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International Week Second Grade Project


Project Due Date: Dec. 8th

Dear parents,
Our second grade class is researching the country of Turkey
for International Week, which starts Dec. 8th. We will be learning about
various topics related to the country in class, as well as creating a few art
For the at-home project portion, all students will need to research one topic.
They will need an empty cereal box to complete this project. Please read the
directions for the construction of the cereal box project below very carefully
and let me know if there are any questions.
Students should choose

only one of the following topics to present:

1) Geography

8) Government

2) Masjids

9) Cultural Activities

3) Art/Architecture
4) Sports
5) Clothing

10) Religion
11) Historical Facts

6) Important Landforms
7) Kids lives in Turkey (what do they do for fun, school,etc.)

* Please see reverse side for project directions.*

Cereal Box Project Directions:

1) Choose one of the topics above to research. You can use library books or the Internet. Find at least 4
pictures and facts about the pictures related to your topic.

2) Cut the front cover of the cereal box on three sides (top, right hand side, and bottom). This leaves the
left side still attached and it will become the cover that will function as a flap that you can open to look
inside.resembling a books cover.

3) Cover the cereal box with construction paper, wrapping paper, etc.
4) On the cover, write the title of the topic you are presenting, such as Mosques in Turkey, and glue or
draw a few pictures to decorate the outside of the box. Make sure your name is on the front as well.
Decorate it and MAKE IT LOOK NICE!!!
5) Inside the cereal box, once you open the cover, you will put pictures of your topic and write details about
each picture on paper or an index card, and glue everything down. For example you can find and print a
picture of the Blue Mosque, and next to it write down information you learned about the Mosque.
6) You should have at least 4 different facts/pictures inside the box related to the topic you chose.
This project is MANDATORY and will be assigned a large grade for Social Studies. Projects not
completed will receive zero credit.
It is due Monday, Dec. 8.
It can be handed in BEFORE that as well.

**Students will be PRESENTING their project to the class. So please make sure they know what
they are writing down and can explain everything in their own words. This will also be part of the
grade. **
Thank you,
-Sr. Amna-