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Geometers Sketchpad 5 (GSP5)

How to open GSP5

In Windows 8.1, the easiest way to find/access programs is the use the Search option. When you are on the Windows
Charms page, you can begin typing GSP5 and it will show up in the search, or swipe on the right side of the screen to
access the Search option. Geometers Sketchpad should show up at GSP5. You can click on it to open, or if you want
to add it to your taskbar, right click and choose that option.

Using the Tools in Sketchpad

Geometers Sketchpad is a great mathematical tool for constructing accurate geometric figures. It is easy to find the
measurement of many of the attributes of these figures and even see how things change when the figures move. In
order to draw a figure correctly, you should be aware of all of the tool used when creating a sketch.
Translation Arrow Tool used to translate or move any figure created in Sketchpad. Make sure to
highlight all parts of a figure you wish to move. You should make it a habit to ALWAYS use this
tool to DESELECT after using any of the other tools. Double click to mark figures for
transformations and other option
Point Tool used to create a point. If you want a point to be a part of another line/figure, make sure
that figure is highlighted before clicking. Then, that point is restricted to only move as a part of
that line/segment/etc.
Compass Tool Used to create a circle. The circle is defined by its center and radius so you will create
by first clicking for the center, then dragging your mouse and clicking again to mark the radius.
Segment Straightedge Tool used to create a Line Segment, Ray, or Line using 2 points. To choose the
correct figure click on hold on the tool and then determine which figure you want to draw.
Polygon Edge Tool used to create a Polygon. Click and hold to choose the option (Polygon with points
only, Polygon with Segments and interior or Polygon with segments only. Click/drag to create
your polygon and then double click on the last vertex to end the construction.
Text Tool used to label part of your sketch. Can label points, lines, circles, segments, etc. Notice that
the finger becomes shaded when selecting the part of the figure to be labeled. Double click on
any label to manually type what youd like it to be called.
Marker Tool used to make freehand marks in your sketch.
Information Tool Used to find information on parts of your sketch. Click on any part of your
construction to see how the figure is created. Info will disappear when you choose another tool.
Custom Tool Can be used to create your own custom Tools (ex. Create a tool to always draw an
Equilateral Triangle, Etc.

File/Menus in Sketchpad
You can use the File/Drop-Down Menus in Sketchpad to give lots of information about you sketch and even construct,
transform, measure, and calculate from your geometric figure.

File Typical File options to open/save/print/etc. your sketch.

Edit Editing options (Cut/Copy/Paste) as well as create Action Buttons for Animations.
Display Used to format (Style/Size/Color) but can also Hide/Show parts of the sketch needed for construction.
Construct Used to construct additional geometric Figures. Note, all options are greyed out and unavailable until the
correct part of the sketch is highlighted using the Translation Arrow Tool.
Transform Used for all translations (Translate, Rotate, Dilate, Reflect). You will need to mark certain information
(mirror for line of reflection, vector for translation, center for rotation, etc) before given the option to
Measure Used to find geometric measurements. Sketchpad will only measure the attributes possible with the
highlighted parts of the construction.
Number Used for Parameters and to Calculate using geometric figures
Graph Used to place sketch on a Cartesian Plane and use information associated in the coordinate system.
Window Used to navigate between different sketches.
Help Help provided from Sketchpad

Geometers Sketchpad has the ability to create many types of constructions and geometric figures. Listed below are
suggestions/reminders/shortcuts for creating these figures. Feel free to add your own as you begin to explore and use
Geometers Sketchpad 5.

How to List
To create:
Triangle/other Polygons
Use the Polygon Edge tool. Double click on the last vertex to end the construction.
Perpendicular Bisector
Select a segment only (no endpoints)
Choose Midpoint under Construct Menu
Select the segment and midpoint
Choose Perpendicular Line under Construct Menu
Angle Bisector
Select 3 points in the correct order
Choose Angle Bisector under Construct Menu

Median of a Triangle
Construct Midpoint
Select Midpoint and opposite Vertex
Choose Segment under Construct Menu
Altitude of a Triangle
Select vertex and opposite side of triangle
Choose Perpendicular Line under Construct Menu
Select center point first
Select other point
Choose Circle by Center + Point under Construct Menu
Point of Intersection/Concurrency
Select two of the intersecting/concurrent lines
Choose intersection under Construct Menu
Select a Line Segment
Choose Length under Measure Menu
Select 2 endpoints
Choose Distance under Measure Menu
Choose Calculate under Measure Menu
Type in equation. Select distance of points if needed
Select the Text tool on the Left toolbar
Click on a point to give it a label
Double-click a label to change the letter or give it a name