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Chapter : Matter

Subjective Questions
Question 1
a) Tabulate at least 2 characteristics of each state of matter-Solid, liquid, gas. ( You may
draw a table and a labelled diagram to show your answers)

(6 marks)
b) For a solid, does the temperature remains constant, increases or decreases during the
change of state? Why?

(3 marks)
c) We are able to sip hot tea faster from a saucer rather than from a cup. This is because
the rate of evaporation is faster from saucer. What is the effect of surface area on rate
of evaporation?

(1 mark)

Question 2

a) State the differences between electronegativity and electropositivity in atoms.

(2 marks)
b) The two elements, A and B have 17 electrons each in their atom. Element A has 35
nucleons while element B has 33 nucleons. What is the relationship between these
two elements? Explain.

(3 marks)
c) What are the elements in Group 1 in periodic table called? List one element in group 1
and state its valence electron.

(3 marks)
d) What is sublimation?

( 2 marks)

Essay Questions
Question 1
a) Illustrate and explain the bonding between Sodium (Na) and Chlorine (Cl) atom.
(6 marks)

b) What is the speed of a sailboat that is traveling 10000 centimetres in 2 minutes?

Show solution. Give your answers in SI units.
(4 marks)