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[Second Schedule] ‘SECOND ScHEDULE UNIFORM BUILDINGS BY-LAWS 1984 Fox A CERTIFICATION OF BUILDING/STRUCTURAL PLANS (for endorsement on plans to be submitted for approval) (By-law 3 (1) (c) and 16 (2)) To the Local Authority, I certify that the details in the plans namely on Lots... for... are in accordance with the requirements of the Uniform Building By-laws 1984 and 1 accept full responsibility accordingly. Submitting Person Name Address Registration No. ..... Class 95 [Second Schedule] UNIFORM BUILDINGS BY-LAWS 1984 Fonw B NOTICE OF COMMENCEMENT/RESUMPTION OF BUILDING OPERATIONS, (By-law 22 (1) and (2)) To the Local Authority, T give notice that after the expiration of 4 days from the date of receipt of this notice I intend to commence/resume building operations namely: .. . Jalan. .» for.. in accordance with the Approved Plan No. .. Dated Submit Name Address .. Registration No. ... Class ... 96 [Second Schedule} UNIFORM BUILDINGS BY-LAWS 1984 Form C NOTICE OF COMPLETION OF SETTING OUT (By-law 23) To the Local Authority, Icertify that the setting out of the building/s namely .... Section. has been carried out in accordance with— *(a) approved plans; or. () approved plans with amendments for which I undertake to submit amended plans for approval before the building is completed, 1 accept full responsibility for ensuring that the amended sitting of the building will be in accordance with all the town planning and building requirements. jubmitting Person Name ... Address .. Registration No. Class . . . . aaa en nnnSSnSR OSORNO Delete whic is inaphabe. 97