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Oliphant 1

Robyn Oliphant
English 1010-043
Professor Michelle Szetela
October 14, 2014
Bulimia Nervosa
An Annotated Bibliography

Abraham, Suzanne, and Derek Llewellyn-Jones. "Bulimia Nervosa."

Palla, Barbara, and Iris F. Litt. "Medical Complications Of Eating Disorders
In Adolescents." Pediatrics 81.5 (1988.): 613. Health Source - Consumer
Edition. Web. 18 Oct. 2014.
Medical Complications occur with eating disorders take place in
anyones life. Adolescents being at such a young age if medical
complications occur can affect them when they are older as well. For
example bulimia nervosa can mess with a young womens menstrual cycle
and when they get older they might not be able to have kids. This article
will help when informing adolescents what bulimia nervosa can do to them
and that it isnt worth hurting them in the future just to have the figure they
want right now.
Benson, Alvin K., and LeAnna DeAngelo. Bulimia. Magills Medical Guide.
Magills Medical Guide (Online Edition), (Jan. 2013.) Web. 7 Oct. 2014.
Bulimia is an online edition that talks about the causes and
symptoms, along with the treatments and therapy given to those who have

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been diagnosed with bulimia nervosa. It goes into explain what happens
to a persons system and body that has been diagnosed with bulimia
nervosa. This article will give a basic background and foundation for
further research on Bulimia Nervosa.
Brown, Carrie, A., and Philip S. Mehler, Successful Detoxing From Commonly
Utilized Modes of Purging In Bulimia Nervosa. Taylor & Francis Group,
LLC. (2012.) Web. 7 Oct. 2014.
Detoxing after commonly purging is a huge step in your recovery
process from bulimia nervosa. Like trying to quit smoking it is just as hard
for a bulimic patient. They want to revert back to what makes them feel
good. In this case what makes them feel good about themselves? It
takes care providers to become familiar with each patient to know which
strategies will work for them. This article will give a deeper understanding
of what people who have bulimia go through to beat their disorder.
Bulimia Nervosa Funk & Wagnalls New World Encyclopedia (2014.): Web 10
Oct. 2014.
In Bulimia Nervosa it gives a length description of what bulimia
nervosa is. It explains how one is diagnosed with this eating disorder and
side effects that come from it. It goes on to explain facts and statistics
about bulimia in the United States today. This article will provide more in
to depth research on the topic of bulimia nervosa.
Developed by Phyllis G. Cooper, RN, MN, and RelayHealth. "Bulimia." CRS

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Adult Health Advisor (2013.): 1. Health Source - Consumer Edition. Web.

18 Oct. 2014.
This article talks about the effect of binging and purging, and how
people who have this eating disorder live their life. When they feel as if
they cant control anything they will eat excessive amount of foods and
then purge. They also exercise frequently so that they look as skinny as
possible. This article brings another insight to bulimia and show that after
binging not everyone purges but some also exercise excessively.
Eating Disorders (Oxford). 189. n.p.: Oxford University Press Inc., New York,
(2001.) Health Source - Consumer Edition. Web. 18 Oct. 2014.
This article talks about how apparent bulimia nervosa is in young
adolescent girls. They usually have a very stressful life and they deal with
it by trying to find something they can control, which in more cases than
one is Bulimia Nervosa. This article will be useful in my research paper
because it shows how the disorder is associated with people.
Furnham, Adrian, and Louise Davidson. Sex Differences In Beliefs About
Bulimia Nervosa. Social Psychiatry & Psychiatric Epidemiology. (2012.)
Web. 7 Oct. 2014.
This research was down to see how likely male or females were to
be become bulimic. The study also continues to see if different strategies
work more effectively on different genders. The study showed few
significant sex differences. Males look for more professional help as
females look more towards self-interventions. This article shows a study

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done based on if bulimia occurs more in a male or female. This will be

good information so that I can direct it more towards that specific
Graves, Bonnie. Chapter Four: Amys Story. Bulimia. Capstone Press, (2000.)
Health Source - Consumer Edition. Web. 10 Oct. 2014.
Amy has bulimia nervosa but keeps it to her self. It all started when
she gained 15 pounds after her 16th birthday. She wanted to make sure
that she looked pretty all the time. At first when she started to binge and
then purge she would only purge after eating fatty foods. After a while
though it got to the point where after everything that she ate she would
purge, she would do it however she could. The research continues to talk
about Amys story and facts, signs of bulimia nervosa. This article does
not entirely provide research of the subject but gives a real life example
and that this is something we should be concerned about shows.
Rust, DawnElla M., and Lowell Caneday. "Eating Disorders Prevention: Taking
The Tiger By The Tail." Physical Educator 52.2 (1995.): 58. Health Source
- Consumer Edition. Web. 18 Oct. 2014.
Preventing eating disorders all together would be the best thing
possible. This way you wouldnt have to try and overcome them after they
have become addictive. This article talks about preventions and fighting
them before they even occur. What can you do to make sure that you
dont fall under the wrath of an eating disorder?

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Seher, Christian L., Binge-Eating Disorder. Todays Dietitian (2012.) Web. 7

Binge Eating is another term for bulimia, eating excessive amounts
of food at one time and following purging because you feel guilty. The
article starts out with a real life example of a woman struggling with BingeEating and follows to talk about the negative outcomes of such a disease;
and what those who have it can do to help themselves and loved ones
around them. This article will give more background research on the
subject and a new look to what bulimia nervosa is.
"Treating Bulimia Nervosa." Harvard Mental Health Letter 26.3 (2009.): 4-5.
Health Source - Consumer Edition. Web. 18 Oct. 2014.
There are many ways to treat Bulimia Nervosa. This article talks
about the recommended treatments to use, behavioral therapy was one of
the many therapies used. This article is helpful and it talks about the
treatments that doctors have used to try and help these patients who
suffer from bulimia nervosa.
Weltman, Elizabeth A., et al. "Weight And Menstrual Function In Patients With
Eating Disorders And Cystic Fibrosis." Pediatrics 85.3 (1990.): 282. Health
Source - Consumer Edition. Web. 18 Oct. 2014.
In Weight and Menstrual Function In Patients With Eating Disorders
and Cystic Fibrosis its all about the effects of what eating disorders do to
your body. It focuses on women and their menstrual cycles and what an

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unhealthy diet leads to. This article shows what these unhealthy diets
lead to and why to stay away from them would be best