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Often it is enough for me to read the statements or watch the visually recorded interview and

render a decision based on these means alone. However, sometimes, particularly in cases where there is
ambiguity and complexity in some of its aspects, I need to speak to the witness myself in order to make
certain and detailed inquiries regarding the evidence provided by the latter. Thereafter, I can already
make my final decision.
The meeting where this takes place is known as a pre-trial witness interview.
In this case, I need to speak to you regarding about the evidence that is contained in your
statement and visual recording of interview in order for me to fully understand the evidence presented
and to ensure that I have acquired all the relevant information in order to make a sound decision.
The interview will be in private. The only people present in the meeting will be the both of us.
But as matter of procedure, the interview will be recorded in order to document it accurately in case we
need to refer back to it and to negate any presumption on the part of the defense that I will manipulate
you in willingly fabricating or suppressing any evidence.