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Universidad Catlica de la Santsima Concepcin

English Pedagogy
Teaching Practice
Class: Communicative Competence Initial II

Date of lesson:
18 / 11/2014

Time of lesson:

School: UCSC

Length of
60 minutes

name: Mara Jos
Acua Contreras

Main Aim:
At the end of the lesson students will be able to express personal agreement or disagreement through a debate of controversial topic

Exponent(s): I agree with / I disagree with

Assumed Knowledge:
Use of personal pronouns
Vocabulary related with personal
Use of comparative form.

Target Language:
Pronoun + agree + preposition (with )
Pronoun + disagree + preposition (with )

Anticipated Problems: lack of vocabulary

worksheet with vocabulary.

Adapted from University of Sussex

.. and Solutions: Teacher provides S.s with a

PPP with the main elements of the
Worksheet whit useful language



What I am going to do

What I am going to say

Instructions, CCQs, Feedback,etc


Teacher introduces the topic of the Have you ever seen a debate?
lessons by asking students questions. In which contexts you can see
What do you think it is the purpose
of a debate?



5 min


10 min

T- S.s

Debates are and excellent way to

Teacher explains students the main practice speaking fluency; because
advantages and key elements of a it gives you the freedom to express
First of all we will see what a
debate is and the key elements
that a debate should have.
As you can see in a debate the two
fundamental elements are two
positions that are opposite so one
of you should be for and the
other one against


Teacher introduces the first activity,

which is a sign game in which
students have to assume a position
according to controversial topics.

Now we will play a little game in Speaking

which I will give you two signs, one
of them will say FOR and the other
Next I will show you several
controversial and arguable topics
and you will show me your signs
according to your personal
preferences, make sure that you
are able to back up your positions.

Now here is a list of expressions

that you can use to express
agreement or disagreement


Teacher introduces the next activity

that is a game called Balloon
Debate, in which students have to
defend their ideas with arguments in
order to keep themselves inside the
basket of an imaginary hot balloon.


The next thing we are going to do is

a game called Balloon Debate
The idea is that you imagine that
you are together in a hot air
balloon that is rapidly falling.
One person must be thrown
overboard in order to save the
others, but who will it be?
Each participant must make a
speech saying why they should be
allowed to stay in the
This continues, until only one pupil
is left in the balloon. Pamela will be
the judge! And you need to defend
yourself with argument

T- S.s



Teacher provides instructions for the Now we will work in pairs, we will
last activity in which students will create a mini debate, two of you
have to debate about The use of will be in the for team and the
other two in the against team
Spanish in an English class
The topic to be discussed will be

The use of Spanish in an

English class you will try to

T- S.s
S.s - S.s.

persuade the other team to your

point of view and you will have 10
minutes to prepare. And 10
minutes to present 5 minutes per
team, If you have any vocabulary
or content questions, please ask

Teacher ends the lesson by asking S.s To sum up with I would like you to
the main advantages of a debate for think about which you considerer
developing speaking fluency.
are the advantages of debating.

The lesson plan was apply fairly well on my opinion. The students seem to be
engaged with the class methodology, and the topics used on the debate were really contextualized and
easy to follow for them. The teacher was able to reach all the stages of the planning, the students were
able to produce a debate between them using the structures taught in class. At times the topics seem to
be too heavy in content to be treated in one class, as the ones related with educations such as The use
of Spanish in an English class. However, I think that the class and the activities were really useful for the
students as they shown at the final discussion of the class. There were no major inconvenients during the
development of the class.