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Elizabeth Phan

Kat Pugh
Traveling Discourse Community Essay

Waterhouse 11/14/2014 4:23 PM

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You will always have a reason to stay at home. The thought of making

Waterhouse 11/14/2014 4:22 PM

Deleted: (Rough Draft)

sacrifices to travel can be unsettling for some, but the experience is priceless. Perspective

Waterhouse 11/14/2014 4:24 PM

is what you find, when you travel. Each destination holds its own unique qualities and

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history, while bringing joy and ambition. Generally, a traveler seeks adventure, culture,

Waterhouse 11/14/2014 4:24 PM

leisure, and overall a new learning experience. Traveling serves as a mode of escape from

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everyday life, improves intercommunication culturally/globally, and enables its discourse

community members to gain an evolving perspective to the world around them.
There are two main goals that a traveler may have: leisure or learning
experience. The traveler who seeks leisure from a their trip wishes to get away from
everyday responsibilities, relax, and importantly have fun. In contrast, the traveler who
seeks a new learning experience desires to soak in the details of their new environment.
For example, they may be more interested in becoming educated about culture, style,

Waterhouse 11/14/2014 4:26 PM

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There are/is or This is. It is a weak
construction especially in a topic sentence.

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of discourse community in each paragraph.

and/or language of a destination in addition to having fun. Sometimes when we follow

our daily routines week-by-week, month-by-month, it is easy to forget how fast the year
is passing us by. One is constantly under the pressure to perform their routines in order to
earn a living, support their families, or themselves. The traveler relies on these new
experiences to help them grow and learn what really is important to them in life.
There are several different forms of intercommunication that a traveler
utilizes whilst traveling. Traditional genres of communication amongst travelers include

Waterhouse 11/14/2014 4:28 PM

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advertisements, blogs/websites, and mobile technology. We live in a world where the

media constantly shapes our opinions and perspectives of ideas presented to us; a traveler

Waterhouse 11/14/2014 4:28 PM

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Elizabeth Phan
Kat Pugh
can gain interest to a destination through various advertisements whether it is a
reasonable hotel price or a lowered flight ticket. Technology plays a large role in our
lives by helping us carry out our daily routines quicker and speed up how information is
given out and received from us. A traveler may utilize blogs to obtain thoughts to a
specific destination persuading the traveler to go, while also sharing their experiences so
that someone else can do the same. Additionally, some travelers may use their phones to
during the process of scheduling a trip and/or communicate. For example, texting via a

Waterhouse 11/14/2014 4:29 PM

mobile device would most likely be used between multiple travelers going on a trip


together to stay in touch; not only does can the traveler use their phones amongst travel


members, but they can utilize it for personal communication with friends and family back
In addition to tradition genres of communication, the traveling community
has also acquired basic lexis that in specific to its community. For example, travelers will
need to know the lexis that will be used on their trip. This includes the lexis pertaining to
certain modes of transportation; for example, the lexis used on a ferry will certainly be
different to if the traveler decides to fly to their destination. Moreover, travelers will need
to understand basic lexis of the destination that they are traveling to. Today, most
destinations will have native English speakers present in n area of tourist attraction;
however, it will not only be helpful to the traveler to find his or her way through the trip,
but an overall exciting learning experience. Through experiences that the traveler collects
throughout their trip, the traveler gradually evolves. It is not a complete transformation
where the change is easily pinpointed. Rather, it is an internal evolution that is mentally

Waterhouse 11/14/2014 4:28 PM

Elizabeth Phan
Kat Pugh
and emotionally thrilling for the travelerbeing able to experience something new a
soaking in all of little details that ultimately make their trip memorable.
In conclusion, traveling can expand ones horizons in various ways.
Traveling serves as a mode of escape to gain perspectives that are different from your
own. To experience that there are ideas and opinions out there that you may have never
thought of. It is thrilling experience to physically be somewhere different from your
everyday surrounds and being engulfed in a culture that is entirely different from your
own whether it is in continental or abroad. These qualities are clearly visible within a
member of the traveling discourse communityleaving their souls forever eager, freespirited, and accepting.

Waterhouse 11/14/2014 4:30 PM

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sentences to make it have more impact?