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Moore 1

Russia D. Moore
Professor Dabian T. Witherspoon
English 102-01
September 29, 2014

A World Changing

Most colonists would argue that any and all change is good and that their way of life is
the best. In some ways, the colonization of Puerto Rico did make some improvements, but at a
steep price. In the early years, the Spanish empire was a key part of the colonization, until the
Americans came. Puerto Rico became a huge part for the both the Spanish and Americans
because of all of the trading between Europe to Cuba, Mexico, central south and north Americas.
There are many effects from the colonialism of Puerto Rico by Americans such as immigration,
culture, and even from an economic stand point.
Immigration is the action of leaving there native country coming to live permanently in
another country. From1900 to 2000 there have been 1,220,573 Puerto Ricans coming to the U.S.
And now all Puerto Ricans are American citizens and can come to America for free, safe and
have every opportunity that everyone else has (Whalen). And with this Puerto Rico is starting to
see its self as being one with the US because the US is acknowledge them even though they are
so small.

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When the Spanish American War ended in 1898 Puerto Rico and Cuba was the last two
Spanish colonies which the U.S. took control over. Puerto Rico is known as a common wealth
and not a state. Since Puerto Ricans are now citizens they make up 1.3 percent of the population
(Deane). Also if they stay in the country of Puerto Rico they cannot vote in the presidential
elections but if they already live in the States they are able to vote in presidential elections
(Deane). Even though there not a state they are so close to the U.S. that they even have the same
currency as the U.S. they are in the U.S. armed Forces, they use the U.S. postal Service and even
their capital has an American flag on the top (Deane). And with the language of course before
the Spanish, the natives had their own language and when the Spanish came they took on some
aspects of their language into their own. And in 1492 when the Americans came the Puerto
Ricans picked up on their language and added more different dialects into their language. Also
when the Spanish brought African slaves to Puerto Rico they started to be around the natives and
began to have off spring and when the Americans came they started to have off spring with them
and thats how Puerto Rico has so many different skin colors and how their way of life is today.
This makes Puerto Rico think that this makes them fit in and as one nation.
From when Puerto Rico was first colonized by the Americans till today theres been
many different types of economic changes. After World War II Puerto Ricos whole government
system was about to collapse in on itself and the colonial government doesnt have too many
options open (Rodriguez). They cannot enter their own trade agreement since theyre under U.S.
control but its still a long process (Rodriguez). This makes Puerto Rico feels as if they are
helpless as a nation because they cannot trade but at the same time involved because the US has
to do it for them.

Moore 3

America has had plenty to do with the shaping of Puerto Rico; some has been good and
some has been bad. Though the years Puerto Rico has been through a lot from the rise and fall of
finances, different people from different places brought something from their way of life to the
natives of Puerto Ricos culture. Also becoming a common wealth of the US changed the
immigration from then and now. As for the United States and Puerto Rico, still has a long way to
go to become perfect but we are both off to a good start.

Moore 4

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