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Brynlee Kelmanson

DIE 4525 Section 81624

September 22, 2014

Self-Assessment and Reflection Paper

The five tests that I chose to take, which I felt were pertinent to my strengths and
weaknesses include the Big Five Personality Test, Coping and Stress Management Skills Test,
Body Language Test, Concentration and Focus Skills Test, and Healthy Lifestyle Test. After
completing these tests I learned a lot of things about my personality that I never realized before.
In addition, I want to work on my concentration and focus skills because sometimes when I am
starting a project or assignment it takes me awhile to start it. However, when I have a deadline
approaching I can be more focused and get the task done. This assignment has helped me
comprehend my strengths and weaknesses.
Furthermore to assist my strengths and weakness, I took the Big Five Personality Test. I
got extroversion, which refers to an outward and interactive orientation. I scored very high on
this test, scoring 90 out of 100. I definitely prefer being with company rather than being alone. I
am stimulated by being around others and am often considered to be outgoing. I find it very easy
to interact with strangers and love to meet new people. Whenever I am stressed or do not feel
good I look outside myself for relief. I view this as my strength because as a registered dietitian
it is crucial to be able to interact with people.
The next test I completed was the Coping and Stress Management Skills, which I scored
a 74 out of 100. This test said my coping skills appear to be fairly good and that I am able to deal
efficiently with stressful situations. I can normally find my way out from most precarious

situations. If I tend to get stressed out I try to go outside, do yoga and hang out with friends. I am
fairly capable of managing stress. Instead of trying to master stressful situations that come my
way or try and get them to go away, I have taught myself to work around them. Although
sometimes I have too much on my plate this causes me to stress out and tends to be one of my
weaknesses. Since stress is a part of life I feel that it is essential to learn to cope with it and be
able to manage it in day to day situations.
For the Body Language Test, I scored a 77 out of 100. Although there were a few body
language gestures that I misread, for the most part, I am fairly skilled at reading non-verbal
signals from people. I feel that if I had just a little more knowledge and practice, I could turn this
skill into a strength. I definitely understand the concept that actions speak louder than words, so I
try to be attentive to both verbal and non-verbal body language. This skill is very useful during
my interaction with others and in allowing me to better understand and empathize with people.
Since body language is really hard to fake, learning to read and use body language is an
important aspect of interpersonal communication.
I scored a 62 out of 100 on the Concentration and Focus Skills Test. My results indicate
that I use many strategies to help me concentrate. Some of the tactics I use when I have an
assignment due include avoiding television, music, and staying off the web. Sometimes I have
difficulty getting started on and completing tasks. But for the most part I know what to do to help
keep me focused. Although it requires a certain act of will, there are ways to keep my mind on
track and lessen the tendency to daydream. However, I feel that I need to stop procrastinating on
certain tasks to keep me from stressing later on. When a deadline is approaching I tend to be
more focused and can easily stay on track and not get distracted. This not only helps increase my
concentration span, but also makes it less likely that Ill get bored or distracted.

For the Healthy Lifestyle Test, I got an 89 out of 100. I feel that exercise and nutrition is
a huge part of my life. Being healthy not only makes me feel better internally but also
externally. When I am healthy and active it is evident in my energy levels, mood, resilience to
illness and overall wellbeing. I love to cook healthy nutrient dense meals and avoid eating out. I
love to do group fitness classes at UNF because I get to do a fun workout while meeting
likeminded people. Some of these classes include spinning, crossprey fit, playground and power
My personality style was ESFJ. I felt that this style really hit spot on. Some of the
characteristics include responsible, friendly, and sympathetic. I feel that when I am in a group
setting I work very hard to make sure that there is harmony in the group. I am practical,
organized, and I want others to be sure of facts as well. I am also conscientious and traditional.
Sometimes I will avoid conflict rather than deal with the problem but most of the time I like to
hit the problem head on so there will be no bigger problems later on down the road. Often times I
overlook my own needs to make sure other peoples needs are met. I struggle with saying no to
people and tend to take on too many things. I find it very hard to give or accept constructive
criticism and have been working on trying to be better at it.

Objective: I am seeking to match to an accredited dietetic internship in the

spring of 2015.
Extroverted, I thrive when I am
accompanied by people
Interpersonal communication skills, this
allows me to better understand and
empathize with people
I am dependable and responsible, people
can count on me to fulfill obligations
Service oriented, actively looking for ways
to help people
Innovator of allergy-friendly recipes, I love
cooking and sharing what I know
Good motivator, I love to encourage

I am going to be a student host at FNCE,
this will allow me to network while
learning key nutrition information from
I am a Nutrition volunteer at Brooks
Rehabilitation Clubhouse, I am able to
develop and present nutrition classes
specific for brain injuries and do cooking
I am the President of Vegan Club, which
has allowed me to develop my skills in
leadership and decision making
I am an intern at the garden and in
charge of the nutrition garden bed at
campus, which has enabled me to learn a
lot about herbs, plants and gardening.
I have just completed my CITI training
and in the process of being a research
I have several international experiences
which has allowed me to learn about
different cultures and improved aspects
of the locals daily life

I get nervous when presenting ideas to
clients, and this fear of public speaking
often takes the passion out of my
When I have a huge amount of
assignments and tests I get stressed out
I am a perfectionist when it comes to
writing and other tasks and this takes a lot
of extra time.
I struggle with saying no to people and

tend to take on too many things.

Sometimes I have difficulty focusing
and starting tasks.
Many students have more clinical
experience than me
Since I am paying for college and other
expenses I have missed out on several
nutrition related job experiences and had
to opt out for getting higher paying jobs
such as nannying and being an
administrative assistant
Many of my colleagues are stronger in
public speaking than I am
Lack of certifications in Nutrition
The dietetic internships are highly
competitive, with less than 50% of
applicants matching.
Many internships and combined
internships are too costly.