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Cayla Sandlin, EDUC 201

Internet Treasure Hunt: Assistive Technology

Use the Internet to answer each question below. In the table record the URL where you found the
information and your answer to the question

Question 1: What are two popular word prediction programs, and what do they do?
1) This program works with Chrome. Helps kids with vocab, spelling, grammar, and typing.
2) Reader Rabbit is a fun program to teach reading, pronunciation, sentence structure, and how
the child is progressing
Question 2: How does Windows to the Universe address diverse abilities? Kids who are visual can watch videos or listen to readings. The site
can be in Spanish for kids who dont speak English. The program has beginner, intermediate, and
advanced settings. Photo galleries help too.
Question 3: Who is the publisher of Read 180 software and with what age group is it most commonly
Scholastic is the publisher. It is best for grades 4-12 or even higher.
Question 4: What are three keyboard modifications and how does each work to support students
with limited mobility?

Cayla Sandlin, EDUC 201

Braille keyboards help students with weak vision. Alternative keyboards are bigger or smaller than
standard keyboards. We have them in my class now. They help students with limited fine motor ability
and even vision. Sometimes, the keys are different colors. On-screen keyboards are used by clicking the
mouse. Good for kids with limited fine motor and gross motor.
Question 5: What software program includes Auto Summarize as a tool?
Question 6: What is the name of the iTunes app for text-to-speech?!-text-to-speech/id308629295?mt=8
Speak It!
Question 7: What accessibility options can be found as part of the typical computer operating
Inputs like switches and joysticks. Large font. Beeps for hearing impaired with captions.
Question 8: What is a switch and in what way can it help students with special needs?
A switch in a simple button that comes in different shapes and sizes. It is similar to a computer mouse.
It is an input tool. Students with physical disabilities in their arm, wrists, and fingers can succeed with
this tool. The operator can use it to navigate the computer and click.
Question 9: Where can an Ivy Tech student find out about accessibility options at Ivy Tech?
I referred to my syllabus. Students with disabilities need to contact Disabilities Services.
Question 10: What adaptive technology is available for blind or visually impaired students?
Braille, printed material can be scanned and speak the text. Text can be magnified. The text on the
computer screen can be spoken.