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There is a Side to Every Story: The Civil War in

South Carolina
Miss Haveners 3rd Grade Social Studies Class
In class, we have been studying
about the Civil War in South
Carolina and how each side had
their own opinions about why they
were fighting.
I want you to look at the resources
found below and make a Prezi
presentation about why the North
was fighting or why the South was

This video is a short, quick review about the Civil War between the Union and
the Confederacy
This video is about slavery during the Civil War
Here is a timeline overview of the Civil War
This page talks about the surrender of Robert E. Lee
Here is the vocabulary list for this unit
This website has some quick overview points about the
Civil War
This is a free video about the Civil War
This website answers why the Southern States left the Union
Here is a website about the leader of the Southern states
during the civil war
Commander of the Confederate Army
On this website it has the point of view of why the
confederacy succeeded from the Union

Here is a website about the life of Abraham Lincoln and why he
was fighting for the union
On this webpage (if you scroll down) has the point of view of why
the Union entered into the war.
This page is about the Unconditional Surrender Grant
This video is about the Civil War President (Lincoln)

This page talks about what life was the daily life during the civil war
On this page it talks about the life as a solider during the civil war
This webpage is an overview about what happened to both sides after the war
was over
This webpage has maps and facts pertaining to both sides of the Civil War.
On this website it has listed the many different causes and effects of the Civil