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Gabriel Gonzalez
ENC 1101
Mrs. Massey
6 November 2014
Annotated Bibliography: The Militarization of the Police Force
1. Fields, Gary. "The Arizona Shootings: Pistol Built a Reputation on Its Style, Ease of
Use." The Arizona Shootings: Pistol Built a Reputation on Its Style, Ease of Use 12 Jan. 2011,
1st ed.: 1. Print.
The article explains how the Glock, a semi-automatic pistol, has become so popular
between both citizens and the police. In the article, a professor at Syracuse University
explains why the Glock has become so popular over the years. He claims that the reason
the Glock has become so well-known is because of the Glocks rapid fire rate (ability to
shoot multiple bullets at a fast rate) and compactness (relatively small and able to shoot
15 bullets in a single magazine with the extended magazine that can hold 33 bullets). The
Glock, according to experts statements in the article, is widely used by police forces
because the police officers can shoot up to three times the bullets as the crook in extreme
cases. This has made the Glock widely desired among police officers. This has also
unfortunately made the Glock more desirable to criminals for the same exact reasons.
This is why the Glock is being used more and more in shootings, according to the article.
All in all, the Glock has become more desirable for both police officers and criminals
because of its rapid fire rate and compactness.

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2. Gillis, Charlie. "Dying Shame." Maclean's 127.29 (2014): 16-18. Print.

The article explains the ongoing dispute between the RCMP (Royal Canadian Mounted
Police) and their commissioners. The debate is due to the need for semi-automatic
weapons, specifically the Colt C8 Carbine semi-automatic rifle, for the RCMP to better
protect themselves and the people they serve. The RCMP claims that the people they deal
with on a daily basis have access to rifles and shotguns for hunting purposes and
protection. The RCMP has been requesting these rifles for years but their commissioners
have been saying that the costs of the weapons out ways the protection that the guns
would have in the community. There have been many instances where the RCMP and
other neighboring police forces have been out gunned and lost the lives of some of their
own. This is why the RCMP is still pushing to get these weapons. The commissioners
funded a costly $92,000 study to see if the semi-automatic weapons would be worth the
cost, but in spite of the promising results they still claimed it wasnt worth the costs. The
RCMP officers have made a brake through but it still isnt sufficient in their minds
because now there is one Colt C8 Carbine semi-automatic gun for every thirteen on duty
police officers. This debate is continuing because the commissioners arent giving the
RCMP officers adequate protection with most of them paying out of their own pockets to
get necessary equipment like bullet proof vests and attending the needed five day course
to become certified and be able to carry the semi-automatic rifle.

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3. Ionescu, Catalin. "Relatively Analysis of Experimental and Numerical Results in Response to

Impact Between Piercing - Incendiary Bullets and Armoured Skin." Trends in the Development
of Machinery and Associated Technology 1.1 (2008): 829-32. Print.
This article is about an experiment conducted with incendiary bullets and bullet proof
vests. The experiment showed that today there are higher caliber guns that can penetrate
the so called bullet proof vest. The vest is used by all police officers and even the military
for protection. The research shows that the design of the bullet proof vest is to absorb the
impact of the bullet and make the bullet break into pieces. However, the experiment
shows that more and more guns are now able to penetrate the bullet proof vest and some
with ease. The experiment also tested this with bullet proof glass which is also used in
armored cars that are used for multiple purposes from police cars to armored cars to
military trucks. The findings also show similar results except the glass can withstand
more force than the bullet proof vest can. The difference is that the bullet proof vest tries
to deflect the bullet while the glass tries to slow it down and stop it.

4. Levitz, Jennifer. "Town Says 'No Tanks' to Militarized Police; Growing Unease Over
Departments' Use of Vehicles and Gear Designed for Battle." Town Says 'No Tanks' to
Militarized Police; Growing Unease Over Departments' Use of Vehicles and Gear Designed for
Battle 7 Feb. 2014, 1st ed.: 1. Print.
The article explains how Concord, Connecticuts citizens dont want their police force to
become militarized because law makers are passing bills allowing the federal
government to give the police hand-me-down military equipment. The biggest

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equipment they give the police force is the BearCat armored vehicles that are used by
SWAT (Special Weapons And Tactics) and old semi-automatic and automatic weapons.
The article explains how there was a 1,500 people signed petition against the bill that
would allow this. Even though the petition was large it wasnt enough for lawmakers to
rethink it and the bill passed without the citizens approval. The article has Federal
Government spokespeople explaining why they are doing this but others arent in favor
of this idea of militarizing the police. Some citizens believe that the Federal
Government is giving the police too much power with all of the military equipment that
is being handed down to them by the Federal Government. Nevertheless, the bill passed
and some experts are questioning if this will have a beneficial outcome or not.

5. "Russian Police "heavy Armament" Purchases Intended for North Caucasus." Russian Police
"heavy Armament" Purchases Intended for North Caucasus 4 Mar. 2012, 1st ed.: 1. Print.
This article is about how the Russian Police is buying and stocking up on military
equipment. They are buying missiles, armored vehicles, and other military equipment
according to the article. The Russians claim in the article that all of this military
equipment is to be used in case of emergencies, most likely in the North Caucasus
Federal District. The article states that there is a lot of turmoil in that district of Russia
and that the Russian Police have been authorized by the government to end the turmoil at
all costs. The article reports that there is a lot of theft and shootings in that area due to
gangs and rebels that want to overthrow the local government in that district. The article
says how the government in Russia is militarizing the police to be able to deal with the

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problem in the North Caucasus Federal District once and for all so that this problem
wont occur again.

6. Weber, Diane. "Warrior Cops The Ominous Growth of Parmilitarism in American Police
Departments." Warrior Cops The Ominous Growth of Parmilitarism in American Police
Departments. 1st ed. Vol. 50. Virginia: CATO Institute Briefing Papers, 1999. 1-14. Print.
This book is about how the police has been militarized over the past couple of decades.
This is exemplified today especially because this is still occurring now. The book says
how the Federal Government is now funding and giving police departments all over the
United States of America more and more equipment and money. The government is
giving some police departments exposure to Navy SEAL training to be used as regular
training, especially in SWAT. The book shows how the Constitution helps enforce the
militarization of the police with the Second Amendment playing a big role in it. The book
uses many examples of how the police is becoming more and more militarized. The book
also explains the evolution of the police force and how with the help of the Federal
Government and the hand me down weaponry from the military, the police can Protect
and Serve easier and better. The book also gives the positives and possible negatives of
militarizing the police.