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Barron, H., Bennett, A., Carpenter, J. W., Hoefer, H., Paul-Murphy, J., Tully, T. N. J., & Rich, G.

(January 01, 2014). The veterinary bucket list: what's left to do?. Journal of Avian Medicine and
Surgery, 28, 1, 64-7.
This article consists of an interview of 7 doctors. The interviewer asks each
doctor questions such as How long have you been working as a doctor? and What are
some professional goals you hope to accomplish in the next five years?. The doctors
then each give their responses. The important questions for me were What are some
professional goals you hope to accomplish in the next 5 years? and What are some
personal goals you hope to accomplish in the next 5 years?.
There are several questions in the article that dont necessarily pertain to
bucket lists, but 2 questions in particular are directly related to life goals. The responses
to these questions consist of great examples of life goals. Both questions ask about life
goals, one for professional goals and the other, personal goals. While these arent useful
for information on bucket list items, these responses are good for comparing bucket list
items and life goals.
I think that this article is quite reliable. It was published in The Journal of
Avian Medicine and Surgery. I found it through the library search and it was described
as peer-reviewed.

Manning, J. G. (October 01, 2008). An Astronomical Bucket List. Mercury, 37, 4.)
The author suggests something that they think should be on a lot of peoples
bucket lists: witnessing a total solar eclipse. The author then goes into detail about his
experience witnessing a total solar eclipse.
This if finally a good example of a bucket list item and why it would be on a
bucket list. One reason is that total eclipses dont happen extremely often and dont
occur often in easy to get to locations. It often requires a lot of planning and saved up
money to organize a trip to see a total eclipse. Its also a concrete event that someone
can accomplish in their life with a little planning.
This is a trustworthy source, as its an article in an astronomy magazine. I found
this while searching using the librarys search function. In the description, it was peerreviewed.
"My Bucket List: Hundred of Ideas & Goals." Bucket List Journey Travel Adventure Life Lists.
Web. 29 Nov. 2014. <>.
This is a website that chronicles the ongoing bucket list of a woman named
Annette. This bucket list contains 500+ entries. She has them categorized(Sports,
Transportation, Adventure etc.) and numbered.
This is an example that Ill be using when describing bucket lists that have
hundreds of items and often many of them are small goals.

I think this site is credible. On many of the tasks she already has marked off, she
has even taken a picture of the event.
Patton, R. M. (January 01, 2009). The bucket list. The American Nurse, 41, 6.)
The author starts by briefly overviewing the film The Bucket List starring Morgan
Freeman and Jack Nicholson. Then she goes into a discussion she had with several
other nurses that lead them to discussing their bucket lists. Some of these items were to
end the lack of respect for the critical role that nurses provide and increasing funding for
public nursing.
This is an interesting look into the goals and wishes of nurses, but I have to ask
myself if these are really bucket list items. To me, these are closer to life goals than
bucket list items. Theyre vague and not really concrete things that the individual person
can accomplish. They are more like things the nurses wish would happen to their area of
expertise. While I dont think this will be useful as far as bucket list information is
concerned, it may be useful for comparing life goals vs. bucket lists.
I am confident this is a reputable source as it was an article published in The
American Nurse. I came across it while searching for bucket list in the librarys search
function. Part of the description mentioned that it was peer-reviewed, so I feel that I can
trust this source.

Peterson, Christopher. "Bucket Lists and Positive Psychology." Psychology Today: Health,
Help, Happiness Find a Therapist. 8 Feb. 2011. Web. 29 Nov. 2014.
This article explores psychologically why people make bucket lists. The author
also delves into things he doesnt like about some people who make bucket lists just to
talk about the things theyve done.
This will be very useful throughout the essay as I can consult the article to better
understand the thought processes of someone making a bucket list. The rest of the
article, while interesting, may not be particularly helpful as it goes into the authors
personal preference of people.
I trust this source, because Psychology Today is a magazine dedicated to
modern psychology. Also on the website, there was a link to the authors information. He
is an author and has a PhD in psychology.