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Basic Information

Alisha Reeve
Cowan Jr./Sr. High
Elana Camp
9:04 am, 18 November 2014
Prerequisite Knowledge and Skills for
this Rehearsal
Singing in four distinct parts
Expressive singing, following marked
expressive elements and direction from
Behavioral Objectives
At the conclusion of this lesson students
will be able to:
perform mm. 65-84 of White
Christmas accurately and
expressively, NS1
perform mm. 33 the end
accurately and expressively,
following teachers conducting,
Copies of White Christmas
0:00 Get in the Mood!
Have everyone go around really
quickly and tell me one thing they
like to do during the holidays
Part 1 women will learn, by rote,
mm. 65-68
o Repeat once with me, and
once without me
o Likely will have to fix the
word white
Should be an ah not
Part 2 women will learn, by rote,
mm. 65-68

Accommodations for
Peter has downs syndrome,
he speaks mostly in short
sentences, has some issues
with impulse control, often
has problems expressing
his feelings. If Peter needs
some time away from the
ensemble he can sit in the
front of the class and hold
up premade cards giving
feedback to his peers.
Peters Objectives
At the conclusion of this
lesson Peter will be able to
Perform mm. 65-84
of White Christmas
as accurately as his
ability allows while
maintaining the
steady beat
Perform mm. 33 the
end, while
maintaining the
steady beat
Allow Peter to go first, and
perhaps let him who will go
Peter and all other students
will maintain the steady
beat by patting their leg

o Repeat once with me and

once without
Parts 1 and 2 will put together
mm. 65-68
o Sing the first time with part
2 if needed, if necessary
repeat again

Part 3 (Alto) will learn mm. 65-68
o Repeat once with me, and
once without
All women will sing mm. 65-68
o Sing with Altos if needed
Men will learn, by rote, mm. 65-68
o Make clear that I am
modeling in their octave
and that they should be
singing in unison with me,
not an octave down
o May need to work with
them several times, if they
are struggling have the girls
sing the male part with the
guys so that they arent
sitting idle
o Put all four parts together
mm. 65-68
Ask students to turn to page 10
and look at mm. 81-84
o Look familiar? They are the
same as 65-68. Lets sightread this!
Lets look at mm. 72-76, I think
that enough of us have heard this
piece that we can sight read from
Where to listen
o Might have them do this
again focusing on diction:
treetops glisten etc.
Men will go on and learn from to
hear to the end of mm. 10

Using cards that show

dynamics, smiling, breath,
etc, ask Peter to identify
cards which the girls should
focus on/do better
Peter and other students
will maintain the steady
Repeat the sequence with
the cards used above

Peter will sing with the

other men, instructor will
hold up cards showing
diction, breath etc. that she
wants the students to focus

Peter will have same and

different cards he can use
to identify if they are the
same or different

o Men will sing this section

and go on to m. 81 to get
the transition from the B to
the C
Altos will learn, by rote, the same
o Sing once through with me,
and once through by
themselves starting at to
Men and Altos will sing the section
together starting at the pickup to
o Will have to help the men
find their note on to
Part 1 and Part 2 will learn by rote
from to hear to mm. 10, practice
the split on the word snow
o Run this section once
without me starting from
and children
Put all four parts together from to
Run all four parts from pick up to
73 through m. 84
0:28 Closure:
Run mm. 65-84
Run mm. 33-84, remind students
to focus on dynamics and pure
clear vowels
o Words like Im, white,

Peter will continue to keep

the steady beat during these
sections where he isnt
Peter will sing and keep the
steady beat

Final performance, Peter

will keep the steady beat,
Instructor will place cards
on the board that detail
what she is listening for such
as dynamics, breath support,