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I work as Engineer II in the Bridge Section of Planning and Design Division in

Department of Public Works and Highways Regional Office which deals with the
construction, rehabilitation and improvement of national roads, bridges, flood control
and other public structures.
1. The people who have reported to me in the past would describe my management
style as democratic management style.
2. My reporting staff members would describe my strengths as a motivator and a
team player while my weakness dependent on others ideas for my decisions.
3. There was a time when I talked to him personally with his performance and how
can he addressed to improve it. I gave him time to improve but when things stay
the same, I gave some of his responsibility to the other employee.
4. I rate myself on a scale of 7. When my team was assigned to do a certain task I
search for possible outcomes, ask my teams ideas, formulate best strategies to
achieve such, I let them do their specific task and encourage them to be
effective, I allow them to talk and communicate to each teams always and gives
feedback when they noticed some problems.
5. I experienced the most success with the management having a democratic style.
We were given the opportunities to share our ideas and be part of the decision
making. I noticed that one of my suggestions was given the preference to be the
decision of the group. It encourages me to be part and I felt belongingness. Our
team leader would always tell me phrases of motivation and how to succeed.
And the team was in collaborative effort of doing the task.
6. There was a time when an individual performed very well exceeding the goals
and sought for additional responsibility. During team meetings, I acknowledged
his performance and allow the whole group to know. This is to encourage other
team member to do the same and at the same time the individual that his
performance became significant to team success. At the other hand, I also talked
to him personally of his performance and it was excellent. And with that, I let him
know that I can give him some responsibilities but with certain limitations.