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Matter Unit Test (Answer Sheet)

Part 1:L Fill in the Blank

Fill in the blank with the correct word from the word bank. (1 point each)
Word Bank





A liquid is things such as soda, water, and juices.

2) Matter that keeps it shape and size is a solid.

3) When a liquid cools down and changes to a solid it is freezing.
4) Sublimation is when a solid becomes a gas without passing through the liquid phase.
5) Matter is anything that takes up space and has weight.
6) Matter that can freely change its shape and size is a gas.
7) A feature or quality that can be used to describe something is a property.
8) When a liquid gains enough energy to become a gas, the change is called vaporization.
9) Condensation is when a gas cools down enough to become a liquid.
Part 2: Multiple Choice
Write the correct answer for each multiple choice question on the line provided. (1 point each)
__B__10) During the water cycle, plants give off water. This process is called:
a. Property
b. Transpiration
c. Condensation
d. Runoff
__C__ 11) What is an Extreme weather that involves little to no rainfall and causes a shortage of water?


b. Liquid
c. Drought
d. Hurricane

__A__ 12) What is the type of precipitation that forms and falls as a liquid, and is smaller than 5mm in


b. Snow
c. Hail
d. Tornado
__D__ 13) The water cycle is:

The cycle the Earth follows as it revolves around the sun.

b. The cycle bugs go through to become adults.

c. The cycle plastic goes through as it is being made in a factory.
d. The cycle water goes through, including evaporation, condensation, precipitation,
transpiration, and runoff.
__A__ 14) A hurricane is:

A tropical storm with high winds that forms over warm regions of the ocean.

b. A type of matter that always keeps its shape.

c. A type of weather that occurs over land and involves thunder and lightning.
d. A storm that occurs over land and involves snow causing low visibility.
__C__15) What is a tornado?

A light snowstorm that occurs during June.

b. A very strong wave.

c. The name for a sunny day.
d. A cyclone of wind that occurs on land, usually occurring during a thunderstorm.
Part 3: Short Answer
Using complete sentences, answer the following questions. (2 point)
The answers provided below are guidelines. Any logical answer following these lines will do.
16) What is a thunderstorm?
A thunderstorm is when water vapor condenses into clouds causing rain. Within those clouds is static
electricity which causes lightning which can occur within the cloud itself or touch the ground.
17) How does hail affect us?
Hail can cause a lot of damage. It can put dents into cars, destroy power lines, knock out the
electricity, destroy roofs, and/or break windows.
18) Explain the process of condensation.

Condensation is the process in the water cycle when water vapor cools down and gathers together
until it forms a cloud.
19) What is the difference between drizzle and rain?
Rain and drizzle are very alike, but their size is what makes them different. Drizzle must be less that
5mm in diameter while rain is larger than 5mm in diameter.
20) What is runoff?
During precipitation, water runs along the ground until it collects in bodies of water. The process of it
moving along the ground is called runoff.
Part 4: Essay
Answer the following question using complete sentences. (5 points)
21) What is the water cycle and how does it work?
This answer must include:
Evaporation-water changing from a liquid into gas from the ground
Transpiration-water changing from a liquid into a gas from plants
Condensation-water vapor changing from a gas to a liquid, forming clouds
Precipitation-The liquid in the clouds becomes too heavy, so it falls as precipitation
Runoff/groundwater-the water gathers in large pools
It is a cycle, never stopping, but continuing through the cycle forever.
Bonus (.25 points/each type)
Name as many types of precipitation as you can.
Rain, drizzle, sleet, freezing rain, snow, hail