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iMovie Lesson Plan: Colors for Kindergarten

By: Kaitlyn Schulenberg, Audrey Barrett, Meghann Torchia and Tara Littrell
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Elementary Education
Kindergarten Mathematics
Sorting and Classifying Objects Based on Color
Lets Learn Colors!
Print: Sort and Classification worksheet. The double sided worksheet would contain, one
side for students to sort their pack of skittles into separate colors, and the second side has
pictures to color of various objects. This will demonstrate what the students have learned
and show how well their comprehension of this concept so far.
Non Print: YouTube to access the Colors for Kindergarten video.
With this lesson students will meet two of the Nebraska Mathematics Standards.
Specifically, students will be developing the Mathematics 0.3.1.a standard and the
Mathematics 0.4.1.a standard. The Mathematics 0.3.1.a standard will allow students to
sort objects by relationships, like color, shape, or size, and within the Mathematics 0.4.1.a
standard, students will be able to sort and classify objects according to their attributes,
such as size, color, or shape. This lesson will focus primarily on the attribute of color. The
students will be able to explore the various colors of the rainbow by being shown each
color, and then by looking at examples of items with those colors represented. In the end,
students will have the ability to sort, classify, represent, describe, and compare sets of
objects by their colors. Overall, students will meet one of the most basic standards of the
Nebraska Mathematics Standards for Kindergarten.
This project will help to establish an understanding of basic colors (red, orange, green,
purple, and blue). Students will be able to identify and sort the colors both in the
classroom setting and also with real world objects. By practicing with the colors of
skittles in front of them they will learn to sort and identify the basic colors they
commonly see around them. They will need to remember how to distinguish differences
among different objects and each of the color titles. To get the most out of this
assignment students will have to pay full attention to the many objects around them that
contain these key colors to understand how these colors affect our everyday lives.
We will need to provide each student with an individual bag of skittles, which will serve
as a manipulative, so the students can actively examine the colors, as well as have the
opportunity to sort them. The students will receive napkins as well so that the skittles will
not have to be placed on the table. Along with the skittles and napkin we will be giving
the students the worksheet to help them work through sorting and understanding the
colors. A computer will be needed to access the YouTube video, as well as a projector so
the video can be easily displayed for the students. At the end of the lesson, colored
pencils and/or crayons will be handed out so the students can finish the back of their
Objective 1: Watch Colors for Kindergarten video to introduce students to color concepts
Objective 2: Have students sort their pack of skittles by color onto one side of the
worksheet to demonstrate understanding of concept

Preparing the

Objective 3: Have students color in various images on other side of worksheet to

demonstrate understanding of concept
To prepare for this lesson, students will have to have some basic knowledge of the main


Assessment of


of Success

colors of the rainbow. The students will also have to be familiar with grouping similar
objects together. From this prior knowledge the students should be able to properly grasp
the lesson.
Students will be learning through all of the stages of Blooms Taxonomy:
Create: Students will use the knowledge learned through this lesson to color in the
basic drawings using the colors that would be used for those objects (fire trucks
are red, bananas are yellow, etc.)
Evaluate: Students will need to evaluate their own work and the information they
are gaining through their skittle sorting exercise.
Analyze: Students will analyze key information about each color. They will
knowingly be comparing each color to the others.
Apply: Students will need to apply the information that they already have on
colors in order to properly sort and fill in each worksheet.
Understand: Students must understand the differences between colors and the fact
that no matter what these colors are always titled with the same name that goes
with the corresponding color.

Introduce the concept of color and the overall objective to students

Watch Color for Kindergarteners video to introduce information to students
Distribute a worksheet and pack of skittles per student and instruct students to sort
the skittle by color into the assigned spots on the worksheet
Have students flip the worksheet over and color in the images on the other side
with the appropriate color
Review the information covered in the video and activity to ensure students fully
understand the concept of color
Success on this project will be measured by having the students sort their skittles and
checking if they sort them properly, and if they show an understanding of commonly
used, basic colors through the coloring sheet. Students will be able to show their success
through efforts made throughout the lesson based on participation and presentation of
learned knowledge. Also, completion of the worksheet properly will show the students
level metacognition by forcing them to think through the differences and labels of each
color learned. By understanding the differences of colors, it will show the students have
reached a higher level of metacognition. Hopefully the students will be able to take the
content learned in this lesson and put it towards their future understanding of the basic
colors seen around them (fire trucks are red, basketballs are orange, etc.) We hope that
through this lesson, the students will be able to properly sort out and label each of the
basic colors. Once they have learned these basic colors there is no limit to where their
learning can go!

Worksheet Template:

Name: ___________________

What color