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Dear Uncle,

Vladimir Putin is the leader of Russia and I support him being the leader. He reversed the
process of the state causing more people go into poverty. Putin is trying to do anything he can
to help the economy in Russia become better than it was before. He uses propaganda to help
promote the cult of personality now. Which gives the people the ability to do whatever they
werent allowed to do before. People have the chance to do things that they were not allowed to
do before so things that were banned are now unbanned. And on TV and the radio he
advertised for racing cars, horseback riding with bare chest, hunting and piloting fighter jets.
This is one of the reasons why I support him because he is allowing us to have the freedom to
things that we were not permitted to do. Also he reversed the process that controlled the natural
resources in Russia. The result of him reversing it was that poverty decreased halfway, the
monthly salary for Russians were tripled the amount and the economy started to grow. He is a
strong leader that can make Russia better especially trying to keep the nation united as one
instead of breaking up the country. And obviously most of Russia believes that he is a good
leader and support him because he was elected for his third term as president of Russia. He is
not like other leaders who lead the Soviet Union to dissolve and the breakup of the union. He is
helping leading Russia and slowly get rid of communism and make Russia a democracy. And it
is tough ruling a country because there are many challenges that they face like protest or war
but Vladimir Putin shows that he is a strong leader and proves it too. But he still stays in power
and wins the elections for president so he has a lot of other support from Russia as well so it's
not only me that supports him.
Russian Citizen

Dear Russian Citizen,

As an American I have a viewpoint of Putin who believes he is leading a democracy. Just
because he is giving more rights like allowing Russian citizens to show cult personality doesnt
make him completely a democracy. Russia can believe that Putin has created a democracy but
he hasnt fully deserved to have credit for that. To me what Putin is doing is not making your
country a democracy. Honestly just because he advertises horseback riding bare cheated and
like racecars doesn't make him at all a democracy. That is almost like him trying to get Russian
citizens to get into that or something which brings it back to communism. And just because he
does that doesnt make him a democracy, a democracy involves other things too. Let's bring
this to attention too, that he said he was going to solve the Chechen problem for good. And he
invaded after Moscow bombed the Chechens. And he was elected as president by Russian
citizens because of the brutal war that killed tens of thousands of citizens. And he wanted to
create a managed democracy, and so many protested against that choice that he decided and
that lost him half his votes as president. Managed democracy is different than democracy.
Managed democracy is where is still trying to control which is communism and yes there is a
difference. Like that makes it a partial democracy because he is trying to slowly progress and
lead the country to become a democracy. But he is not succeeding because he is still trying to
take control over the citizens. You cant have a democracy where you are still trying to have
control of the citizens like communism. As much as you, citizens or Putin, well you're not a
democracy in my point of eyes because you cant be something if you're only half of something.
your Uncle