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The feeling of loneliness brings people in search

of friendship closer together through Facebook

so they do not feel isolated.

Does Facebook Make you

Feel Lonely?

- Discusses how the feelings of

loneliness bring people closer
together through Facebook in
search of friendship.
- Experts found out the lonelier
someone is, the longer they would
spend their time on Facebook.

Lonely people share too

Discusses how people disclose

personal information on Facebook,
in order to not feel so lonely.

Most of these users shared their

relationship status and home
address publicly instead to just their
close friends.

Compared to non-lonely people, lonely

people spend more time on Facebook.
Lonely individuals who are shy or have
low social support may turn to Facebook
to compensate for their lack of social skills
and/or social networks in face-to-face
settings (Does Facebook make you

This picture shows how she

is inside and not talking to
people outside of her

This picture shows how

involved she is with

Is Facebook really making people more lonely?

Facebook has no real friendships and it is just for phonies
lonely people are already loners in real life
If you are lonely go outside and meet someone face-to-face
Facebook alienates people from meeting people outside of social media

Friend Me if You Facebook: Generation Y and Performative


Discusses panoptocism
Many people are watching social media on Facebook just like actors on a stage
know that an audience is watching them.
Members of the Facebook community use it to build their so-called real
friendships. People offer themselves up for surveillance, known as unchanging

The Construction of Self in Social Medias, Such as Facebook

Discusses social construction through Facebook because Facebook is basically its

own social world.
Facebook opens up new possibilities for people to present themselves.

Facebook is a social
construction of reality.

This picture shows how

Facebook is taking over
peoples lives and how it is
like a prison. Facebook is a
form of social network like a

UNICEF Tap Project and agency Droga 5 challenged people to turn their
Facebook network into a fundraising network to help provide clean water for
people in need.
Just access the app and for every 10 minutes you do not touch your phone, sponsor
Armani will provide clean water for a child in need.

Randi Zuckerberg says a temporary disconnect from the internet will not hurt and
can help people connect with their friends better.
"Unplugging and connecting to people in the real world ...just strengthens the
relationships you have with them online as well (Randi Zuckerberg).

This video is called You need to get off Facebook and it explains how there is
more in life than just talking to people online.

- The conversation surrounding this event is whether or not social media is a good
thing to meet people online.
- The reaction of the public is if you cannot be alone, then you will be lonely.
- The government can relate to this video by seeing how it had a positive impact on
the people who watched it.
- These social activisms can be effective to the public by showing them that there is
more to life than just talking to people on Facebook.
- There is logos in all of these social activisms by showing the use of reasoning to
stay off of Facebook. There is also ethos by showing the emotion of his or her own
individual arguments.

This picture explains that there is

more to life than Facebook and
people talk to their real friends
outside of that.

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