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Executive Summary
The Coke Brand Coke meets the Social Networking Lifestyle
Coke is real, authentic, honest, passionate and refreshing. It taught The Social Networking Lifestyle has the power to truly unite
us to sing in perfect harmony. It even introduced us to Santa Claus. multicultural youth and create a new brand community around Coke.
Coke is the kind of cultural fabric that unites all of us in some way. It It’s the idea that drives this campaign and brings meaning to The Coke
has always encouraged us to share who we are and what we believe in. Side of Life. It is also completely consistent with what Coke stands
The Coke Side of Life campaign should not fragment multicultural
groups into distinct cultural silos. Coke doesn’t isolate people, it unites Coke is in the perfect position to be the catalyst that will continue to
them. The one thing that brings together multicultural youth today is unite people across all cultures, so it makes sense that The Coke Side of
their obsession with the Social Networking Lifestyle. Life campaign should bring out this spirit among multicultural youth.
However, Coca-Cola has not clearly defined what The Coke side of Life
The Social Networking Lifestyle Defined means to this demographic. iDENTITY’s campaign is an anthem for
The Social Networking Lifestyle is not just about a web page with a multicultural youth based on discovering, sharing, and shaping. The
personal profile - it’s about everything that is done along the way to campaign resonates with each demographic through media placements,
create a life to share with others. Multicultural youth focus their lives and at the same time brings together diverse cultures with one unified
on discovering their place in society, sharing their experiences with message.
others, and shaping the world they live in together. Discover. Share.
Shape. That is the Social Networking Lifestyle. That is what unites Creative Execution, One Unified Message
multicultural youth. Creative executions embody the Social Networking Lifestyle. They
embrace the search for self, allow for unrestricted participation and
are open to consumer modification. The combination of urban colors,
active silhouettes and the Dynamic Ribbon tie together the elements of
the campaign to unite the consumer, the Social Networking Lifestyle

Discover. Share. Shape. and Coca-Cola. These messages are backed by promotions, direct
marketing, and public relations communications that create platforms
for the consumer to share their Coke Side of Life experiences.

The Social Results

The Coke Side of Life positioning is simple, relevant and defines today’s

Networking Lifestyle. multicultural youth. By integrating Coca-Cola’s tradition as a unity

brand with the Social Networking Lifestyle, Coke can increase both
consumption and brand health by at least 3% in 2008.

The Coke Side of Life
The three groups that have the most prevalent influence over youth culture are African-Americans, Asian-Americans and Hispanics. While they
all possess characteristics unique to their respective backgrounds, they also share a similar trendy, urban lifestyle. In order to reach multicultural
youth, The Coke Side of Life will target twelve main cities based on their diverse populations and trendsetting reputation.
Cities include: Los Angeles, San Diego, San Francisco, Houston, Chicago, Detroit, New York City, Boston, Philadelphia, Washington D.C.,
Miami and Atlanta.

African-Americans Cultural African-American Significance

• Dancing and music are culturally relevant African-Americans started Hip-Hop culture, which reflects their
• Music is the most cited passion for teens; going to a concert is sound, style, dance, fashion and trends. This culture is largely
the number one event of choice defined by modern Hip-Hop music. Take out the beat, the chords,
• African-Americans listen to 18 hours of radio per week as the rhythm and Hip-Hop becomes a story that takes a walk on
compared to an average of 13 hours for other demographics the author’s side of life. By incorporating elements of Hip-Hop
• is an African-American social networking site culture and music, The Coke Side of Life connects with the trendy
with over 18 million members urban mindset of African-Americans.
• Basketball and other forms of athleticism unite
• 42% pay attention to commercials in movie theaters

Asian-Americans Cultural Asian-American Significance

• Youth live in a wide variety of cultural worlds and are engaged Asian-American youth want to redefine their current status in
in a broad spectrum of media, entertainment and cultural today’s society. They want to be seen as more edgy with a highly
activities adorned urban image. Asian-Americans value fashion, style, music,
• They are breaking down racial barriers set by previous technology and customization. The edgy, non-conformist feel of
generations and defining their own relationships and values The Coke Side of Life campaign will resonate with the Asian-
• Hip-Hop music and surf wear have become a big part of their American youth mentality. It allows for brand customization
culture and delivers the trendsetting experience that the Asian-American
• Word of mouth is the top vehicle for Asian-American trends market craves.
• 71% use internet for e-mail/social networking
• 74% live in urban, metropolitan areas

Hispanics Cultural Hispanic Significance

• Highly influential in mainstream American culture Hispanic youth embrace the American way of life but are also
(ex. popularity of Reggaeton music style) proud of their heritage. The Hispanic youth have redefined
• Desire to stray from stereotypes multiculturalism by mixing and blurring the lines between
• Heavy readers of magazines with lifestyle, entertainment and cultures and ethnicities rather than compartmentalizing them
sports focused themes into separate spheres. The focus on personalized unity in The
• Younger Hispanics desire to be ‘Americanized’ Coke Side of Life incorporates Hispanic influence on Hip-Hop
• They enjoy music, love their iPod and are hooked on myspace and American culture. This relevant message reaches Hispanics
• Hispanics are heavy users of radio and they are 81% more likely where they impart the most influence on society, and it encourages
to see a movie on opening weekend than the average person further participation in popular culture and in The Coke Side of
2 Life.
Key Insights

One Multicultural Body Active Listeners
• Multicultural youth are “intra-cultural” – they do not identify • Movie theater ads rank as the highest “paid attention to”

themselves as one specific culture; they blur the lines between advertising for teens
ethnic and racial identity • Music is the most cited passion for teens; going to a concert iDENTITY
• 13-24 year olds are the most diverse market segment, however, is the number one event of choice conducted
they are not concerned with ethnic designators • 96% of multicultural youth listen to the radio each week exhaustive
• 8 out of 10 read magazines; teens trust magazines more secondary research
What this means to Coca-Cola than any other advertising medium to aid in the
The multicultural youth market does not want to be divided. They • 38% of multicultural youth spend at least three hours on development of
all share similar mainstream cultural values and want to have an the internet every day the campaign
active role in defining what those values are. The Coke Side of • They desire to interact with brands strategy
Life must embody the spirit of today’s multicultural youth by
embracing these attitudes. What this means to Coca-Cola
Multicultural youth are listening; however, they want a say in
The Social Networking Lifestyle what’s going on. They have decided how and when they want to
• Multicultural youth love a new challenge, want responsibility, interact with brand messaging. By acknowledging these values, The
crave freedom, independence and control Coke Side of Life can become a member of the youth community

• They believe friends are more credible than parents rather than a marketer.
• On-line social networking provides a forum for identity
development and exploration of a far more diverse population The “Me” Factor
than their interpersonal community • Multicultural youth believe they should have anything, anytime,
• They want to personalize everything anywhere
• E-mailing and instant messaging friends is just as popular as

• Young adults seek an emotional connection with brands and
talking to them on the phone want a rational reinforcement of that emotional connection
• They are constantly up-to-date on each others lives • Brands must be able to keep up with teens’ ever-changing lives
• Young adults are very self-confident and very individualistic;
What this means to Coca-Cola they have their own personal style
New forms of communication are vital to connecting with the • Teens have a strong sense of individualism and often want
multicultural youth market. The target is obsessed with discovering independence from the previous generation
new things and telling everyone about them. The Coke Side of • 86% of youth say people should be free to look, dress and live
Life should be a part of the Social Networking Lifestyle. It needs the way they want to, whether others like it or not
to create opportunities on a daily basis to discover and share the • It’s no longer about control - fans now own the product
world of the multicultural youth.
What this means to Coca-Cola
The Coke Side of Life needs to understand that multicultural
youth want to be unique individuals while being part of a group at
the same time. Because of this dichotomy, The Coke Side of Life
should focus on creating a balance between individual identity
and group membership.


and sharing your world.

Finding yourself by discovering

This is The Coke Side of Life

d a legac y as a symbol of un ity, but that message

Coke create
cultural youth market.
never resonated with the multi

h today’s youth,
Coke lives In order for Coke to connect wit
style and join a
on the side of life it must align itself with their life
that embraces action ratio n in discoverin g and shap ing their world.
and supports the
at embraces action and
search for self. Coke lives on the side of life th
e se arch for se lf. It’s ab ou t being a doer, not a
supports th
ab ou t no t just let tin g life pass you by. It’s about
sit ter. It’s
that ev er y mo me nt co me s wit h the option of A or B
ch oic e af fe ct s you r pa th . At each moment there is
and that
un ity to ch oo se to live on Th e Coke Side of Life.
4 an opport
Co ke Si de of Li fe is pu tt ing away that picture
Living on The
h an d pil in g yo ur fri en ds in to a car. You can’t just
of the beac
your favo rit e so ng on T he Coke Side of Life; you
listen to
sing ou t lou d fo r all to he ar. It’s not just an option to
ow ab ou t th at lit tle rest aurant downtown
tell everyone you kn
grea t fo od ; it ’s an es se ntial part of your day.
that redefines

life, your cu ltu re an d your talents. Others

You must share your
po rt un ity to expe rie nc e your world because it ’s a
must have the op
lf-dis co ve ry, just as th eir world is a part of yours.
part of their se

a Co ke dr in ke r is to live on The Coke Side of Life.

To be
t ab ou t dis cove rin g yo ur interests; it ’s about doing
It’s no
th em . So grab yo ur gu ita r and go find a singer
something with
fin ish the so ng yo u wrot e; tell everyone you know
to help you
you he ar d th re e da ys ag o and are still laughing
that joke
st ay up lat e at ni gh t ju st so you don’t miss out.

de of Life is no t fo r th e closed-minded. Dare to do

The Coke Si
re to be yo ur se lf. Da re to shape the world
the things you love. Da
have a st or y to te ll an d always have someone to
around you. Always
your life this wa y; th at ’s T he Coke Side of Life.
tell it to. Living

Creative Concept
Ideas That Create Meaning Concept Testing
Multicultural youth understand the Coca-Cola tradition, but After developing the creative concept, iDENTITY wanted to be sure that
view Coca-Cola as a static brand because it has yet to speak the Social Networking Lifestyle was the agent of unity for multicultural
specifically to them in a fun, relevant way. For a brand to be youth. To test the concept, iDENTITY conducted 600 one-on-one
successful, it needs to reach consumers on an emotional level, interviews with multicultural youth to see what their lives were all about.
creating a bond between brand and consumer. By giving The Here’s what they thought about life:
Coke Side of Life a voice that this market can relate to and a look
that grabs and holds their attention, The Coke Side of Life isn’t • Everyone should share their talents with others
just another campaign, it’s a new way for multicultural youth to • People need to have fun and enjoy their lives
define their lives. • It’s impossible to really help someone unless you’re happy with
The creative concept adds relevant meaning to The Coke Side of • Following your heart brings joy
Life for multicultural youth. Much of the creative offers different • Personal talents should be used to strengthen the community
takes on The Coke Side of Life insuring that the campaign
never tells the consumer there is only one way to live the Social With these insights, iDENTITY decided to give consumers just what
Networking Lifestyle. Instead, it allows the consumer to they were looking for - a creative campaign that uses exciting colors and
connect the headlines to their own life experiences. The creative a spirited theme to encourage the consumer to discover, share and shape.
uses several different formats of interaction to strengthen the Focus group data shows that iDENTITY’s creative executions struck a
consumers’ understanding of The Coke Side of Life. Through chord with multicultural youth. They described executions as energetic,
print and poster work that grabs attention, a website that enables vibrant and exciting, saying the ads made them want to go out and make
action, a theater ad that encourages participation and radio spots their own stories to share with others. They said if they saw the ads in a
that promote story sharing, multicultural youth will be fully magazine they would rip them out, post them on their wall and even use
immersed in actively creating their own Social Networking the headlines in their personal profiles and away messages.
Lifestyle and defining the meaning of their Coke Side of Life.

“I feel that
everyone should
share their gifts with
like to talk “If I saw
society, trying to leave it
about what’s going one of these
a better place than when
on in my life at that “Its we came into it. But I also
in a magazine I
specific time. Anything energetic, would rip it out
feel like we need to have fun
important or things that and put it on
vibrant and and enjoy our time here be-
my wall.”
I care about like classes,
hobbies, my feelings/ exciting, but cause you can’t help any-
feels personal one when you can’t help
struggles, my weekend
yourself be happy
plans, aspirations at the same first.”
and future.” time.”
The ads reflect the essence of the Social
Networking Lifestyle while leaving room for
consumers to personalize the messages to
their own lives. The print work is also highly
adaptable, allowing for multiple placements,
including magazines and posters in relevant

Each headline is a single, concise thought from a different perspectives
that interprets The Coke Side of Life in an unreserved, spirited tone.
The illustrative typefaces change in each ad, giving a personalized

Dynamic and vibrant colors give Coke a fresh, youthful look.

Dynamic Ribbon
Familiarity to the brand is retained through the reference to the
original Coke Dynamic Ribbon. The modified form of the Dynamic
Ribbon bursts with color, grabbing the attention of multicultural
youth. Colorful silhouettes emanate movement, interconnectedness
and never-passive attitude that subtly reinforce The Coke Side of Life’s
drive to discover, share and shape.

Web Address
The website invites viewers to discover more about what makes The
Coke Side of Life their kind of life.


Location Specific
Pool Side Mass Transit Interior

Taxi Top


Home Page is a website offering members
different resources that inspire them to live on
The Coke Side of Life. Unlike or, which give users things to do strictly
online and mainly by themselves, iDENTITY’s
site acts as an online resource so the target
can take the ideas off-line as well.

Home Page
The home page allows for two accessible pathways
to the different pages featured within the site. First, nine buttons will
be posted on the left side of the home page linking access to the differ-
ent activity pages available. Second, when scrolling over the nine dif-
ferent interactive silhouettes, each will “pop out” individually, allowing
clickable access to their associated link.

The following are the nine categories found on the home page:

1) Login/Password
The Login box offers users access to a personal account where they can
post pictures, a biography and information for the “MyArt,” “MySkills”
and “MyWishes” sections of their page. Links to “The Coke Side of
Life Approved Websites” are also be listed to take members to sites that
live on The Coke Side of Life.

Coke “Discovered”

2) Discovered
Coke “Discovered” is a section of the website focused on local, unsigned
artists. Artists will be able to upload their demos, create biographies and
post concert dates to gain exposure and a following. Users will go to the
site to listen to new music, download songs from the artists and vote on
their favorite local music. Weekly podcasts give users a chance to hear the
latest submissions, and a weekly contest allows one user to be the guest DJ
for the podcast.  Members can also vote to have their favorite local artist
play a concert in their area.

3) Events
Officially sponsored Coke events, such as “The Carnival of Coca-Cola,”
will be listed in this section.

4) Grant a Wish
Members will post wishes they have on their personal pages, such as
obtaining an old CD they used to love. Users who grant these “Coke
Wishes” have the opportunity to gain Coke Rewards points.

5) Idea Generator
The “Idea Generator” creates a list of fun activities to do based on the
interests entered into the search engine. The search engine requires the user
to enter the location (city, state or zip code), how many people attending
and how much money is willing to be spent. If the user is looking for more
generalized activities, they can also click on “Spin the Bottle,” which will
offers random ideas that anyone can do.

Idea Generator
Road Trip
6) Photo Hunt
Members can submit ideas for interesting picture opportunities that relate
to The Coke Side of Life. After each suggestion or entry submission, Coke
Rewards points are received. When viewing entries, users can click the
photos that direct them to the artist’s personal home page.

7) Posters
This section allows people to print their favorite posters/ads from the
website. Individuals can also create their own posters by using templates
that consist of the modified Dynamic Ribbon, logo and headline. They can
pick their own personal color schemes for their poster and decide which
lines fit them the best or even write their own lines. Members receive Coke
Rewards points for sharing artwork on their “MyArt” page.

8) Road trip
This page includes a map of clickable hotspots in different cities. Users
can also search by zip code or city and state for a list of events in the area.
Examples include concerts supported by the “Discovered” section, Coke
promotions and any other activities shared by members that include The
Coke Side of Life theme. People can also construct a road trip within their
county, state or region by answering a few simple questions.

9) Skills Sharing
Members can share talents they’re willing to teach/show others. Their
skills can be uploaded in the form of music, video, pictures or text. Skills
can be anything from French-braiding to skateboarding. Members are
encouraged to focus on what they’re good at, as well as what they want to
improve. Members who participate receive Coke Rewards points.
The link to on the home page keeps it accessible and
drives traffic to the site.

Theater Spot
Since movie attendance in theaters is high among the target, it makes
sense to place an ad on the big screen. Our ad, however, is no ordinary
ad. It is one that engages the audience and invites them to participate in
The Coke Side of Life. It mocks the passive experience of the traditional
movie trailer and encourages the audience to actively participate. The
theater spot will run just before the regularly scheduled movie previews,
then complete it’s message after the last preview has ended.

How is it Someone runs from an explosion
that at the end of every preview or a ragtag team goes for the gold
I turn to my friends and say,
“That movie looks amazing!” Throw popcorn at the screen whenever there is:
Is it that preview voice? An ultimate fight between good and evil
That voice no one actually has in real life? A triumph of the human spirit
That’d be weird though. or Rob Schneider
“In a world where I am your waiter
One soup could save them all.” So sit up.
It’s that voice that tricked me into Basic Instinct II. Get ready
So I’m taking a stand And bring on the previews
Against sitting and watching
The least I can do HERE)
Is make these previews my own.
So here’s an idea: So that’s how I play.
How about a game? Think you can do better?
Try and keep up. Let’s see it.
Next time, you’re on your own. Show me how you can live life
With a little more flavor.
Here’s how I play: But for now
Throw popcorn in your mouth whenever someone says, The lady in front of you
“The call is coming from inside the house” looks a little upset.
“It’s a trap!” You might want to apologize
or “I love you, Daddy” For ordering extra butter.
Throw popcorn at a friend whenever:
The murderer appears in a mirror
Non-Traditional Theater
To further establish what The Coke Side of Life means, lines tailored to
the movie going experience will be placed on cups, popcorn containers
and napkins. These lines will be humorous and generate the same
attitude about The Coke Side of Life that the print work does.

Phrases on Coke Cups/Popcorn Containers/Napkins

• Take cover behind the seat in front of you during battle scenes
• Ask what the theater’s return policy on popcorn is

• Challenge your friends to see who can find the most loose change

• Hide under the seats at the end of the movie and scare the people cleaning the theater

• Ask the audience if you can turn on the lights because you’re afraid of the dark

• When you leave to get a refill, ask the people in the audience if they want anything

• Sit next to the only other people in a near empty theater -

Especially if it’s a couple
• Play musical chairs to the length of an advertisement

• Convince the person next to you that you are related to the main actor or actress

• Ask the stranger next to you if you can hold their hand during the scary parts

• Make up your own language and try to order popcorn - Use a friend to translate

• Sit in the front row and critique the previews - Loudly

• Ask the person next to you if you can trade some of your popcorn for their candy

• Stare at the people behind you for the duration of a preview

• Ask someone if you can have their seat because it’s your favorite in the whole theater - Don’t sit

there after they move

Radio is extremely flexible and effective media for communicating 10-Second Teaser Spots
The Coke Side of Life. In addition to being a favorite pastime of “Wasabi” :10
a large percentage of the target market, listening to the radio also VO: And the wasabi shot out of my nose.
gives this group a chance to create, share and compare stories with SFX: 2-second silence
others just like them. The message delivered via radio doesn’t feel VO: Want to find out how it got there? Tell us how at
too corporate, but instead delivers a message that is open-ended,
leaving the power in the hands of multicultural youth.
“Baseball” :10
Everyone has their own way of expressing and living The Coke VO: The inside of a baseball is cooler than you think.
Side of Life. So why not share it with the world? Radio gives the SFX: 2-second silence
consumer a chance to do just that. A series of 10-second spots VO: Do you know what it looks like? Tell us your story at
pique the interest of the target and encourage them to fill in the
blanks. Each spot consists of one provocative or off-the-wall quote
Radio and then invites listeners to create a story, be it real-life or fictional, “Scar” :10
that ends with the quote. The spot ends with an invitation to visit VO: My friends never let me forget how I got that scar.
let’s them, where more information is provided. The best SFX: 2-second silence
responses will be selected and turned into 60-second radio spots
share their with the original author getting the chance to provide the voice-
VO: Want to tell us how you got it? Go to

stories with over. The creativity and enthusiasm demonstrated by the ads will “Nickname” :10
inspire others to create and submit their own Coke Side of Life
the world. stories. The connection between Coca-Cola and the consumer
VO: I never lived down the nickname ‘Meter Maid.’
SFX: 2-second silence
will grow as multicultural youth directly interact with The Coke VO: The story should be even more embarrassing than the
Side of Life. nickname. Tell us why at
The “Intro” spot that introduces the campaign plus a few examples “Russia” :10
of 10- and 60-second radio spots are provided to give further VO: So now I live in Russia.
context to the plan for radio. SFX: 2-second silence
VO: Think you can tell us a story that ends with that?
30-Second Coke Radio Spot Go to
“Intro” :30
VO: And that’s how my voice ended up on the radio. I was listening “Pigeons” :10
to some music station or other, not paying attention, and VO: Moral of the story: Don’t follow the pigeons.
then this commercial came on for Coke. They explained how SFX: 2-second silence
to get your very own commercial on the air and I actually VO: Got a story to prove it? Share it at
listened, instead of tuning out for once. If I hadn’t, I wouldn’t
be famous today. Well, famous among my friends anyway.
The commercial said that they give you the endings and you
just start the story. So, I wrote this one: it was so fresh, so
wild. It was the craziest thing I ever told. I uploaded it to, and that’s how my voice ended up on the
60-Second Examples of Consumer Generated
“Next Time, I’ll Just Change the Light Bulb” :60 “I Never Knew a Mule Could Kick So Hard” :60
VO: Line - Next Time, I’ll Just Change the Light Bulb. VO: Line - I Never Knew a Mule Could Kick So Hard.
We killed them in OT by 2 goals but bro, the regular game It was the night of the school carnival. It was just as boring
was killer. I came home, tossed my cleats outside, jumped as it always is, same stupid rides and little kiddie games until
on my bed and crashed. I woke up the next morning to I met Scrappy. What a cool carnie. He works the Spin-and-
the sound of my bus leaving me behind. I booked it to the Twurl. I told him these baby rides and infant games really
basement laundry room for clean clothes, flipped the light weren’t cutting it this time ‘round. He said there was actually
and nothing happened. No worries, I could find my stuff a new attraction, one that I should only play if I was really up
blindfolded. I went nuts getting ready, just made sure I wasn’t for a challenge. So Scrappy led me to the petting zoo behind
naked and ran to Joey’s for a ride. The whole day people kept the Screamin’ Dragon, and I saw a bunch of tough looking-
eyeing me, smilin’ during my speech class. Guess my game kids, kids strong like me, playing a game of Mule-Head ring
was pretty tight yesterday. I got to the locker room for practice toss. I asked if I could join in. Next thing I know, it was my
and passed a mirror. Oh crap – my sister’s dirty laundry got turn. Turns out I have little aim. I nailed that mule smack in
mixed with mine and that was definitely a bra hanging outta the head. I never knew a mule could kick so hard.
my pants. The whole team never let me forget it, so next Wanna hear more stories like this? Hit up
time, I’ll just change the light bulb.
Wanna hear more stories like this? Hit up

“Moral of the Story: Don’t follow the Pigeons” :60 “My Friends Never Let Me Forget How I Got That Scar” :60
VO: Line - Moral of the Story: Don’t follow the Pigeons. VO: Line - My friends never let me forget how I got that scar.
It was the hottest summer that anyone on the block could I was watching the news the other day and I recognized
remember. There was only one place to go to get cooled off. what was on the screen. “Hey that’s my backyard,” I yelled
The community pool - the place to be. One afternoon, I and without even thinking, I ran outside. A voice from the
decided to take a walk in the park, hoping there might be a animal control helicopter above said, “don’t move.” I froze. I
breeze to help me cool off. I came across a group of pigeons. wasn’t really sure if he was talking to the koala bear in the tree
There were dozens of them. Not a piece of bread or statue or me. Luckily I had just finished watching “When Animals
in sight. I did the only natural thing- chased them. They Attack VII,” so I knew exactly what to do. I screamed. The
bolted, flying across the street, and I followed close behind. koala, on the other hand, just stared back it me. It was the
They landed on a clothesline above the pool, which was for cutest, scariest moment of my life. Against the wishes of
the first time, empty. Man, I was so pumped. I jogged to the animal control, I approached the koala. I’m not really sure
side, and took my shirt off, getting ready to jump in and be what happened next, but when I woke up a few hours later,
refreshed. Then I looked up at the pigeons. They then all did I was surrounded by people and had a paw sized scar on my
the thing that pigeons do so well. And so often. Right into cheek. My friends never let me forget how I got that scar.
the fresh, clean pool. Disgusting. Never swam in that pool Wanna hear more stories like this? Hit up
again. Moral of the story: Never follow the pigeons.
Wanna hear more stories like this? Hit up
iDENTITY’s media plan delivers one unified Print ($1,888,609)
message to each segment of the multicultural Selections
youth market. By placing creative executions where Rolling Stone, Vibe, Hip Hop World, Super Street, Latino Future,
Superonda, Animerica, 13 Minutes
consumers live out their Social Networking
Lifestyle, iDENTITY’s media placements Rationale
accomplish the goals of The Coke Side The Traditional print media has one of the widest reaches and is the
of Life campaign. most trusted media, especially among the youth market. The
multicultural target is least likely to multitask when reading magazines
youth market as compared to other media. In addition, those who
read magazines lead more active lives, one of the main
TRADITIONAL: $4,542,109 wants to be components of the strategy. The multicultural target
reached on their reads both widely circulated, general interest magazines
Radio ($2,653,500) own terms. and niche, special interest magazines.
Rhythmic CHR & Urban Contemporary in Chicago, Rolling Stone is widely recognized as the source for
LA, NYC, Detroit, Miami, Washington D.C., Houston, entertainment and news for all young adults. Vibe, Hip Hop
San Diego, San Francisco, Philadelphia, Atlanta, Boston World, and Super Street appeal to all multicultural youth and create
a bridge across racial and ethnic communities. In addition to these
Rationale overarching magazines, ads will run in culture-specific print magazines
Radio is a key part of life for youth in the United States, with 96% to reach the three major multicultural groups individually.
of teenagers listening to the radio every week, and 80.6% listening
every day. Over the course of a week, the average teenager will listen
to 13.5 hours of radio. For African-American and Hispanic teenagers,
radio’s influence is even more impressive, with teens listening for an Multicultural Youth, ages 13-24
average of 18.25 and 17.75 hours a week, respectively. Unique radio Where
ads in 10-, 30- and 60-second spots feature a call-to-action for the Nationwide, focus on top multicultural markets of Chicago, LA, NYC, De-
listener that will drive traffic to and allow the target troit, Miami, Washington D.C., Houston, San Diego, San Francisco, Phila-
delphia, Atlanta, Boston
to participate in creating user-generated ads for the campaign. Radio When
ads will run every other month for the duration of the campaign. January 1, 2008-December 31, 2008
The focus is on radio stations that play Rhythmic CHR and Urban How
Contemporary formats because they are most popular among our Connecting with the consumer in the media they relate to most: radio, print,
target’s age and multicultural groups. Running our advertisements internet, movies, malls, and on-the-go.
during the evening (7PM-12AM) will provide the best reach in the
most cost-efficient way.

NON-TRADITIONAL: $6,508,520 Reactrix ($972,000)
Reactrix systems create highly entertaining branding displays that
Internet ($292,500) respond to the audience’s movements, also known as “brand play.”
Selections They come in the form of interactive games that will feature full,,,, sponsorship by Coca-Cola. Placing advertisements in the Reactrix,,, systems in malls and movie theaters will allow Coca-Cola to connect
with the target in a fun way at locations they already frequent on
Rationale a regular basis. 87% of consumers think that the Reactrix systems
Over 85% of the target uses the internet with 35% of their total media are entertaining and fun, and 47% of consumers intend to purchase
consumption done online., an internet radio focused on the products in the advertisements after using the Reactrix systems.
music discovery, will be fully sponsored by Coca-Cola. Over half of Reactrix also provides excellent word of mouth for the campaign, with
the target uses the Internet to listen to and download music. 60% of consumers saying that after using a Reactrix system they told
a friend or family member about their experience.
55% of all online American youth use social networking sites., a social networking site with 18 million members,
addresses issues related to African-Americans and urban life. and are similar sites that reach Hispanic
and Asian-American youth, respectively. Coca-Cola advertising will be
integrated into the sites, sponsoring valuable content for their users.

“The Coke Side of Life Seal of Approval”

A network of Coke Side of Life sites will be featured on as sites for users to explore that are already popular
among the target. Coca-Cola sponsorship will appear on the homepage
of each site in the form of “The Coke Side of Life Seal of Approval.”
These Coke Side of Life approved sites will be free advertising for the
brand, as will drive traffic to these sites in exchange
for a seal on their home pages.

NON-TRADITIONAL (continued) Mall ($1,462,400)
57% of teens said they went to the mall within the last seven days. The
Movie Theaters ($1,768,400 includes Pre-show average teen spends 2.5 hours at the mall in any given week. Over 75%
of Americans visit a mall each month, making an average of five trips
Ads and Concession Items) per month, spending nearly $41 each visit. Mall advertising reaches
Young adults are avid movie-goers. Hispanics are 81% more likely the target in a pedestrian environment when they are mentally alert to
to see a movie on opening weekend than the average person in the experience advertisements. Backlits will show two creative executions
market. 42% of African-Americans pay attention to commercials in back to back, while floor panels with the Coke creative will lead the
movie theaters. 19% of advertisements before a movie are likely to consumer to point-of-purchase locations.
influence the products teens purchase. Theaters in the twelve cities
will be the site of interactive pre-show commercials, Reactrix games,
and branded concession stand products. Posters ($408,500)
Wild Postings are posters placed in the twelve cities to resemble guerilla
A customized, interactive movie theater campaign allows the target to marketing. These posters will be placed in the areas of cities that the
enjoy an interactive pre-show experience, leaving a lasting impression target frequents, including near pools, basketball courts, beaches,
on the viewer. This use of media will create word of mouth among soccer fields and amusement parks to coordinate with the creative
teens in specific geographic locations. Word of mouth is a key way to message each displays.
reach our target, as 61% of Asian-Americans prefer it over any other
Transit ($1,604,720)
To create a comprehensive Coca-Cola movie-going experience, sayings Selections
associated with The Coke Side of Life, such as “Take cover behind Taxi tops, Interior posters on subways and trolley cars
the seat in front of you during battle scenes” will be branded onto
popcorn containers, drinking cups and napkins. This will allow Rationale
Coca-Cola to stand out in movie theaters and will reach our target in Taxi tops in ten of the cities will reach a wide audience, specifically the
several locations, from waiting in the ticket line to buying snacks at 18-24 age group that spends time commuting to work. Taxi tops are
the concession stand. highly visible to all pedestrians in the city. Interior posters on subways
and trolley cars will also reach a wide audience in the five cities that
have mass-transit systems of this kind.

Total Media Budget: $11,800,629

Media Schedule

Direct Marketing
Multicultural youth desire to create a dialogue Coke Catalog ($167,612)
with brands. By engaging consumers through To increase awareness of the program, an 8-page catalog will
unique point-of-purchase executions and be inserted into 12/24-can cases. The catalog presents new
featured rewards that are available, as well as past winners from
allowing them to reshape MyCokeRewards.
the distributor’s local area enjoying their rewards. There will be
com, Coca-Cola will be able to build personal an option on the MyCokeRewards website for past winners and
connections and increase sales. purchasers to upload photos of themselves using their reward. In
addition, the catalog will feature local bands, upcoming music events
and movies, new videogame releases and noteworthy individuals,
MyCokeRewards Revamp ($42,522) supplemented with a bio and photographs. All of these articles
To attract and excite the multicultural youth market to participate will have a call to action portion for the MyCokeRewards website
in the MyCokeRewards system, point allocation will be updated so consumers can nominate themselves or others to be in future
and new rewards will be offered. This update of MyCokeRewards issues. At the end of each 5.5” x 8.5” catalog, a tear out poster
will further increase interaction between consumers and the of a creative execution will be attached. A new catalog will
brand. be printed every nine weeks throughout the campaign,
as new material is submitted by the consumers. The
Rewards codes will still be placed on bottle caps and design of this 8-page catalog will consist of a Coke
12/24-can cases; however, consumers will not know consumer will Side of Life line alongside the Coca-Cola modified
how many points a cap is worth until redeeming be more excited Dynamic Ribbon.
the code. With the element of chance, people will about logging onto
be more excited about logging onto the website to the website to see In order to foster more participation in the
see how much the cap is worth. Point allocation MyCokeRewards program, there will be a check-
how much the cap
will vary from 1 to 20 points, with the highest point off box stating, “I want to receive more information
values being the rarest. Rewards points will also be is worth. about Coca-Cola events and promotions,” available
given on for certain submmisions. when an entry for a promotion is sumbitted. For
This will create a new way for consumers to interact with the people who leave it checked, the MyCokeRewards
MyCokeRewards as well as build a unity between the two catalog will be sent to them, up to 200,000 consumers,
sites. further promoting the MyCokeRewards program.

To build a connection between consumers and their rewards, many

rewards will be customizable. Participants may use their points to
get their favorite Coke Side of Life line printed on clothing such as
T-shirts, sweatpants, sweatshirts, shorts and tank tops. There will
be an option to order personalized sports jerseys for an entire team
or a single person made in colors similar to the creative executions.
Other rewards will include: turntables, guitars, digital film, video
cameras, film/sound editing software and gas cards. If users
don’t see rewards they want, there will be a suggestion
box on the website where they can submit entries of
rewards they would like to see available.
Point-of-Purchase ($956,772)
To create an in-store presence and increase brand consumption,
the campaign includes a variety of point-of-purchase displays.
This tactic will integrate Coca-Cola into the consumer’s
shopping experience from beginning to end.

Point-of-purchase marketing will occur in grocery store chains

and convenience stores, partnering with SUPERVALU and
Its subsidiaries, including Jewel-Osco and Albertson’s. The
POP incentives will be executed at ten of these designated
SUPERVALU stores in each of the twelve cities for the
campaign. The Coca-Cola modified Dynamic Ribbon and
logo will be displayed on price tag shelving underneath Coca-
Cola products and products that compliment the beverage,
such as salty snacks, candy and frozen meals. Price rail signage
will rotate every three months among four Coke Side of Life
headlines from the new campaign.

Floor decals of the modified Dynamic Ribbon and The Coke

Side of Life logo will be placed at the entrance of the store
and lead to the aisle displaying Coca-Cola Classic. Creative
executions will be placed on overhead aisle markers, which
display the different products in each aisle; for example, the
sign would read: “Water, Juice, Soda, Coca-Cola.”

Lastly, conveyor belts in checkout aisles will be printed with

creative executions every other month. Each of the 120 stores
will have three designated checkout belts designed with the
modified Dynamic Ribbon and new colors.

Total Direct Marketing Budget: $1,166,906

The multicultural youth market has consistently expressed The Coke Side of Life Widget
their distaste with being bombarded by advertising. Objective
iDENTITY has taken an approach in which Coca-Cola is • Provide consumers with repeated interaction with The Coke Side of Life
still effectively promoted, but consumers are encouraged • Enable simple access to components
to discover, share and shape their experiences by making • Drive traffic to
the promotions fit their lives. The promotional approach
grabs attention but still has an underground feel. It will Execution
grow strongest through word of mouth and social networking. Consumers will be able to download a widget - a computer
desktop program that will deliver daily, personalized updates on different
components of the campaign: songs from Coke “Discovered,” new user-submitted
Coke Side of Life phrases, local events and things to do, and user-submitted
“Message in a Bottle” favorite websites.
• Reinforce the spirit of The Coke Side of Life Strategy
• Create new medium for user-generated content Multicultural youth want access to
online content to be as simple as possible.
Execution By creating a program that automatically
Consumers will submit their Coke Side of Life quotes and stories onto updates daily, users Selected messages will be printed on the inside of Coca-Cola will be able to access parts of the website
Classic bottle labels and fridge pack tear-offs where consumers will discover them quickly and easily, even if they are not on
after purchase. the site at that moment.
Strategy Tracking
By allowing consumers to create messages that will be printed onto the product, • Number of widgets downloaded and
Coca-Cola will invite consumers to directly interact with the brand and share frequency of use will be tracked
their version of The Coke Side of Life. This promotion will drive web traffic and
build brand health through personal consumer investment in the campaign. Dates: January - December 2008
Budget: No Cost
• Number of visits and submissions made to the “Message in a Bottle” page on will be tracked

Dates: March – December 2008
Budget: In-House Production Costs Promotions
are spread evenly
throughout the
year to maximize
“The Chosen Few”
• Facilitate discovery and sharing among consumers
• Increase exposure to creative executions
• Directly link advertising to the product

One in ten Coca-Cola Classic bottles encased in a special full bottle plastic wrap
that reflects the creative executions will be placed in vending machines. Each
special wrap will read “Tell all your friends. Show off to your enemies. You just
won a free Coca-Cola Classic,” with official details listed below. The bottle cap will
be redeemable for a free 20 oz. Coca-Cola Classic at any local retailer. 250,000
special bottles will be distributed, and the promotion will continue until supplies
run out.

With no advertising, this promotion will grow solely through word of mouth.
The unexpected discovery of a free Coca-Cola, unique packaging and a message
that encourages consumers to share the experience will create strong buzz.

• Sales at vending machines will be tracked throughout the campaign
• Number of bottle caps redeemed will be tracked at participating vendors
throughout the campaign

Dates: February & October

Budget: $312,500

“Surfing in the Park” Strategy
Objective Free Wi-Fi provided by Coca-Cola in public parks offers consumers an escape
• Provide wireless Internet access in new locations from the everyday office or classroom settings. The park environment combined
• Generate traffic to with Wi-Fi allows for discoveries that may not occur indoors. Upon connecting,
the prompting of the home page fuels interaction on the site
Execution and generates exposure for The Coke Side of Life campaign.
Designated areas of a public park in each of the top twelve cities will have signs
and benches wrapped in the Modified Dynamic Ribbon indicating that Coca- Tracking
Cola will provide free Wi-Fi Internet access. The park locations were chosen for • Web use will be tracked throughout the promotion
either their proximity to public transportation or because they are within walking
distance of office buildings or schools. When the user first connects to the Wi-Fi Dates: January - December 2008
locations, he or she will be directed to the home page. Budget: $32,820

Public Park Locations:

• Chicago: Grant Park
• Los Angeles: Griffith Park
• New York City: Washington Square Park
• Detroit: Belle Isle Park
• Miami: Crandon Park Beach
• Washington D.C.: Marvin Gaye Park
• Houston: Market Square
• San Diego: Balboa Park
• San Francisco: Union Square Park
• Philadelphia: Schuylkill River Park and Trail
• Boston: Columbus Park
• Atlanta: Centennial Olympic Park

“Show Us Your Space” “Carnival of Coca-Cola”
Objective Objective
• Allow target to express their Coke Side of Life and share it with others • Create buzz and awareness of Coca-Cola’s community presence
• Attract college students and young professionals to • Create opportunities for youth to get involved and make an impact in their
Execution Execution
Members of can upload and share photos of their own Teams of up to five participants, ages 13-24, are encouraged to apply for the chance
creatively designed personal work or living space, which can include dorm to paint one of 30 fiberglass Coca-Cola bottles that will be displayed in their city.
rooms, office cubicles and other areas straight to the web. The MySideofLife. Press releases will be distributed to local newspapers, news stations, colleges and
com community can then view and rate the unique spaces on a 1-10 scale. Upon high schools in the twelve cities to spread word of the raffle. Applications will
rating a submitted photo, the viewer will instantly receive another image to rank be accepted from April 1-15 on and 30 teams will be selected
in order to maintain the viewer’s attention. by random raffle from each of the twelve cities. Raffle winners will be notified
by April 22 and a five foot fiberglass Coca-Cola bottle will be delivered to each
Strategy group. Teams will have from April 22 to May 20 to finish painting the bottle
“Show Us Your Space” allows users to express their creativity among peers and with representations of their Coke Side of Life. Bottles will then be collected and
gain new insight and discoveries viewers can implement into their own spaces. coated with weatherproof enamel.
The underlying theme of “Show Us Your Space” focuses on interactivity among
peers and Coca-Cola. The viewing and ranking of innovative spaces depicts All cities will unveil their 30 bottle carnival on June 1, 2008, accompanied by
unique and interesting paths down The Coke Side of Life. a Coke Side of Life laser light show. The laser show will be displayed on large
buildings, projection screens or amphitheaters. The show will include interactive
Tracking images, logos and phrases that reflect the creative execution. The “Carnival of
• Number of visits and submissions to the “Show Us Your Space” page on Coca-Cola” display will continue throughout the summer until September 1 and will be tracked by StatCounter ends with an auction benefiting the “Coke Cause” fund.
• Number of votes and average ratings will be tracked for each space
Dates: January – December 2008 By allowing consumers to be the creative brains behind each bottle’s decoration,
Budget: No Cost Coca-Cola will encourage youth to share their Coke Side of Life with their
community. Others will then discover the interests, hobbies and passions of
youth in their city. The laser show’s unique draw will encourage discovery of the
“Carnival of Coca-Cola.”

• Number of applications submitted will be tracked on
• Impressions will be tracked at the location of each Carnival Bottle

Dates: June 1 – September 1 2008

Carnival Budget: $282,000 Laser Light Show: $390,000

Word Magnets/Daily Desk Calendar Giveaway Coke “Discovered”
Objective Objective
• Launch promotions campaign for The Coke Side of Life • Create section of devoted to music
• Reinforce daily brand interaction • Allow consumers to shape the promotion through user-generated content

Execution Execution
Street teams will distribute 2,000 calendars and word magnets in each of the Coke “Discovered” is the music branch of that is focused on
specified twelve cities’ downtown areas. These desktop tear-off calendars will local, unsigned artists. These artists will be able to upload their demos, create
feature a phrase or activity of how to live on The Coke Side of Life that extends biographies and post concert dates to gain exposure in their local music scene.
from the creative executions. The interchangeable word magnets in the magnet Users will be able to listen to new music, download songs from their favorite
poetry set will allow consumers to create their own Coke Side of Life phrases. artists and vote on their favorite local music. Weekly podcasts and The Coke Side
of Life widget will allow users to hear the latest submissions, and a weekly contest
Strategy will allow one user to be the guest DJ for the podcast.
These giveaways will continually remind consumers how to live on The Coke Side
of Life throughout the entire year. In October, Coca-Cola will sponsor a concert in each of the top twelve cities
featuring the three local artists with the highest ratings from their city. Users will
Tracking be able to redeem points at for free concert tickets. The
• Number of items given away and impressions will be tracked concert will be a chance for the artists to gain exposure and have the opportunity
to make it big. “Coke Discovered” will also allow website users to interact with
Dates: January 5 & 6, 2008 the brand and personally shape the promotion by choosing which artists will
Budget: $246,240 perform at the concert.

There is a lack of prominent Internet sites that focus exclusively on local,
underground music. By creating individual web pages for each of the top twelve
cities, “Discovered” will become a dynamic music source for the youth market
in their local community. Users will be able to find new artists and play a part
in their community’s music scene by attending concerts, voting for their favorite
songs and sharing the music with their friends. The website will be shaped by the
users themselves through song submissions and votes. Their involvement in the
promotion will be taken to an even further level when they attend the concert of
the artists they voted for.

• Number of visits, registrations, submissions, downloads, profile views and
votes made on the “Discovered” web page will be tracked
• Number of attendees at each “Discovered” concert will be tracked

Dates: January – December 2008; Concert held in October 2008

Budget: $600,000
The Coke Side of Life Street Teams
Objective November - December
• Bring creative executions to life in the real world • Creative: “I never hit the notes, but I always sing the loudest.”
• Reinforce daily brand interaction with Coke • Street teams will hold karaoke contests at college unions
• Takeaway: Chance to win an in-home karaoke system
Street teams will distribute promotional materials at the twelve targeted cities Strategy
every weekend within each two month period. The street teams will generate buzz through the surprise factor and interaction
First Week of January with the consumer. The takeaways build off the creative headlines and literally
• Pass out 365-day calendars and word magnet set put Coke products into the hands of the consumers.
March - April
• Creative: “Headphones are selfish. Share the love and bring back the boom Budget
box.” • Street Teams in Twelve Cities (6 people/city) $2,880
• Street teams will walk around city streets with a large boom box to attract • Boom Box Compressed T-shirts (500/city) $ 30,000
attention • Compilation CDs (1,000/city) $ 7,500
Takeaway: Boom box-shaped compressed t-shirts • Cannonball Posters (500/city) $ 1,800
May - June • $5 Gas Cards (200/city) $ 12,000
• Creative: “In the rhythm of life, don’t lie in the backbeat.” • Disposable Cameras (100/city) $ 8,400
• Street teams will step dance in downtown areas • At-Home Karaoke System (1/city) $ 720
• Takeaway: CDs of remix songs Total: $63,300
July - August
• Creative: “Join the cannonball club. Meetings held daily next to
• Street teams will hold cannonball contests at local pools
• Takeaway: Participating members will receive a poster exhibiting various Overall Promotional Tracking
cannonball techniques • Focus groups and surveys will be used to measure awareness, involvement
September - October and attitudes of the target related to all Coke promotions
• Creative: “Nothing’s better than an empty wallet and a car full of friends.” • Free media generated by Coke promotions will be tracked by impressions
• Street teams will hand out gas cards to passersby
• Takeaway: Gas card and Coke themed disposable camera that will encourage Budget Grand Total: $1,926,860
consumers to take pictures on their road trip

Public Relations
“The Carnival of Coca-Cola” Auction ($3,000)
Multicultural youth want to take a more active An event will be held to auction off the decorated “Carnival of Coca-
role in their communities, but they often lack Cola” bottles from the promotional event in each of the twelve cities.
opportunities to make a difference. Public The money raised at the auctions will be donated to the organization
relations events allow multicultural youth to that the local campus’ “Coke Cause” supports.
express themselves creatively while making a
Posters and flyers promoting awareness for this event will be PR will
positive impact on the community. posted around the twelve cities and personalized letters will be make community
sent to affluent businesses. Information will be available on
the events section of the website.
involvement a
“The Coke Cause” ($20,000) part of The Coke
“The Coke Cause” is a service organization comprised of students The auctions will also create a unique experience for the artists Side of Life.
located on twenty college campuses. Participating campuses were to see their work being shared with others who are helping to
chosen based upon diversity and size. Colleges include: positively shape the world around them.
Boston College University of Houston
City University of New York University of Illinois “Coke Can Creations” ($15,000)
DePaul University University of Iowa “Coke Can Creations” is an event where multicultural youth create
Emory University University of Maryland Baltimore three dimensional sculptures out of Coca-Cola cans and bottles.
Georgetown University University of Memphis Contestants will be allowed to use any Coca-Cola Classic, Diet Coke
George Mason University University of Miami or Coke Zero can or bottle in order to incorporate a variety of colors
Rutgers University of Nevada Las Vegas in their sculptures. These sculptures will be placed on display at YMCA
Stanford University University of San Francisco centers located within the twelve cities of our campaign. An art show
Temple University University of South Florida will be held at the end of May for the public to view these sculptures,
Texas Austin Wayne State University which will be judged by a panel of representatives from Coca-Cola. The
twelve winners will be sent on an alternative break trip sponsored by
A leader will be chosen for each campus’ student group through Coca-Cola. The trip will be focused on urban restoration and will be
an application process. Buzz for the applications will be created by hosted by NYRP, the New York Restoration Project.
postings on registered student organization websites and flyers around
campus. Fliers promoting the event and creating buzz will be posted at local high
schools, college campuses, art schools and popular urban areas. There
These applications will be available for upload in the events section of will be Coca-Cola products handed out at the art shows, along with and will be reviewed by a Coca-Cola representative. Coca-Cola giveaways such as posters, art cases and portfolio holders.
Coca-Cola will help sponsor an existing organization of the leader’s
choice and its corresponding events through a donation of $1,000. The “Coke Can Creations” event encourages youth to discover their
Research found that 90% of 13-25 year-olds are likely to switch brands creative side and share with others. The artwork will be shared among
if associated with a good cause. Consumers can discover opportunities all participants through and during viewings at
to help philanthropically and shape their communities by stepping up YMCA centers. This event provides a positive social experience to help
as leaders. and to shape the community.

Total PR Budget: $38,000

iDENTITY Advertising’s The Coke Side of Life campaign plans to meet
and exceed Coca-Cola’s goals of increasing brand health and consumption
by 3% in 2008. The following chart details how campaign performance will be

Increase Brand

Define The Coke Side of Life Measure consumer perception of campaign through focus
groups, point-of-purchase intercepts and surveys

Obtain free press and publicity Measure free press generated in TV, radio and print from

Increase web traffic and participation in Measure hits to website, amount of user submissions, and consumer participation in individual online promotions

Increase traffic to Measure web traffic, new-user registration, and new reward
suggestion submissions

Increase Consumption
Increase sales at vending machines Measure changes in sales during “The Chosen Few” and
“Message in a Bottle” promotions

Increase in-store sales Measure sales changes in stores with point-of-purchase

executions and overall in-store sales
Campaign Wrap-Up
Campaign Summary Production 5%
iDENTITY Advertising began planning The Coke Side of Life cam-
paign by searching for an idea that would connect multicultural youth. Direct Marketing 7.8%
Following exhaustive research, one clear characteristic emerged as the
powerful force uniting this market. From there, the Social Networking Promotions 13%
Lifestyle was born. That lifestyle defined a powerful creative strategy
that perfectly united multicultural youth, the Coca-Cola brand and
the Social Networking Lifestyle.
Traditional Media 30.3%
iDENTITY’s attention-grabbing creative executions are flawlessly on
strategy. They incorporate a modified Dynamic Ribbon to represent
the brand along with headlines and active silhouettes that define the
Social Networking Lifestyle and multicultural youth. Concept testing
with these executions reaffirmed the impact of the creative.

To ensure these executions reach the multicultural youth in a relevant

way, iDENTITY’s media plan maximizes the impact of a limited bud-
get. By placing the creative where multicultural youth are, the cam- Non-Traditional Media 43.4%
paign will communicate a complete understanding of the Social Net-
working Lifestyle. iDENTITY’s The Coke Side of Life campaign is
perfectly integrated into consumers’ lives.

Discover iDENTITY Advertising’s The Coke

Side of Life campaign. Share the campaign
with the multicultural youth. Shape the Coca-
Cola brand to fit a new generation. Choose
iDENTITY Advertising and live The Coke Side
of Life. Traditional Media $4,542,109
Non-Traditional Media $6,508,520
Media Production $750,000
Direct Marketing Total $1,166,906
Promotions Total $1,926,860
Public Relations Total $38,000
Contingency $67,605
Budget Total $15,000,000

Illinois 2007 NSAC Team Sources

Co-Chairs American Advertising Federation

Kim Peterik Arbitron, Inc.
Jon Parise Clear Channel
Frank Vanderwall Coca-Cola
Meghan Brattin Fact Pack
Greg Morrison Harris Interactive Trends
Special Thanks To Magazine Publishers of America
The Creative Department MarketingVox
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Nora Kaufman 2006 Study: Teens Connect
Matt Lyle 2000 US Census
Becca Han
Matt Doherty
Sam Schultz
Andrea Kroeger
The 2007 NSAC Team
AAF: AdClub at Illinois

Faculty Advisor
To Steve Hall: We could not ask for a
better advisor. Each and every year you
continue to be an amazing source of
help and guidance in this competition.