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Shelby Floyd

ECCE 1103
Observation 1- Infant
1. Name: Mollie Mote
Birthdate: October 14, 2013
Age in Weeks: 52 weeks
Position in the Family: Daughter
Full Term or Premature: Full Term at 38 weeks
Weight at Birth: 5 pounds, 10 ounces
Height at Birth: 19 inches
Complications During Pregnancy: Mother had frequent trips to the hospital for
fluids via IV. She also experienced nausea all nine months. She was on several
medications to help but she couldnt stop throwing up. It was hard to keep
anything down. The mother had a Placenta Previa early on and had to have
surgery and stitches put in. Placenta Previa is when the baby sits too low on the
uterus creating prematurity. So the doctor did a Cervical Cerclage procedure and
put stiches in her cervix to prevent early birth. The problem went away but the
specialist kept the stiches in until 36 weeks for certainty. She was also frequently
Complications During Delivery: She took an epidural which is a numbing fluid
injected into the back to ease the pain from the waist down. She had a C-section
and was glued shut after birth. She refused painkillers afterwards. No extreme
Illnesses Since Birth: Mollie keeps an inhaler for a dry cough. When she was
born, the mother took her to the hospital to check on her breathing because it
sounded raspy. The doctors said it was normal and gave her the inhaler and within
minutes she recovered. She was never diagnosed with asthma though it runs on
the fathers side of the family. She has upper respiratory infections and ear
infections with the weather change.
Life Events: Mother and Father split up before birth.

2. Observation- (See anecdotal notes)

Stage: Mollie is in stage 5. She is now able to follow visible displacements of an
object. She is able to stand on her own momentarily and walk with assistance.

3. She can talk as well. She says small words such as: Ma-ma, Da-da, Gi-gi,
hi, and what sounds like ya. When she falls down she says oh!.
4. Observation- (See anecdotal notes)
5. Mollie is in stage 5. She was given a new object that she had never had the chance
to discover before: a one-dollar bill. She held it in both of her hands and observed
it. Then she put it on the ground and put her feet on hit rubbing it against the
ground. Then she tried to grasp it in her hand but failed a few times before she
could hold it completely. The dollar bill amused Mollie. When I showed took it
from her she wanted it back. I showed her that the object could crumple into a
paper ball. She took it back and repeated what I did many times. Mollie realized
that more she observed the dollar, more things happened. There was more of an
outcome each time she played.
6. The mother informed me that Mollie is a very happy healthy baby. She enjoys
playing with her twin sister and smiles daily. She hardly ever cries. When she
does cry its because she is tired and cranky which is very common.
7. Mollie has a twin sister named Charlotte. They are identical twins. Mollie is the
more outgoing child. She takes charge in most situations. She is also protective of
her sister. She comforts her sister when she cries. They get along very well.