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Narrative Reports


Introduction ( On what you are doing in OJT)

In my first day in OJT at Pag-Ibig Fund, it was March 31,2014 at exactly 8:00 am in
the morning the HR of Pag-Ibig Fund assign me at Mutual Contribution Department and
my first task is to arrange a transact record of Pag-Ibig Fund in a whole day. In day 2
until the end of my OJT in Pag-Ibig Fund my maam assign me to arrange the records and
also the receipt of Pag-Ibig Fund. At exactly 12:00 am in a afternoon me and my Co- OJT
friends eat a lunch at the 4th floor canteen at Pag-Ibig Fund. And after the lunch break at
exactly 1:00 pm in a afternoon we came back at work at exactly 1:00 pm at exactly 5:00
pm in a afternoon and that time we are done in a 8 hours of duty in a day .
To hold on this On the Job Training MARVIN G. REMEDIOS a Business
Administration major in Financial Management has chosen Pag-Ibig Fund as a training
ground in promoting professionalism.


Goals \ objective of the On the Job Training

a. Office Management Skills
Pag-Ibig Funds provide a opportunities to the actual Methodologies that me I use in
a work in the Future.
b. Personal Skills
Gain more Knowledge
Gain a self confidence
Be a Responsible
Time management


Core Values of the Organization being observed

The following Organization Values that I learned

Every one of the employee their commit the attitude of someone who works
Every hard to do or support something.

Integrity it is important to have these because of integrity the quality of being

honest and fair is there.

Politeness also is really important because having or showing the good manners
or respect for other people is socially the correct manners to employees


Confidentially being of these as a employee containing

An Evaluation of my training
The Office Procedure that I learned and applied

Familiarize the members and recording



Proper answering the phone

We have the confidence to talk the people

Activities /task that I performed in the company




Answering the phone

Trusting to deliver the important files to other department

Problems that I encounter during training

The problems that I encounter during the training at Pag-ibig Fund when sometimes I
got a mistake in encoding and the solution that I use in my mistake is us my boss and
lessened so that we learned about your mistake.


Self assessment
I can say that in my on the job training, I really learned a lot of things in
terms of my training and development in my course such as encoding, filing,
answering the phone and trusting to deliver the important files to other
department. But above else is that my competency in working towards my
responsibilities in relation to my course it is easy for me to understand things
following to my working environment in the office that in line with my course
being a business administration major in finance.