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Running Head: Discovering My Strengths

Discovering My Strengths
Lauren S. Bailey

Running Head: Discovering My Strengths

What would life be like if everyone on the face of the planet was the same? It is a thought
provoking question. Mans varied characteristics and strengths definitely prevent life from
becoming boring the vast majority of the time. Using the Gallup Strength Finder Quiz gave me a
comprehensive list of my top five strengths, and to my surprise, it was an extremely accurate list.
The Gallup Strength Finder Quiz informed me that my top five strengths are Ideation, Input,
Analytical, Connectedness, and Restorative. Each of these entail a list of characteristics
that generally follow along with the aforementioned strength.
Upon receiving my results, I emailed them to my oldest and closest friend, Sierra
Bowling. She was shocked at the accuracy of the test. She commenced to tell me that the
majority of the characteristics listed under my top 5 strengths basically summed me up, and that
the uncanny accuracy was almost scary.
First, Ideation basically states that I am fond of ideas and abstract concepts and that I
love learning. Characteristics that accompany this strength include innovative problem solving, a
rich vocabulary, mentally archiving data, a yearning for challenging environments, a tendency to
get bored very easily, and objectivity when confronted with potentially confusing situations. All
of these are extremely true for me. I like using logic when confronted with problems. I also love
learning and continually feed my brain with articles and educational television shows. I pride
myself with an extensive vocabulary and oftentimes catch myself having to dumb things down
for my audience. I like spur of the moment challenges and I love environments where
problems and situations that arise are largely unanticipated. I enjoy adapting to such scenarios.
Second, Input states that I love philosophical conversation, learning, and have a serious
and sober side to my personality. It also tells me that I enjoy using a sophisticated vocabulary,
and associate a well-developed vocabulary and its usage with power. This is all entirely accurate.

Running Head: Discovering My Strengths

I often times catch myself using my extensive vocabulary to demonstrate that I am, indeed,
intelligent. Its purely a subconscious effort, and I have only recently discovered this about
myself. In addition, one of my favorite past times would definitely be having meaningful and
philosophical conversations with people. I find it extremely invigorating when I do happen
across someone who, like me, enjoys discussing philosophical ideals and theoretical notions.
Third, Analytical states that I search for the reasons and causes that rest behind things,
and that I can be unbiased when evaluating a situation. Characteristics of this strength include a
practical way of thinking, holding the trust of others because of the practical way my mind
works, and a sensitivity towards people who need assistance. These characteristics, much like the
ones that accompany the other strengths, are extremely accurate descriptions of me. I like
thinking in a logical manner and I refuse to be ruled by emotion, but I can still be sensitive
towards people who need my help. Also, I like to examine all sides of an issue before coming to
any conclusions and I enjoy keeping an open mind. I am definitely the type of person that
acknowledges that in many situations and with many subjects, a solid conclusion may not and
may never be reached, because there are far too many factors to form an accurate conclusion or
make an accurate judgment.
Fourth, Connectedness states that I have faith in the links between things.
Characteristics of this strength include unexplainable bonds with certain individuals, a firm
belief that everything happens for a reason, an appreciation for every individuals uniqueness,
and I value people more than I value things. These characteristics are true for me. I love making
connections with people and I like to think that everything is somehow connected to everything
else. I love contemplating the links between things, in more ways than one. I like to think that
everything is connected by the soul. I believe that we, as conscious beings, are tied to each other

Running Head: Discovering My Strengths

in ways that most people, including myself, couldnt possibly fathom. I also appreciate
differences, and I very much value people greater than things.
Fifth, Restorative states that I am a good problem solver. Characteristics of this
strength include the ability to meet deadlines, fix things, and identify potential shortcomings. I
enjoy a challenge when it comes to fixing things. Since I was very young, I have always enjoyed
untying knots. Every year since I was very small, my mother has handed me all of the Christmas
lights when it would come time to hang them up. They would be knotted and tangled so horribly
that any normal person would throw them away and invest in new lights. I would always sit and
untie them as quickly as I could. It has now reached the point that, as I work on untying one
section, I piece together in my mind what direction I should take the next individual knots, as to
do it quicker and more efficiently. It almost sounds absurd, but I consider this relevant. I enjoy
every type of challenge, large or trivial, physical or verbal and intangible. I also pride myself
with always meeting deadlines, although I sometimes tend to procrastinate. I also like to look
ahead to avoid what strength finder referred to as potential shortcomings.
Reading about my strengths and what each one had to entail gave me a better insight to
myself. I have always been a person who analyzed their actions, but Gallup Strength Finder has
given me a somewhat different perspective. I have a greater respect for myself and I admire the
way my mind works somewhat more than I did before. Strength Finder also goes in to great
detail on ways I can develop and refine these strengths, which I intend to take advantage of. With
Strength Finder, I can develop my strengths and they can assist me in the work force (I am a
psychology major on a pre-med track.) I have intentions of earning a Doctorate in Psychology
and I want to work in clinical counseling. Strengths such as Analytical, Ideation, Input,
Connectedness, and Restorative are definitely going to be strengths that I will need in this

Running Head: Discovering My Strengths

particular field. Everyone should discover their strengths, so that they can make the best of them.
Im really glad that I was given the opportunity to discover mine.