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Tamia Powell
Instructor: Malcolm Campbell
UWRT 1101
October 13, 2014

Mid-Term Reflective Letter

As the semester progresses, I feel like I am somewhat improving as a writer but not as
much as I should be. However, this class is making me think on a deeper level. For example, for
the first major assignment, which was the Genre Analysis, I was forced to analyze the concept of
a game show and its properties. Rather than just viewing the game show and writing about it, we
had to identify the conventions and constraints, the audience, and its purpose.
One aspect of the class that I really enjoy is the peer reviewing. I did not think I would
enjoy others, besides the professor, reviewing my work simply because I do not particularly
enjoy other critiquing my work but this is a very beneficial factor when it comes to getting a
decent grade on an assignment. My peers aid me primarily in the revision stage of my paper.
They mainly have helped me with my grammar mistakes and also offer advice to improve
aspects of my writing. For example, on the literacy narrative assignment, one of my peer review
partners suggested I add more detail when describing my teacher and the setting of the
classroom. Instead of just saying Ms.Fletcher was a teacher who expected nothing but the best
from her students, I said Ms.Fletcher, the natural headed English guru who was a proud
graduate of Elon University and never forgot to mention it nearly every class, was one of those


teachers that expected nothing but the best from her students and maybe thats why we did not
like her.
Thus far, I believe the genre analysis assignment was my most important and best work. I
feel this way because usually I only enjoy writing informal papers. However, I enjoyed the
process of breaking down the components of a game show. I received a really good grade on the
assignment and I believe that is due to my interest in the subject and the time in which I prepared
to finish the paper. I began the paper nearly three weeks before the deadline which allowed for
more revision time and more time for my peers to review my work. Because this paper called for
research of the subject, it helped me in my goal to become a better formal writer and improve in
my research skills for not only English classes but other classes that call for research such as
The main weakness I experience in my writing is not being detailed or thorough enough.
This has improved since I have been enrolled in this course. This is mainly because certain
papers require more thorough thinking (which results in more detailed writing) and we also must
meet a requirement of pages. My main strengths include preparation for writing the paper and
being able to get my point across in the paper. I think this has also improved tremendously
during the semester.
For the remainder of the semester I will reflect on all the particulars of my writing in
which I could use more help. After every major assignment, I will continue to reflect on the
process that I used when approaching the assignment and also reflect on whether I attempted to
improve the weaknesses that I have identified above.