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Meditation for Balancing Moon Centers

For Women only

This meditation balances the moon centers, the outer moon
effect, the inner moon cycle and one's own zodiac moon effect.
It also balances the glandUlar system.
Lying on tbe stomach, place the chin on the ground, and
keep the head straight. The should be along si~e the body,
with th~ pa1ms of the hands facing upwards.
The Panj Shabad, Sa ,7'll . Na Ma is the mantra or. this medi tatioz:

Sa--Infinity, cosmos, beginning

Ta--Life, existence
Na--Death. totality
Ma-Rebirth, resurrection
The mantra should be chanted silently, while the eyes are focused
at the brow point. !ieditate on the sound current coming in througl:
the :crown of the head {the tenth gate) and flowing out through the
eenter of the forehead (third eye pol.nt). c.r eating an "L"

As you mentlllly repeat the

finger to the tip Of the thumb,
to the thumb, on ~Na'' press the
"Ma .. press the little finger to

vibration of 11 Sa", press the index

on '"Ta .. , press the midqle finger
ring finger to the thumb, and on ,
the thumb.

The breath will requlate itself.

from 3-31 minutes.

Continue in this manner

This meditati on is the highest meditation for a woman and

should be done before any meditation on earth. It is one of the
most creative meditations, one can break any habit with it.