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The Time Machine

Point of View

Chapters 1 2: Who is telling the story? How do you know the

narrator is a character in the story? (give a direct reference
from the text) Why did the author tell the story in first-person
rather than from an omniscient or limited third-person point of
view? In what ways do the narrators thoughts and feelings
reflect our own?
Chapters 3 4: Consider how the point of view shifts in the
third chapter. The narrative is still in first person but has
changed. Explain the change and the reason for the change.
What advantage does shifting the point of view give the writer
and ultimately the reader? What is the advantage of having a
sober and reliable narrator who is not the Time Traveller?
What are the disadvantages of a first person point of view
(both the narrator and the Time Traveller)?
Chapter 10 epilogue: how is the first person narrative used
to best effect in the final chapter and epilogue?