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COMM 1050 Signature Assignment Instructions and Reflection Fall 2014

Paper #1 Communication Crash (option #1)

(3-4 typed pages, single space, minimum 3 scholarly sources)

As a group, choose a video clip (1-2 minutes, G-PG rating) that depicts a
communication crash. A crash can be a misunderstanding, a conflict, a disagreement.
Divide the group members into one of three lenses:
o Objective Lens
o Interpretive Lens
o Critical Lens
Each person will create a research proposal designed to examine the crash through a
particular lens. You do not need to implement the proposed research study, just carefully
define the study.
Use the textbook and at least two other scholarly research sources, three total.
Remember to use in-text citations throughout the paper. Citations need to be in MLA
Use the following headings to organize your paper.

Introduction Briefly describe what will be covered in the paper.

Communication Crash Describe the Communication Crash clip in enough detail for the
reader to see how you plan to execute your research proposal. How did it start? What
caused it? How did it end up? Give examples of the communication behavior.
Lens Focus Define your Objective, Interpretive or Critical lens using scholarly sources.
Identify the goal of the lens. Remember the three Ps Predict, Perceive and Power.
Describe why looking through this lens is valuable in analyzing the crash. Use theory
Research Question In one sentence state the question you would like answered by your
For example, a Critical Lens research question would be How does the authority
Janice has, as the boss, influence the employees ability to ask clarifying
questions? Notice how the question focuses on power.
Lens Methods Detail the methods scholars from this lens use. Which method(s) did you
choose? Survey? Questionnaire? Interview? Observation? Experiment?
How will these methods answer your research question?
How will you implement your method?
Who will be your participants and why did you choose them.
How will you motivate them to participate in your study? Use methods vocabulary.
Conclusion What did you learn from this exercise? What are the advantages and
disadvantages of the lens and methods chosen for this proposed study?

Work Cited Use MLA format for citations.

West, Richard and Lynn H. Turner. Introducing Communication Theory: Analysis and
Application. 4th Ed. Boston, MA: McGraw-Hill, 2010.

Appendix (optional) Include any survey questions or other artifacts associated with your
proposed research study.



Paper #2 Gender Conversational Styles

(3-4 pages, typed, single spaced, minimum 3 scholarly sources)

Analyze an actual relationship that illustrates differences and/or similarities in womens and
mens conversational styles as described by Deborah Tannens Rapport versus Report talk.
Use the following headings in bold:

Description of the Relationship

Describe the relationship. Parent- child? Boyfriend-girlfriend? Be specific. Describe
experiences that illustrate the relationship. (You do not need to give out names if you feel
uncomfortable sharing that information.)

Conversation Styles
Describe the conversation styles as they relate to Tannens Genderlect Theory. Choose
two from the Rapport versus Report style in the chart below. (i.e. Connection versus
Status and Private talk versus Public talk) Use communication vocabulary. Give specific
examples of the type of communication you witnessed. Specifics will help us get a
clearer picture of the relationship and your analysis.
Build rapport
Reports facts
Expressive (Feelings)
Instrumental (Facts)
Troubles Talk (Offers support)
Fix-it Talk (Offers advice)
Sounds tentative
Sounds certain
Fight because angry
Fight for fun
Initiates and
Controls conversation
Maintains conversation

Communication Strategies
Describe how each partner copes with the differences and/or similarities in conversational
styles. How effective are these coping strategies? Describe your own behavior, feelings,
biases and values in relation to the strategies used.
What would you suggest to improve the communication? How could one of these
theories you have studied be applied to improve the communication?

Describe the power differences in the communication relationship. Is it equal? How

would you change the balance of power?

What relationship communication lessons did you learn from doing this analysis? What
can you use to improve your communication?

Work Cited

West, Richard and Lynn H. Turner. Introducing Communication Theory: Analysis and
Application. 4th Ed. Boston, MA: McGraw-Hill, 2010.

Reflection questions and answers. (Write a few paragraphs answering the following
1. How does this assignment illustrate the growth/change/progress you
have made in this class?
2. How can you apply what youve learned in this class to other classes, to
the workplace and to other areas of your life? Please be sincere. You dont need
to over-inflate your claims.

Reflective writing is very important to your learning, for it allows you to figure out how the
assignment benefits you academically and personally. Reflection invites you to think about your
thinking metacognition.