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As this workshop is an open ended and there are no any specific instructions on what
to measure and calculate, we are required to complete the project within the given duration of
time to satisfy the objectives described and do all necessary calculations and documentation.
This project of making a television bracket focuses on several welding processes such
as electric arc welding, MIG and TIG welding. It also focuses on conventional machining
processes and usages of lathe machine, milling machine and grinding machine. We were
exposed on handling heavy machineries such as drilling machine, lathe machine and bending
machine as well drilling processes.
This project also gives exposure for us to familiar with the procedures and safety
measurements on handling heavy machines such as bending machine, lathe machine, drilling
machine and welding process. The project also require student to study and analyse on what
is the most suitable method and machine to use to do several processes.


The objectives of the lab are mainly to:


Operate the welding processes through mechanical projects such as the

project given which is to make a television bracket.


Learn the basic workshop processes and operate the conventional

machining such for milling, drilling, turning and grinding processes to
come out with a satisfying project.


Expose the students with the rules and regulations of mechanical

workshop, to adopt safety practices when handling machines and
mechanical processes and to understand the use of the personal protective