
Aruba (L+M) Austria (M+PS)) Azerbaijan (L+M)
Bahamas (L+M) Barbados (L+M) Belarus (L+M)
Belgium (L+M+PS) Belize (L) Benin (L+M)
Bermuda (L+M) Bhutan (L+M) Bolivia (L+M)
Bosnia Herzegovina Botswana (L+M) Brazil (L+M)
Brunei Darussalam Bulgaria (L+M) Burkina Faso (L+M)
Burundi (L+M) Cambodia (L+M+PS) Cameroon (L+M+PS)
Cape Verde (L+M) Cayman Islands (L+M) Central African
Republic (L+M)
Chad (L+M+PS) Chatham Island (L+M) Chile (L+M+PS)
Christmas Island (L) Cocos Island (L) Colombia (L+M)
Congo (L+M) Costa Rica (L+M) Croatia (L+M+PS)
Cyprus (L+M) Czech Republic (M) Denmark (PS)
Dominica (L+M) Dominican Republic Ecuador (L+M)
Egypt (PS) El Salvador (L+M) Equatorial Guinea
Eritrea (L+M) Estonia (L+M) Ethiopia (L+M)
Faroe Island (L+M) Fiji Island (L+M+PS) Finland (L+M+PS)
France (PS) French Polynesia Gabon (L+M)
Gambia (L+M) Georgia (L+M) Germany (PS)
Ghana (L+M) Gibraltar (L+M) Greece (M+PS)
Guam (L+M) Guatemala (L+M) Guinea (L+M)

Guyana (L+M) Haiti (L+M+PS) Honduras (L+M)
Hong Kong (PS) Hungary (M) Iceland (L+M+PS)
India (PS) Indonesia (L+M) Iraq (L+M)
Ireland (PS) Ivory Coast (L+M) Jamaica (L+M)
Jordan (L+M) Kazakhstan (L+M) Kenya (L+M)
Kyrgyzstan (L+M) Laos (L+M) Latvia (L+M+PS)
Lebanon (L+M) Lesotho (L+M) Liberia (L+M)
Libya (L+M) Lithuania (L+M+PS) Luxembourg (L+M+PS)
Macao (L+M) Macedonia (L+M) Madagascar (L+M)
Malawi (L+M) Maldives (L+M+PS) Mali (L+M)
Malta (L+M) Mariana Island (L+M) Mauritania (L+M)
Mauritius (L+M) Mayotte (L+M) Mexico (L+M)
Moldova (L+M+PS) Monaco (L+M) Mongolia (L+M)
Montserrat (L+M+PS) Morocco (L+M) Mozambique (L+M)
Myanmar (L) Namibia (L+M) Nepal (L+M)
Netherlands (PS) New Zealand (M+PS) Nicaragua (L+M)
Niger (L+M+PS) Nigeria (L) Norway (PS)
Oman (PS) Palestine (L+M) Panama (L+M)
Paraguay (L+M) Peru (L+M) Philippines (L)
Poland (L+M+PS) Portugal (M+PS) Puerto Rico (L+M)
Qatar (L) Reunion Island (L+M) Romania (L+M+PS)
Russia (L+M+PS) Rwanda (L+M) Senegal (L+M)
Serbia and Montenegro Seychelles Islands Sierra Leone (L+M+PS)
(L+M) (L+M+PS)
Slovakia (L+M+PS) South Africa (M+PS) South Korea (L+M+PS)
Sri Lanka (L+M) St Kitts and Nevis St Lucia (L+M)
St Pierre and Miquelon Sudan (L+M+PS) Suriname (L+M)
Swaziland (L+M) Sweden (M+PS) Switzerland (M+PS)
Syria (L+M) Taiwan (L+M) Tajikistan (L+M)
Tanzania (L+M) Thailand (PS) Togo (L+M)
Trinidad and Tobago Tunisia (L+M) Turkey (L)
Turkmenistan (L+M) Uganda (L+M) Ukraine (L+M+PS)
United Kingdom (PS) Uruguay (L+M) Uzbekistan (L+M)
Vatican City (L+M) Venezuela (L+M+PS) Vietnam (L+M)

Virgin Island (UK) Virgin Island (USA) Yemen (L+M)
(L+M) (L+M)
Zambia (L+M) Zimbabwe (L+M)

Cook Islands (L+M) Democratic Republic of Ellipso (L+M)
Congo (L+M)
EMSAT (Satellite) Inmarsat - B International
Iridium (Satellite) Kiribati (PS) Maritime
Nauru (L+M+PS) Slovenia (L+M) Tokelau (PS)

Globalstar GMSS network Inmarsat
Inmarsat - A Inmarsat - A - Data Inmarsat - Aero
Inmarsat - AOE Inmarsat - AOW Inmarsat - M
Inmarsat - M - SNAC Inmarsat - M4 - HSD Inmarsat - O
Inmarsat - PO International Networks

Anguilla (PS) Antartica (L+M) Ascension Island (L+M)
Australia (Satellite) Comoros (M) Cook Islands (PS)
Cuba (L+M) Diego Garcia Djibouti (L+M)
East Timor (L+M) Falkland Islands (L+M) French Guiana (M)
Greenland (L+M) Grenada (PS) Guadeloupe (L+M+PS)
Guantanamo (L+M) Guinea Bissau Inmarsat - Mini M
Kiribati (L+M) Liechtenstein (M+PS) Madagascar (PS)
Marshall Island (L+M) Martinique (M) Micronesia (L+M)
Netherlands Antilles New Caledonia Niue (L+M+PS))
(PS) (L+M+PS)
Norfolk Island North Korea (L+M) Palau (L+M)
Papua New Guinea San Marino (PS) Sao Tom & Principe
(L+M) (L+M+PS)

Solomon Islands Somalia (L+M) St Helena (L+M)
St Vincent and Thuraya (Satellite) Tokelau (L+M)
Grenadines (PS)
Tongua Island Turks and Caicos Tuvalu (L+M+PS)
(L+M+PS) Islands (PS)
Vanuatu (L+M) Wallis & Futuna (L+M) Western Samoa (L+M)

L : Mobilink International Direct Dialing to land line

M: Mobilink International Direct Dialing to mobile
PS: Mobilink International Direct Dialling to Premium Services Number

Terms and Conditions

 Government taxes and conditions apply
 Rates to mobiles in some countries may vary
 Zone 6: 2.35 + 194.35 + 3.00(Off net Charge) + tax / min (Easy &
 Zone 7: 2.35 + 357.34 + 3.00(Off net Charge) + tax / min (Easy &
 Zone 8: 2.35 + 77.30 + 3.00 (Off net Charge) + tax / min (Easy &
 Zone 6: 3.00 + 194.35 + 3.00(Off net Charge) + tax / min (Octane
and JLF)
 Zone 7: 3.00 + 357.34 + 3.00(Off net Charge) + tax / min (Octane
and JLF)
 Zone 8: 3.00 + 77.30 + 3.00 (Off net Charge) + tax / min (Octane
and JLF)

Mobilink Promotional Activities

Jazz Budget

Jazz budget is now more powerful than ever with an

amazing package, and a completely fresh look!

Jazz - New Tariff Rates

Mobilink Jazz brings Exclusive new tariff rates.

Zabardast GPRS Offer

Our Jazz Family members can now activate GPRS for


Jazz Ladies First

For the first time ever, a package designed especially for

ladies – Jazz Ladies First. From sizzling recipes to tips
on looking your best are all an SMS away.

Jazz International Roaming

Jazz goes "International" with the launch of its

international roaming facility in the United Kingdom and
Saudi Arabia. Jazz has introduced yet another "First" in
the industry by offering International roaming in the UK,
which is among the top 3 traveled destinations in the

Jazz customers can now recharge their Jazz connections

through EVD at any of the PSO stations nationwide.

hello se pehle he kuch keh do!

Mobitunes - A Personalized Ring Back Tone Service

which allows you to make your callers listen to your
chosen Mobitunes instead of the conventional tone.

WAP Portal - A smarter new way for Indigo & Jazz

customers with GPRS access to access latest news &
content from their Mobilink connections. Mobilink WAP
Portal offers Info, Fun, Sports, Media & Tools categories.
Details of each category are as follows

Info Mobilink My Stocks, News, Weather,

Business & Latest Promotions
Fun Mustt Tones, Music Videos, Wallpapers,
Logos, Today's Special, Mobile Themes &
Java Games
Sports Top Scores, Cricket Updates, Football,
Tennis & other sports
News, Top Movies, Top Music & Channel
Tools Yahoo, Hotmail MSN, Gmail Google & MSN

WAP Portal requires GPRS access; the benefits of having

GPRS are further enhanced by the WAP Portal
experience. So just visit from
your mobile phone and start experiencing a world of

By launching WAP Portal, we continue to make our

customers' lives simpler, productive and interesting!

Bolo SMS ... ab Bolo aur Bhaijo

Introducing Bolo SMS, the hassle of typing messages is

now a thing of the past.


Mobilink now brings Mobisafe, a secure and sound way

to retrieve all your important numbers in case of cell
phone loss or cell up gradation.

Mobi Greetings

Send a special greeting to your friends and Family using

Mobilink World's Greeting Service.

SMS Scheduler

You can now schedule your SMS messages for sending at

some later time to any mobile number in Pakistan.

SMS Game Time

Mobilink Brings the SMS Gaming Experience. Send

<gs> to 1810 and select from the game list your choice
of a game.

Holy Sayings

Subscribe to "Holy Sayings" and receive one Ayat and

Hadith everyday.

Mobilink Corporate SMS

An SMS broadcast application that enables users to

Send, Manage and schedule message broadcasts to
multiple recipients on any mobile and land line number
in Pakistan.

A G:i:30 SMS self-erases in 30 seconds. The message

will automatically erase from recipients phone after 30
seconds of delivery.

Mobilink introduces EDGE for the first time in Pakistan.

Experience the sharp edge of technology.

Mind Reader is an exciting new service. Answer some
simple questions and get an in – depth analysis about
your personality.

Pakistanis are a passionate cricket nation and Mobilink

being their favourite cellular company realizes their love
for cricket. Mobilink introduces a thrilling service

We are pleased to launch a unique international SMS

chat service similar to the IVR based Gupshup corner.
It facilitates wireless chat similar to Internet-based chat

Mobilink brings The Ring Tone Club for Jazz and Indigo
Family Members. This club will provide convenient access
to the top ring tones of the week and other member

Mobilink World, powered by GPRS, is the platform for

new and innovative services. It represents upbeat, on
the go and range of existing services. Customers will
now be able to browse the internet, send/receive MMS
and download exciting new content like wallpapers,
animated greeting cards, & Mustt tones, etc.


BlackBerry® from Mobilink has become synonymous with being an icon.

Everyday, more and more Pakistani celebrities are seen with their BlackBerry
while they are on the move, and for good reasons too – it’s stylish, trendy and
they want to be seen with it! Scroll down to see some of your favorite
celebrities spotted using BlackBerry from Mobilink:

Cricket Services

SMS/IVR Based Cricket Services

SMS CKT to 300 to get live score updates @ Rs2/SMS + tax

SMS CRIC to 135 and receive period alerts for an ODI or for any day during a test-match and/or SMS CRIC to 236

to get alerts for the entire tournament. You will get automatic event-based alerts e.g. on fall of wickets and

boundaries. Subscription charges are Rs.10+tax/match and Rs.200+tax/tournament.

You can also Dial 1220 & listen to Live cricket commentary, Cricket news and cricket Schedules. Charges @

Rs5/Min + Tax

Mobilink Cricket Companion

Mobilink Cricket Companion is your Cricket travel companion. Get live score - ticker, batting analyses, Team Updates and a

host of other interesting stats and information. Click here for more information.

WAP Portal

Get live Cricket scores, participate in cricket related Polls and much more to get your hands on. Simply log

onto from your GPRS activated handset and surf your way through Cricket mania!