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Vivar, Jeremiah Jan M.

November 3, 2014

Cadaver, defined as a dead body; especially: one that is intended for dissection. From frogs to
Cadavers just for the sake of knowledge was a very good experience seeing it for the first time. When
we were told that we were to view cadavers I thought that we were required to view the cadavers for us
to get used to dealing with specimens that is intended to be dissected for our expansion of knowledge
of how we live and how things work inside our bodies. It was a very momentous experience for me to
view the cadavers because I want to be a good doctor someday, I know that Ill view and study more of
these cadavers when the time comes. The overall experience was breathtaking given that we were in a
room full of dead bodies that was intended for study and we were tasked to view these bodies and give
a reflection afterwards about them. They were pale, lying there in so called bags.
As we were viewing these cadavers, I wondered where these bodies came from, according to some, it
was those bodies that were left in the hospitals, that had no relatives; or its those bodies that are also
in the hospital but the bill was too large and the relatives of the specific dead body cannot pay for the
said bill; and those bodies at the morgue where no one picked up or etc but disregarding where they
came from, these bodies are intended for study and research, we should be used to this if we want to
push through this medical related course because this is how well gain more knowledge in our specific
medical fields.
Many of us were disgusted about the bodies but I wasnt because I thought that they were intended for
study and they were preserved in a good manner. I was thinking that hindi naman kasi namin
binababoy yung mga katawan we are respecting them in a way that we study them for the betterment
of the scientific field and to help those who are suffering specific diseases by studying more and by
acquiring the needed knowledge for the biological science of these bodies.