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(Please rie yur cam Rll Na) ram Rot NaS BAA 208 END TERM EXAMINATION a FINTHESEMESTER|BCA| DECEMBER2009 'Paper Code: BCA303 ‘Subject: .Net Programming Paper Id-20303 = = Maximum Marks :75 Time : 3 Hours. | I Aifempt one question trom each Unit 1 “Explain any five of the following: (5x5=25) (a) What are the major components of the .Net Framework? Explain the advantages of .Net Framework. ) Explain the ADO.Net model and its components. Describe some commonly uused classes for connecting database. (c) Describe various categories of web controls in Vhat is a variable and how is it related to data types in pplain the life cycle of a web form page. Differentiate betwicen validation and verification, Give an example of each, UNIT-I Write short notes on the following: (Sx2.5=12.5) (a) MSIL (b) CLS (c) .NET language (d) Namespace (c} Assemblies 3. (a) What is Code Access Security? Give the list of evidence types provided by NET framework. (4.5) (b) Create an array containing your five singers. Concatenate the clements of the array into one string and then display them using 4) (c) Explain the Object Oriented Features in .Net. Explain the difference between Overloading and Overriding. (4) UNIT Q4 a) Write a program in VB.Net to connect to a database and add a record in the table named STUDENT, taking details from the user, (4.5) (b) Differentiate between’ Dataadapter and datareader with the help of examples, (8) Q5 (a) Write @ program to connect to a database and display the records in a Datagrid control. (4.5) (b) What do you mean by Exception handling? Write program for Structured and Unstructured Exception Handling, (4) {c) How VB.Net is different from VB? Explain in details. 4) UNIT-IIT Q6 fa Write the differences and similarities between ASP and ASP.Net. (6) (b) Write the program to upload a file from C:\ to directory D:\ ip ASP.Net.. (6.5) Q7 (a) Write the steps for compiling and Delivering the ASP.Net Pages. (6.5) (b) Write a program to validate a text box for ntimbers 1 to 100 using range validator. es (6) UNIT-IV Q8 (a) Write a program in VC++.Net to add 2 numbers (4.5) (b) Write the differences between C++ and .Net version of C++ (4) (c) Explain the different methods for maintaining user state. (4) 9 a) Describe Single Tier, Two Tier and N-Ticr Architecture of .Net (4.5) (b) Write any five notable properties of Page Object with program, (4) (c) Write a program in VC++.Net to validate the textbox for alphabets only. (4)