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The Land Modern Israeli

of Israel Society

The Jewish Israeli

Connection to
the Land Democracy

The Creation of The People of

Modern Israel Israel
463 times the
USA size of Israel
The Jewish
Connection to Israel
2000 BCE vs. the Others Today

CE Christianity


USA established
What is so unique about

Israel’s 1967
Six-Day War?
Israel defeats 3 Arab
armies in 6 days

• Jerusalem liberated
• Jews flock to Western Wall
• Sinai, Golan, Judea/Samaria
With all this conflict, Israelis
must be miserable, right?
Percentage of adults reporting to be “very satisfied” with their lives:

31% of Europeans 58% of Americans

US & Europe stats: 82% of Israelis
Israel data from the Jerusalem Post, Nov. 6, 2006
Peace Treaty with Egypt,  Peace with Jordan, 1994
Camp David Summit, 2000

Oslo Accords, 1993 Road Map for Peace, 2002

Withdrawal from Gaza, 2005
Highest number of companies
listed on Wall Street after USA
and Canada
Humanitarian Aid
Indian Ocean Tsunamis Throughout the World
Southeast Asia
The Israeli government sent $100,000 worth of supplies
to each country affected by the tsunamis. In addition, an Hurricane Katrina
Israeli medical team was dispatched to Sri Lanka, and New Orleans, USA
150 IDF doctors and rescue and relief teams were
mobilized for the region with medicine, food, water, When Hurricane Katrina struck the Gulf Coast, Magen David
blankets, tents, and power generators. Search and rescue Adom began the “United Brotherhood Operation,” which sent
teams from the Home Front Command were offered, and a plane-load of supplies and financial assistance. IsraAid sent
the Israeli Ministry of Health was dispatched to Thailand a delegation of medical personnel, psychologists, and
for medical aid. Body identifiers from ZAKA and the Israeli experienced search-and-rescue divers. Universities in Israel
police were also sent. invited displaced American students to continue their studies
in Israel.
State Building: Tel Aviv (~1900)
Tel Aviv today
“In Israel
in order to be a realist
you must believe in miracles.”
David Ben Gurion,